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'Drastic' 20pc cut in mainland visitors only one option, says Leung

Advisory body working to 'fine-tune' the number of tourists allowed

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 May, 2014, 4:22am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 May, 2014, 11:35am

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying today said that a 20 per cent cut in the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong was only one option being considered by a key government appointed advisory body.

Speaking before an Executive Council meeting this morning, Leung said there could be a need for what he called “demand management” of tourist numbers before any decision is made on Hong Kong’s visitor capacity.

“[It is about] whether [we should] slow down the increase of visitors, or stop it, or reduce the number of visitors. We shall conduct various studies and will reflect Hong Kong’s views to the central government,” Leung said.

The government was now listening to the views of the public, businesses and the tourism sector, he said.

Tourism is an important sector of Hong Kong’s economy, he stressed, adding: “We will make sure that whatever we do, when we arrive at a decision, we will have a full understanding of the implications of any new policy.”

During a meeting of the Commission on Strategic Development yesterday, Leung reportedly sought opinions on a 20 per cent reduction to the 40 million mainlanders visiting Hong Kong every year.

On yesterday’s agenda was the recent tensions between Hong Kong and the mainland, partly brought about by an influx of mainland visitors under the mainland’s individual visit scheme.

He said today: “It is impossible for anyone to formulate any measure that can accurately fine-tune the number of visitors, be it a 20 per cent cut or 15 per cent cut.

“At this stage, we are listening to different views and the government has not come up with any proposal.”

“The Individual visit scheme is a central government policy,” he added.

A 20 per cent reduction in visitors to the city is too drastic, members of the commission said yesterday.

Leung, who chairs the commission, sought opinions on an option of a 20 per cent reduction to the 40 million mainlanders visiting Hong Kong every year, according to one of the members.

"Everyone opposed such a drastic cut," said the member, who declined to be named.

Another member, lawmaker Ben Chan Han-pan, of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, said most members agreed the city was overcrowded, but doubted if individual visitors from the mainland were the main cause.

"If we just cut the number of mainland visitors without solving the problems - such as the school places shortage caused by children born to mainlanders - those problems will remain," Chan said.

Chan added that reducing the number of mainland visitors would help to ease tensions in the city, but some members said it would be detrimental to the economy."Some businesses relying on mainland visitors may have to close down," he said.

Meanwhile, a survey by the North District Parallel Imports Concern Group found that the number of pharmacies in Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui, increased by 26 per cent in the past year.

The group tallied the number of shops in the area targeting parallel-goods traders and mainlanders twice last year, and in January this year. It says the individual visit scheme for mainlanders has seen more visitors engaging in parallel-goods trading and has limited the variety of shops in border areas.

From last June to January, the number of money changers in the area rose from 23 to 31, while processed food wholesalers went from 10 to 16.

Pharmacies were up from 34 to 43. The number of wholesalers suspected to be targeting the traders went up from seven to 26. The group called for multiple-entry permits for mainlanders to be scrapped and wants the individual visit scheme cut.



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what a joke. whether it is cutting by 20%, 100% or 120% (i.e. rounding them up and deporting them)...it will make no difference to HKers' prejudice attitude towards mainlanders. It will never change, let's all be honest.
why doesn't the gov focus on other related problems...many mainlanders are abusing the "tourist group visa". Tourists separately rock up to the shenzhen border, form a "tour group" (via taobao which offers this service for 30yuan), once they are past the boarder they split and go separate ways; freedom walker style.
limit those damn parallel traders and courier mules!
Ah yes, HK at its best...
Bureaucracy and red tape at their finest. A great case study for students majoring in politics.
My take: Money talks and B.S walks. Any star trek fans here ? Vulcans - “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
Ferengi - "Rule of Acquisition 152. Ask not what your profits can do for you; ask what you can do for your profits."
This dysfunctional political system is actually parallel to that of the start trek universe.
Hmm, this can't be..."We shall conduct various studies.." ..seriously? Now? Not even started yet?
The government should just try and slow the growth of visitors or maintain the current level. Over the next 6 years many new MTR lines will complete and Hong Kong's ability to cope will increase substantially. This will reduce the impact on infrastructure and make travel times faster and more comfortable.
Over the next 6 years the government should be focusing on moving shopping etc.. closer to the boarder and possibly add 1 -2 tourist attractions. I do not believe most mainlanders want the long trek to HK island to shop.
HK schooling has been dropping and there should be spare schools available to cope with the increasing #s. Just working out locations is important.
If a 20% cut can reduce friction between HK people and mainlanders so be it. What is more important though is for some of these mainlanders to grow some manners and not behave in public as if they are at home.
Pleaes visit Ocean Park once and observe how they behave , you know the reason why 20pc really is not enough !!!!
"Everyone opposed such a drastic cut," said the member, who declined to be named.
I guess when Nameless speaks, he speaks for everyone...
I see Article 31 of our Basic Law and then I see this article and it makes me wonder. Should I value FREEDOM more or democracy more?
Article 31

Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of movement within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and freedom of emigration to other countries and regions. They shall have freedom to travel and to enter or leave the Region. Unless restrained by law, holders of valid travel documents shall be free to leave the Region without special authorization.
Just give hk resident one daily entry to China and mainland people one daily entry to Hong Kong , all the traders can go only one time , will be more quiet in Lowu border.
Go to Lowu train station , hk and mainland buyers are every where , you can't pass anymore , no shop rent , all make a big mass.




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