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Hong Kong men sought after drug deal ends with student shot dead, dumped in sea

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 June, 2014, 4:48am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 June, 2014, 10:35am

Australian police are hunting two Hong Kong men after a young student was shot dead in a HK$21 million drug deal gone wrong.

The body of 20-year-old business student Jamie Gao was found floating off the coast of Sydney wrapped in a blue tarpaulin last Monday. He had been shot twice in the chest.

Gao's violent death and the hunt for the two men who drove to the drug meet with him is the latest in a string of recent incidents that highlight the key role Hong Kong organised crime groups play in the multibillion-dollar methamphetamine smuggling business between the SAR and Australia.

Two notorious former New South Wales police officers, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara, have been charged with the killing, which took place after Gao allegedly met them as part of a methamphetamine deal worth A$3 million (HK$21 million). A week before he went missing Gao appeared in court over accusations of abduction and assault.

According to authorities, the two Hong Kong men may hold important clues as to why a student with no prior record of drug offences was in possession - and selling - a 3.1kg consignment of methamphetamine.

Australian media reports have suggested that the men supplied the drugs to Gao, whose mother was holidaying in Hong Kong at the time of his death.

According to UN data, most major shipments of methamphetamine to Australia originate in Guangdong, where mainland and Hong Kong organised crime groups dominate the illicit drugs market.

"Given that it was Ice, it is highly likely that it was sourced from your neck of the woods," said a source from Australian police circles.

"The fact that this recent investigation involved the three big Australian federal law-enforcement agencies - the Australian Crime Commission [ACC], the Australian Federal Police and Customs - indicates the seized drugs were part of a recent importation. Although several countries could easily be nominated, the involvement of Hong Kong-based criminals is a likely source."

Commonly known as Ice, meth is one of the most popular drugs in Australia, used by about 2 per cent of the population. Only the Marshall Islands and the Philippines have higher usage rates in the region.

In March last year, Australian authorities arrested 51-year-old Hongkonger Cheung Tuen following the seizure of a record 600kg meth shipment sent to Sydney from Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Less than three months later, two Hong Kong men were nabbed in Sydney following another huge bust.

A report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime last week pointed to record global meth seizures, with demand in Asia fuelling the binge.

Numerous Australian officials have spoken out on the issue, including ACC acting director Judith Lind.

In April, Lind told a parliamentary inquiry that the market for the drug "remains the highest risk organised crime and illicit drug market in Australia".

Hong Kong police declined to comment.


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Australia have a very dark side and not just the convict history and genocide of Aborigines like in Tasmania when hundreds of whites farmers formed a long picket line with rifles and shot dead all the Aborigines in Tasmania making them extinct. Australia today is also very corrupt especially police corruption. A lot of crimes like robbery, rape, murder have been carried out by ex-police and police.
Hong Kong's pivotal role in the regional, indeed global, methamphetamine trade is consistently under-played by the HK city's authorities. This is a certain, sure sign that those involved in this multi-billion dollar business have reach right to the top of the SAR's official power structures.
You're blaming Australia?? If this had happened in Indonesia, the authorities would have executed the murder victim themselves. You see many minority kids not Asian ones working normal jobs and making do on their salaries and now people are attempting to defend the FACT that he was holding drugs when he had good grades? That makes it worse that he was a criminal.
And if triads collaborated with the Japanese and planned to MASSACRE Allied Troops during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure that British Commonwealth authorities have a jaundiced eye towards Justin Bieber types from Hong Kong who just took a Wrong Turn and accidentally became career criminals with perfect teeth and perfect grades.
Formerly ******
Just to let you know that, since my first week blogging on the SCMP, I no longer respond to your posts, because they're so incredibly stupid that you do a favor to the opposing points of view with your semi-literate posts. Kudos, keep up the good work, you clutz.
只是想讓你知道自從在南華早報上我第一周寫博客,我不再回應你的文章,因為他們是愚蠢你幫個忙到截然相反的觀點與你半文盲的帖子。榮譽,保持良好的工作,你 clutz。
According to the Sydney news this morning, Gao was a drug dealing subject under surveillance by Australian authorities for over a year. The two men with Gao prior to his murder and quoted to be two Hong Kong men, were actually his killers, two rouge ex Australian police men as seen by CCTV footage. It has also been claimed that Gao was a high ranking member of a Hong Kong criminal gang.
I noticed Police have been trying to cover Gao up and putting over a story that he was a little innocent person. Suddenly the truth is out about this criminal we have it reported he has been importing drugs for years. We notice the mother wanted no publicty. It appears she is calling the shots and hush hush funeral no photo of her house. The girl friend has been allowed to skip the Country. We should see her taken into custody for questioning along with anyone else that is living in that house. It appears he is a very big time criminal not a little fish
and would not have been acting alone.
Story doesn't say he is a Hong Konger. Two men in the car he went to the drug deal with were Hong Kongers. His mother was on holiday in HK when he was shot and flew to Oz.
Gao is a mainlander, not HKers.
Gao had apparently been suspected by police of involvement in selling drugs since 2011. See following story with considerably more detail than SCMP.
According to that article, his Hong Kong drug dealing associates are the ones who contacted the police to look for him through intermediaries???
What chance do normal Chinese victims of triads have when the bad guys are so adept at playing innocent and using the system?
If this is not a fabrication and he really was triad then good riddance because if he wasnt triad and was killed by triad, you'd better believe that he wouldn't be defended by anyone.



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