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Passenger slings hammock on MTR to make his very own 'sleeper carriage'

MTR staff called in when man sets up hammock in train compartment

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 May, 2014, 4:50am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 May, 2014, 8:45am

A late-night trip on the MTR can be tiring, and one man found what looked like the ideal solution - he strung a hammock across the compartment.

But other passengers didn't find it so relaxing and called MTR staff to intervene.

The episode has become the latest in a string of much-discussed incidents on the trains that have found their way onto the internet.

It joined the ranks of a video of a woman shouting in a thick accent at a passenger who told her off for eating on a train, and one of a little girl urinating.

In a photograph circulated online, a man is shown lying on a hammock strung between two rows of seats. A few passengers - including one in a straw hat and a dozing man - are on the benches.

The MTR said it happened on an Island Line train on Monday night. A passenger called an MTR employee at North Point station at 11.30pm and the man left shortly after the employee intervened.

Meanwhile, a woman shown eating on a Kwun Tong Line train with her son has told a magazine she was so upset when a video of it was posted online earlier this month that she considered killing herself. The YouTube video shows her shouting, "You are so nosy", "You are not Leung Chun-ying", and "Are you bullying me?" at another woman, who told her eating was not allowed on trains.

The clip, uploaded on May 11, had attracted more than 172,000 views by last night.

Internet users joked that the woman pronounced "so nosy" like "thick toast", and "Leung Chun-ying" like "onion rings".

In an interview with Eastweek, the woman said she arrived in Hong Kong from Chaozhou , in Guangdong, nine years ago. She said she was illiterate and did not know eating on trains was forbidden. She had no idea what "thick toast" meant.

She said she became very stressed after the video went viral, and had wanted to kill herself.

MTR Staff General Association chairman Wong Yuen-wood said it was common to see drunk people lying on train floors or passengers in strange costumes, "but setting up a hammock - I have never seen this". Wong said the man could have violated MTR by-laws as the hammock could have caused a nuisance or danger, but he was not charged.


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Sorry but that eating woman's "illiterate" excuse just doesn't fly. There are also signs and pictures with a drink and a hamburger and a line drawn across it, and you'd have to be not only illiterate but also blind or stupid not to understand the meaning. And come on, there are also recorded announcements in Cantonese and Putonghua clearly stating that eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed on trains. After 9 years in Hong Kong, she simply cannot have missed these. Selfish, ignorant person!
The hammock is hilarious. Great stuff.
"Meanwhile, a woman shown eating on a Kwun Tong Line train with her son has told a magazine she was so upset when a video of it was posted online earlier this month that she considered killing herself."
Then kill yourself...one less person to dirty up the MTR.
And as for the sleeper...good work on setting it up and actually balancing on the thing!
Definitely Vietnamese. You tell from his companion's rattan hat.
This is disgraceful behaviour ..............burn down their hammock factories!
If we don't get a grip of this now, we could end up with mosquito nets as well. Come to think of it, where can I buy one?
Actually value life a lot, which is why I really dislike it when people throw around words about "killing themselves" over small things so easily. If it is just an expression, there are better things to say than start bringing up suicide and overdramatising situations.
Instead of saying "so upset she was going to kill herself" how about saying something more positive like "so upset that she knows she'll never do it again"?
Having had a friend that unfortunately did kill themselves when I was in primary because of abuse, throwing around such nonsense when they don't mean it shows how little regard they have to people who are actually suffering and actually considering such a silly exit to their problems.
Lucky this time not a mainlander, otherwise HK will once more suffer lot of street protests, rows, mud flying, shops closed and aping the hammock sleeper in busy hours.
You don't value life much do you?
pretty unlikely that an illiterate **** is so conscious of social media that she is aware that she is the new youtube shame star. hopefully someone will upload a recording of her suicide so she will have at least made two worthwhile contributions to culture in her miserable life.
the passenger is quite creative
It would be impossible to list everything one is NOT allowed to do anywhere. Don't kill the next passenger, don't grope men or women, don't cook, don't do homework on the floor etc. It is assumed that people have a bit of common sense. The sleeping guy must have a premeditated intention to do what he did -how many of us travel with a hammock in our pockets or handbag?The woman apparently prefers to keep her eyes and ears closed about MTR rules, but obviously not her mouth. She must be pretty computer-literate to worry about her film clip on YouTube, so I doubt her 'illiteracy'. She earned that moment of shame. A brief apology to those who reminded her not to eat would be more a appropriate than her string of abuse. If she is now upset at her own performance, so be it.



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