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Occupy Central will turn violent, warns Hong Kong security chief

Security chief Lai Tung-kwok doubts organisers can prevent radicals from hijacking protest

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 11:41pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 June, 2014, 9:39am

Security chief Lai Tung-kwok has cast doubt on the ability of Occupy Central organisers to prevent their civil disobedience movement from turning violent, saying "radicals" are almost certain to hijack it once it starts.

The storming of the Legislative Council foyer by activists on Friday, Lai writes in an article published in newspapers today, "clearly shows how a peaceful demonstration can lose control, resulting in the emergence of violent crisis".

Occupy Central co-organiser Dr Chan Kin-man rejected the security chief's view, saying previous mass protests had shown most participants would not be provoked by radicals into resorting to violence.

Even Friday's protest in Legco against new town development in the northeast New Territories illustrated this, he said. "Most remained calm and exercised restraint in the face of radicals' call to barge in and occupy the [Legco] chamber."

Occupy Central organisers vow to bring the city's commercial hub to a standstill if the government fails to come up with a plan that meets the hallmarks of genuine democracy for the 2017 chief executive election.

In his article of almost 2,000 words, Lai also reiterates that "robust action" will be taken against any attempt to challenge the city's law and order, and that no cause, including civil disobedience, is above the law.

"As the objectives, visions, strategies and means of expression of the protesters of public processions differ, the radicals will take the opportunity to hijack the movement and turn peaceful public meetings into violence, deviating from the original plan of the organisers," he writes.

"Once violent confrontation occurs, the situation may become irrevocable and things could get out of control."

Chan said Occupy participants would not be easily provoked, as those who had signed its letter of intent would already have gone through a long deliberation process before they blocked the streets of Central.

In the conclusion to his article, Lai writes: "We will ensure that the law enforcement agency will act in accordance with the law and will take robust action to uphold the rule of law and to maintain public safety and public order."



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Can't wait! I'll sit at home and watch the beat on TV!
The organizers control the mob in the civil disobedience sit-in? Bah! Don't make me laugh. Don't make everyone who is watching developments laugh. They can't even control the direction and purposed of the Occupy Hongkong, In fact they leaders have been swallowed by the m ob who now rule the June 22nd vote as well as the Occupy HK. The academics and the clerics are poofs in a macho radical mob. That mob is nihilistic and heading for the wall themselves but they will take the OH with them.
What talk is this of civil disobedience? It is sheer stupidity and dreaming in an ivory tower. They Maybe they are suffering from ADS but it is not so funny that they tried to impress the public with their outdated ideas without being able to control what they started because the real world is not the early 20th century. They can do better going back to their books and the bible and mediocrity in their professions.
I hope every one will ignore the travesty of a vote with no choice on 22nd June.The organizers have made fools of themselves and let the schoolboy run the show.
I am out of breath so it is time to have a cold beer and reminisce the good old times when Hong Kong was peaceful and quiet and the radio would play beautiful tunes instead of all day talk shows.
Candles burning,
Glasses are chilled and soon,
She'll be by.
Hope and pray,
She'll say that she's willing to give us,
Another try.
And if all those plans I've made,
Don't melt the lady's heart,
I'll put on the old 45's.
And maybe the old songs,
Will bring back the old times.
Maybe the old lines,
Will sound new.
Since when did Hong Kong have a violent protest other than that one in 1967 instigated by the very own Leftist?
If this clash goes south, there is a silver lining. If history repeats itself equivalent that of the riot of 67, the stock market will crash and people would be in fear and such temporary anarchy will bring HK back to the status quo, resetting all housing and high rent property to default back a decade or more. Which in my opinion, is a blessing in disguise. If the means justify the end, then be it.
And how many people must die for this "reset" to happen?
No one will die, man up.
Yes, just like no one died on June 4 1989.
Just like there are no guns in kowloon bay.
I'd rather be wrong then ill prepared.
So this "man" is guaranteeing that this group, which has shown no tendency toward violence, will become violent and thus we need laws to contain them? How does he know this? A fortune teller at a temple? Or is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Seems suspect and dangerous. Especially from someone who is not elected but rather is appointed by another unelected official. At least he is doing what the masters in Beijing want.
Dai Muff
The history of violence against democrats FAR exceeds the history of violence BY democrats. But these clowns never say a word.




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