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Vietnam jails two for anti-China riots as anti-Beijing march is held in Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 May, 2014, 5:31am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 May, 2014, 4:31pm

Two Vietnamese workers were sentenced on Sunday for a total of 48 months in jail for "stealing" and "causing trouble" during anti-China riots in the southern province of Binh Duong, according to provincial authorities, the Lao Dong  newspaper reports.

The men, the first among 276 defendants detained two weeks earlier, were said to take advantage of the demonstrations against China’s deployment of an oil rig in the disputed South China Sea to steal office supplies, provoke the crowd, and destroy others’ properties, the report said.

Meanwhile on Sunday, about 200 protesters staged an anti-China protest in Hong Kong over the sovereignty dispute – the first of its kind so close to the mainland.

The protesters, many of them Vietnamese now resident in Hong Kong, and other supporters, marched peacefully from the government's headquarters in Admiralty to a branch office of China's foreign ministry brandishing red-starred Vietnamese flags, singing patriotic songs and chanting Vietnamese slogans.

The protesters, watched by around two dozen policemen, were led by a young Vietnamese man holding a portrait of their country's late, wispy-bearded revolutionary leader and former president, Ho Chi Minh.

"China, the whole world knows, is now invading into our territorial waters … We love our country," said one of the protest organisers, Mo Pak-fung.

"We are coming out today because we hope China will leave Vietnam … We don't want a war to occur," added Mo, who comes from Vietnam but has lived in Hong Kong for the past 25 years.

Tensions flared between Vietnam and China after Beijing deployed an oil exploration rig in disputed waters near the Paracel Islands, which China calls the Xisha Islands and Vietnam calls the Hoang Sa Islands.

Protesters in Hong Kong waved several banners reading, "We love Peace withdraw 981 oil rig out of Vietnam sea", and "We need help from international communities". They did not rule out further action in Hong Kong.

The placement of the oil rig to a location 240km off Vietnam's coast in an area both counties claim unleashed a deadly wave of violence across Vietnam as thousands of protesters rampaged in industrial zones.

Vietnam says the islands fall within its continental shelf and a 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.


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I am not renewing my scmp subscription, been reading for almost 20 years but now it's become more apparent it's doing a bidding for US to be more precise. Other times its busy reporting all the negatively of HK and projecting doom and gloom. Well I can't speak for all but the worlds a better place for many people I know (now than it was) and look forward to life.
Jonathan Smith
If the Vietnamese in HK really loved peace, they should be condemning the South Vietnamese for rioting, killing, looting and arson committed against the Chinese instead of being hypocritical about Chinese sovereignty of the South China Sea islands.
These people should be arrested and sending back to Vietnam.
Some of the people commenting here are so ignorant. These Vietnamese people came to Hong Kong to escape Communist persecution in the 1980s. You don't suddenly stop loving your country because of the government. Most Hong Kong people love Hong Kong and China but despise the Chinese government. The Chinese government would have you believe that loving your country and loving your government is one and the same. May be we should think about what happened 25 years ago in Tiananmen Square - the same government is in power.....
Frankly, what China is doing in the South China Sea is embarrassing. China is claiming islands nearly a thousand miles away from its coastline and very close to the coast of others. It is flexing its muscles and causing regional tension. It arbitrarily declares regions of the sea and air as it's own. It is a joke... and I don't really know how people can take their claims seriously. For a country that promotes harmony it does so much to cause tension. China's aggression needs to be contained...
Go home. Go back to US.
A cheap political pointscorer without basic decency and compassion. So deprived of humanity that you have dismissed, by deliberate omission, consideration for the innocent dead and injured Chinese and their grieving families who had nothing to do with drilling events and massively do not deserve the brutality. How would you like to step out now and be beaten to death for the ghastly US/UK war crimes committed in Afghanistan,Iraq, Vietnam(My Lai massacre/agent orange)...the list is endless. Racist,irrational,brutal and cruel violence that terrorise innocent scapegoats. By your/HK residents(Vietnam origin) protesters' justification for such savage/inhuman reaction, it should logically follow that like-for-like racist retaliation by victims' compatriots should be a fair return. Not so acceptable when the boot is on the other foot.
There is such a thing as being too civilised, too tolerant of others' rights which infringe on your greater right to life and security. It is not acceptable that these protesters who had been given succour and residency in their hour of need by Chinese, should condone/support such mindless racial abuse of their fellow compatriots(not Vietnam). This borders on treachery/traitorous betrayal. Where does the HK/Chinese law stand on this? In US, the infamous Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act would doubtless be swiftly brought forth by the now militarised US police to clarify/defend the primacy of the nation and citizen interests.
I'm not sure if you represent the MI6 or CIA, but for certain the one that is ignorant is you. Most HK people love HK/China, but doesn't mean they despise the PRC government. As far as the Chinese are concerned, the PRC government has done a remarkable job in developing the nation and improving the overall livelihoods of a vast majority of its population in recent years.
From pretty much nothing some 15-20 years ago to dozens of mega metropolis rising all over the country. Since 1997, metro system on the Mainland has increased over 20-fold from barely 60 stations in 4 cities to almost 1,500 stations in 19 cities as of today.
During the same period, China has also given rise to the two fastest commercial high speed train networks in the world, the Shanghai maglev that travels at top speed of 450km/hr and the CRH high speed train network that travels nationwide at top speed of 350km/hr. In comparison, the Amtrak from a developed U.S. only goes at top speed of no more than 240km/hr.
China's modern economy has achieved multiple world #1 titles, with its GDP now only second to the US, rapidly creating a strong middle-class that in-turn supports a rapidly expanding retail consumer market.
The Communist Party may have made mistakes in the past, but who doesn't?The mistakes were no worse than those made by western imperialisms, such as using democracy as an excuse to goto war, split up nations and steal their resources and colonizing other ethnics. Cont.
The fact that the Communist Party has been in control over the years doesn't mean the current government/cabinet and thinking are the same as 25 years ago. Anyone who claims the current PRC Communist Party to be practicing communism is either living in a cave or a hypocrite. Your rationale is so hideous that your saying basically means because the U.S. Democrats and Republicans allowed slavery in the past, they are therefore inhumane Parties still.
There is nothing communist about the current Communist Party apart from its name.
Frankly, if you don't know the history of the territorial disputes, I suggest you dig deep into your textbooks before filling your brain with western brainwash. If distance is all that matters based on your claim, a lot more territorial disputes all over the world will probably resurface.
The Vietnam incident is the eventuality of a chain of events started by the Japanese and supported by the U.S. behind the scene, by provoking territorial disputes via the construction of the illegal structure on DiaoYu Islands. The motive for the Japanese is so that they can re-legitimize their military units to play offense. The motive for the U.S. is because they are jealous of China's recent development and that the Americans wanna show who's boss in the region.
The aggressions that should be contained are the Japanese for provoking conflicts and for reviving its own military coup and the U.S. for stirring up heat in the region.
Why these people are now lodging in HK? What kind of ID's and passports are these people holding? What a joke it is?
These people have come a long way from Vietnam just to make fun with us HK people. Do they know that HK is now part of China and HK has been and still is, their safe haven, both politically and economically.
Are they the boat people who came to HK in vietnames junks and begged to stay 30 years ago? How ironic. If you love vietnam so much go back to your motherland and stop wasting time in HK, China, your enemy's territory.




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