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Protesters burn Beijing’s white paper on ‘one country, two systems’

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 1:59pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 June, 2014, 10:17am

Beijing's white paper on Hong Kong sparked a series of rallies outside the central government's liaison office yesterday, with protesters burning copies of the document and accusing state leaders of treating the Basic Law like "toilet paper".

Callers to a radio programme described the paper - in which Beijing asserts that it holds "comprehensive jurisdiction over Hong Kong and is the source of its autonomy" - as "saddening" and "scary".

Yesterday's protests at the office in Sai Wan started with a demonstration by the League of Social Democrats, People Power and student group Scholarism, who threw copies of the Basic Law and paper offerings into the office. They also burned copies of the white paper.

They were followed by the Civic Party, Labour Party and Democratic Party, who said the paper was trampling on the "one country, two systems" principle.

Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit suggested "comprehensive jurisdiction" meant there would be "only one country and not two systems", which would be unacceptable to Hong Kong.

Members of the Federation of Students held up a roll of "toilet paper" made up of pages from the Basic Law, accusing the central government of devaluing the city's mini-constitution.

Other demonstrators held up signs promoting the Occupy Central public vote on political reform plans, which will be held from June 20 to 22.

A Facebook group is organising a protest on Sunday at the British consulate in Admiralty, urging Britain to re-establish rule in Hong Kong because the white paper had broken the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which paved the way for the handover of Hong Kong. By last night, about 150 people had indicated they would attend.

On an RTHK phone-in programme, a caller said the paper was "saddening". He said he had not been active in the Occupy Central movement, but had decided to cast a vote in its ballot after the white paper's release.

Another caller said Hong Kong was like a young man who was pursuing the woman he loved while Beijing imposed economic sanctions like a grandfather to stop him from doing so.

"It's very scary," she said. "It's just telling us that they could punish us because our beef, water and even electricity are all from them."

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How many people have to die for a stupid crusade?
Let all free men and women stand up and support our fight for democracy under the rule of laws and individual liberty to make responsible choices for all stakeholders in the future of Hong Kong.
We may not win against the powerful tyrannical force determined to cast its dark might over the territory, but our struggle to encourage many more Chinese to fight for our divinely-endowed right of freedom. The corrupt and self-serving tyrants ruling from the Chinese Communist Party will fall. The question remains: What will become of Hong Kong and our compatriots on the Mainland?
I propose that we make Hong Kong to be a bright and shinning example for China's future. May our 7 millions+ residents be the unquenchable-light for the 1.5 billion people north of our border. Free men and women will stand up against tyranny, corruption and injustice!
Camal: Did the Cayman Islands declare independence when the British gave them democracy? Why are you Beijing loyalists so insecure? It's really pathetic.

Like Tavis du Preez said, it's not going to be possible for a pro democratic CE to declare independence. If anyone was stupid enough to make a unilateral declaration of independence, then the tanks roll in and China suspends "one country, two systems".

NO one wants to declare independence. People want Beijing to keep its promise and comply with its international obligations.

Hell I'm a moderate too. I don't support public nomination. I agree that only the Nominating Committee can nominating, but the Nominating Committee needs to be semi democratic at the very least and nominate both Pro Beijing loyalists and Pan-democrats.
Camel, your comment is ridiculous! Of course they would not declare independence - how could they, powers within a democratic government are checked and balanced so no individual could possibly do such a thing. Furthermore, the government is bound by law - in HK the Basic Law would not allow such an action.
What do they think? That they should be able to electing a HK Government Chief who is able to declare independence from China? They must be dreaming and they do not understand what "One Country, two Systems" means. This kind of Chief wouldn't stay one day in office.
Who actually wants to see the PLA get involved and beat some of these protesters up so the rest of us normal Hong Kongers that just want to get on with life as drama-free as possible can have some space to breath?
I'm not a political guy, I just want these noisy space-takers dealt with so they have more important things to protest about on their hospital beds.
Well if you represent the general Hong Konger its quite scary to see how frustrated, violent and have little respect for the right to manifest they have. I hope you are not the typical Hong Konger.
Following your mindset I agree the best is to bring the PLA enforce order and suspend this two systems for at least 2-3 years. Send a couple of people to work in factories and farm on the mainland to purge them of their capitalist mind and then see how you feel about those protesters again.
"The critical issue is HK people were NOT consulted during the drafting of the basic law. Both UK and CN governments are to blame for the current state of affair."

I'm pretty sure the HK government released one of its infamous "consultations" in the 80s regarding the drafting of the Basic Law. But we all know those are just stage managed shams.
The Textual History database contains the various draft versions of all of the provisions in the Basic Law together with official commentary where available. The database will be of particular interest to constitutional lawyers, legal academics and students studying the meaning and interpretation of Basic Law provisions. Both Chinese and English drafts are included where available. The BLDHO project has managed to find seven distinct draft versions of the Basic Law. The database uses the following short forms to refer to each version. The origins of the seven versions are described below. Click on Browse to begin viewing the text of the Basic Law.
The critical issue is HK people were NOT consulted during the drafting of the basic law. Both UK and CN governments are to blame for the current state of affair.




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