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Protesters burn Beijing’s white paper on ‘one country, two systems’

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 1:59pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 June, 2014, 10:17am

Beijing's white paper on Hong Kong sparked a series of rallies outside the central government's liaison office yesterday, with protesters burning copies of the document and accusing state leaders of treating the Basic Law like "toilet paper".

Callers to a radio programme described the paper - in which Beijing asserts that it holds "comprehensive jurisdiction over Hong Kong and is the source of its autonomy" - as "saddening" and "scary".

Yesterday's protests at the office in Sai Wan started with a demonstration by the League of Social Democrats, People Power and student group Scholarism, who threw copies of the Basic Law and paper offerings into the office. They also burned copies of the white paper.

They were followed by the Civic Party, Labour Party and Democratic Party, who said the paper was trampling on the "one country, two systems" principle.

Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit suggested "comprehensive jurisdiction" meant there would be "only one country and not two systems", which would be unacceptable to Hong Kong.

Members of the Federation of Students held up a roll of "toilet paper" made up of pages from the Basic Law, accusing the central government of devaluing the city's mini-constitution.

Other demonstrators held up signs promoting the Occupy Central public vote on political reform plans, which will be held from June 20 to 22.

A Facebook group is organising a protest on Sunday at the British consulate in Admiralty, urging Britain to re-establish rule in Hong Kong because the white paper had broken the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which paved the way for the handover of Hong Kong. By last night, about 150 people had indicated they would attend.

On an RTHK phone-in programme, a caller said the paper was "saddening". He said he had not been active in the Occupy Central movement, but had decided to cast a vote in its ballot after the white paper's release.

Another caller said Hong Kong was like a young man who was pursuing the woman he loved while Beijing imposed economic sanctions like a grandfather to stop him from doing so.

"It's very scary," she said. "It's just telling us that they could punish us because our beef, water and even electricity are all from them."

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Comparing it to toilet paper is actually an insult to toilet paper, which is very useful.
We need to understand power politics, yes - but this doesn't mean we must abandon values, principles, and the involvement in the self-sacrificial struggle to build and maintain a just and loving society for our children and their descendents to enjoy. I have lived nearly 50 years enjoying a high degree of freedom and high quality of life that was attained through the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives over the course of hundreds or thousands of years. Some poorly educated and tragically ignorant commentators in these forums point to various social problems in 'democratic' countries in order to deride freedom, fairness and equality as values worth upholding and fighting for. They do not understand the teleology of democracy, the civilizing changes that have deeply improved life and entirely changed the way people in developed countries think over countless generations. They must be forgiven for their ignorance - they have come out of a cultural milieu that has not had access to this wisdom and consciousness. But I do. Many of us do. And our turn is coming to sacrifice our self interest for the sakes of our children. I love my 3 kids - I dearly hope they can grow up in a free and healthy world where they can be all they were born to be. Our turn is coming to give ourselves in the cause of freedom - I will stand up and "speak truth to power"
The power of people is strong and hopeful to fight for liberty and democracy and abolish the one-party authoritarianism.
I am quite optimistic about the no. of voters on 622. Thanks for Beijing's encouragement.
Who actually wants to see the PLA get involved and beat some of these protesters up so the rest of us normal Hong Kongers that just want to get on with life as drama-free as possible can have some space to breath?
I'm not a political guy, I just want these noisy space-takers dealt with so they have more important things to protest about on their hospital beds.
The critical issue is HK people were NOT consulted during the drafting of the basic law. Both UK and CN governments are to blame for the current state of affair.
Yes. As someone else put it, Hong Kong and Macau are unique in the world as places that achieved postcolonial status without achieving independence.
These people are just inviting the PLA to stomp on their faces.
Ant Lee
naive to think PLA can do much in HK.
What do they think? That they should be able to electing a HK Government Chief who is able to declare independence from China? They must be dreaming and they do not understand what "One Country, two Systems" means. This kind of Chief wouldn't stay one day in office.



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