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Hongkongers react angrily to news UK was warned about passport delays in January

Brits caught in travel chaos irate that consulate kept them in the dark when it stopped service

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 June, 2014, 12:36pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 June, 2014, 3:05am

Hong Kong residents who have waited months to renew their British passports are angry London did not warn them earlier about potential delays for overseas applications.

Thousands of people have waited for up to four months because of a backlog.

British Home Secretary Theresa May on Thursday introduced special measures to fast-track urgent cases for travellers based in the UK.

In Hong Kong, anyone renewing an existing passport will be able to apply to the British consulate for it to be extended for 12 months. No additional fees will be charged.

Families and individuals have been forced to postpone holidays and business trips. One person missed a family funeral because of the delay. Some have resorted to getting an emergency travel document, which costs almost as much as a replacement.

Many of Hong Kong's 3.2 million British National (Overseas) passport holders, issued before the 1997 handover, and 250,000 Britons have been left in limbo as Her Majesty's Passport Office, based in Liverpool, struggles to clear a backlog of applications.

The responsibility for issuing passports overseas was transferred to the office after consulates around the world stopped processing applications in December. It now has to deal with 350,000 applications from overseas a year.

At a British parliamentary hearing in January, officials from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which used to be in charge of issuing passports overseas, warned lawmakers that closing the service was risky and delays could be expected for people applying from overseas.

Despite that warning, it was not until May 21 that the British consulate issued widespread alerts about longer processing times. Teacher Clare Stearns, who waited for 10 weeks for a new passport, described the anxiety and vulnerability she felt during the prolonged wait.

Stearns, 60, a Hong Kong resident for 35 years, applied in March to renew her 48-page passport. New application fees for a 10-year passport are HK$1,340 for a 32-page document and HK$1,450 for 48 pages.

Stearns said that if she had known about the delay she would have flown back to London to get a new document.

"It was distressing; you couldn't get any information and you had no idea how long it would take," she said. "Wherever you were in the world, whatever trouble, you could always go to your local embassy. But in this case, the door was shut on me."

Events organiser Greg Hunt said he waited for 10 weeks for his new passport.

Paul Neale, who applied on behalf of his 14-year-old son, received the passport more than four months later.

It took lawyer Richard Healy three months to get his new passport, while exchange student Katherine Horgan is still waiting for hers after 11 weeks.

Home Secretary May said the government was "doing everything we can", as she signalled that Her Majesty's Passport Office could be brought under government management.

Ministers have yet to address issues concerning travellers who run out of space on their passports. Business travellers have complained that the 48-page passport, the largest offered, is still too small.


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Sent mine off on March 4th for renewal. Still not arrived. Received an email saying it has been processed and sent by courier. That was a week ago. Still not arrived. Meanwhile our consular staff continue to live as though they were enjoying the last days of the Raj. I suggest we lobby to restore our passport service at the British embassy.
Anyone interested in doing something about this situation? Pls contact. jools.gloves@yahoo.co.uk
I submitted my application by post from HK which arrived in Liverpool on 26 Mar. Then I made an email "enquiry" (via the HMPO website) at the end of May. I got a reply on 30 May asking for details of my application and thankfully I received my new passport via DHL today. I hope making an "enquiry" may help. Good luck.
Passport is filling up, only 4 pages left. I live in HK but have to travel to China 2-3 times a week. I applied in April for a new passport (couldn't send the current one for obvious reasons) now heading to mid June and nothing, the web site says received and in processing but what does that actually mean>
Who will compensate if I cant do my job or worse, I lose it as I cant fulfil the job requirements. Really cant afford to apply for an emergency travel document 3 times a week.
From: Paul Johnson [mailto:paul@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: Saturday, 14 June, 2014 00:15
To: 'public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk'
Subject: For Attention of the Home Secretary - Theresa May
Dear Home Secretary
I would like to bring to your attention a serious problem with new UK regulations for the renewal of British passports for British nationals living overseas.
I see this fiasco is also current news at ****www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-27806441
Previously British passport renewals for British nationals living in SE Asia were handled in Hong Kong. These renewals typically took a week to 10 days.
Under new regulations, British passport renewal takes 6 weeks as a minimum - which creates some serious problems for me.
I live onboard a large British flagged yacht with which we operate remote area charters in SE Asia. My British passport and my 2 year old daughter's passport are both full and need renewal.
I arrived back in Thailand yesterday and am on a 30 day non extendable tourist visa. I have to travel to Malaysia and then Singapore in 3 weeks time to meet existing booking commitments for the yacht.
If I follow the UK government procedure for passport renewal on the www.gove.uk website then in 6 weeks time (which is the shortest time I could expect a new passport) my daughter and I will both be in a Thai prison for overstaying our visas. Following the recent military coup in Thailand there is a very low tolerance to visa overstays. [limited 1500 ]
The people responsible for the present fiasco with British passports are:
Theresa May - Home Secretary - public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
James Brokenshire - Minister for Immigration ministerforimmigration@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
Paul Pugh - Director if Operations - HM Passport Office - 'paul.pugh@ips.gsi.gov.uk'
If you are having problems with renewing your British passport then write to these people and tell them.

From: Paul Johnson [xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, 14 June, 2014 01:23
To: 'ministerforimmigration@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk'; 'james.brokenshire.mp@parliament.uk'
Subject: Attention of James Brokenshite - Minister for Security and Immigration
Dear James Brokenshire
Please find below an email sent to the Home Secretary earlier today regarding the unacceptable period for processing renewals for British passports.
The present series of delays in issuing passports in the UK and the huge delays in issuing passports to British Nationals living overseas are a direct consequence of the bureaucratic decision to close British passport issuing centers around the world and to centralise this process in the UK. From the many press reports I have read today it seems that the British Government’s response is to pretend that reasonable targets are being met for issuing passports. This approach is not going to fix the problem.
Individually the many British nationals affected by this are likely to be ignored by the government so I have today written to every press office in the UK regarding this problem. I personally know hundreds of British Nationals in SE Asia who are directly affected by the inability of the British Government to renew passports in a reasonable timescale. The freedom of travel is a fundamental human right that the British Government is taking away from its citizens by failing to issue internationally required passports within a reasonable timescale
Come on people, not so sour. The Consul General only moved into her 35 million pounds sterling flat less than a year ago. And look, it is 4,600 square feet of prime living space, okay?

Do you have any idea how much effort and time is required to decorate and furnish a 4,600 square feet flat, especially when your entire budget is paid for by taxpayers? No, you don't, so please, of course Ms Wilson and her Foreign & Commonwealth Office are too busy to occupy themselves with affairs of you silly little people who don't hold a diplomatic passport.
Joking aside, what does the UK Consulate do? My American, Australian and Israeli friends tell me they have regular contact with their consulates, who take the initiative to conduct outreach and provide advice. I've resided here decades and never once had contact except to renew passports. They have our contact details. So what is the UK Consulate doing for UK citizens in Hong Kong? Nothing, as far as I can tell.
It pushes educational services! I went to one of its events and was shocked to see how many third tier institutions had stalls there - old colleges of education and poly techs cobbled together and given a fancy name ending in 'university'. I thought of all the HK parents who didn't know the UK being taken in and sending their kids off to earn, in a vast majority of cases, useless degrees.
Application submitted since March 11th and already one Emergency Passport been required since then... Hoping to avoid having to purchase a second one but it's not looking good...




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