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Legco storming may be forerunner to Occupy Central, government source says

Government fears Friday's protest was forerunner of Occupy Central blockade

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 5:28am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 9:01am


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15 Jun 2014
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The government fears the attempt to storm the Legislative Council building on Friday night was a trial run by activists for the Occupy Central campaign of civil disobedience, a source close to the administration revealed.

Protesters used bamboo poles to try to force open doors to the Legco building when a crowd that had gathered to oppose government plans to build two new towns grew angry.

Inside, Legco's Finance Committee had been due to vote on a HK$340 million funding request for engineering works linked to the development plan in the northeastern New Territories, which will cost many villagers their homes.

The source said the mayhem offered an insight into the looming Occupy Central movement, which threatens to blockade the city's business district if the government does not come up with a satisfactory plan for electing the chief executive in 2017. That is the year when, under the Basic Law, the city may vote in a chief executive by universal suffrage for the first time.

"It is expected that Occupy Central … will be hijacked by the same group of people who will push the movement away from its original goal. These people will take even bigger steps to storm Legco when it scrutinises the reforms for 2017," the source said.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying accused the protesters of "further aggravation in the wake of a spate of illegal events".

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor insisted the government would not shelve the HK$120 billion plan for the two new towns.

"People with a clear mind will notice that those who carried out the violent acts are not the villagers affected," she said.

But Labour Party lawmaker Dr Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung said: "The protesters know clearly what they are opposing. The unjust development project matters not only to the affected villagers but all Hongkongers.

"I hope Lam will stop insulting the protesters and start listening to the people."

The people storming the Legco building were ordinary Hongkongers rather than political groups, said Napo Wong Weng-chi, an activist who claims he was beaten after being arrested as officers cleared the remaining protesters from the site early yesterday.

"I don't see why anyone would break into buildings when they join Occupy Central, which stresses peacefulness," he said.

Dr Chan Kin-man, one of Occupy Central's founders, believed there was little threat of the campaign resulting in a similar clash with police. Officers used pepper spray to force the crowd back from the doors.

"Even if a small group of people do get radical, we believe we will be able to handle most of them," he said.

A total of 21 people, aged 19 to 72, were arrested in the protest.

After viewing damage to the building, Legco President Jasper Tsang Yok-sing condemned the "very serious violent acts".

Activists say police attacked them after breaking up Legco protest

Activists claim they were punched and spat on by police after being arrested in the early hours of yesterday as police broke up their protest against development plans for the northeastern New Territories.

Five activists, including Jaco Chow Nok-hang, Leung Wing-lai and the League of Social Democrats' Napo Wong Weng-chi, said they were attacked in a police van en route from the Legislative Council building in Admiralty to Aberdeen Police Station.

"The police drew the curtain, turned the light off and started beating us about our heads," Chow said yesterday after being released on bail, bruises clearly visible on his forehead and ears. "They put handcuffs on three of us. They slapped and punched us, pulled our hair and even spat on our faces."

The violence stopped when they reached the station, where the activists were taken to a washroom to clean the blood off their faces before reporting to the duty officers, Chow said.

Wong said there about 10 police officers in the van with them. "Some of the police even kicked us," he added.

The five protesters were among 21 people arrested, one of whom was 72 years old.

Labour Party Legislator Dr Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung also condemned the police for "using force" against his assistant, who he said had been handcuffed by officers even after he had introduced himself.

The assistant was also assaulted by several officers inside a police vehicle, Cheung said.

Police Commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung refused to comment on the accusations, but he said all complaints received were investigated impartially.

The Civil Human Rights Front described the alleged violence as "barbaric, illegal and unprofessional". It also urged the government watchdog to send representatives to any future rallies.

Meanwhile, the RTHK Programme Staff Union condemned the police for initially hauling away its TV reporter, Luther Ng Lap-tak, as officers moved in to clear the 100 or so people who were still protesting at the Legco site after midnight.

RTHK and the Hong Kong Journalists Association urged police to apologise over the incident.


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溫馨提示 – 主流傳媒(編按:就立法會六一三反對新界東北示威)沒有報導的東西:
1. 財委會主席吳亮星是以零票當選的立法會議員。
2. 財委會主席吳亮星涉嫌有利益衝突。
3. 有權決定是否撥款的立法會財委會,多名議員的公司都擁有東北土地,涉及利益衝突卻從不避嫌,包括主席吳亮星(新鴻基)、田北俊(新世界)、劉皇發及石禮謙。
4. 政府涉嫌隱瞞曾進行新界東北業權調查,涉及數百億港元的利益輸送。
5. 吳亮星在建制派議員護航下縮減每位議員發言時間為一分鐘,繼而在閉門會議中無理裁決停止所有臨時議案的提出,無視議員提出規程問題,甚至不斷以議事規則第45條恐嚇議員,違反議會程序公義,置立法會監察政府之職能於不顧。
6. 600多公頃土地只有96公頃(17%)撥作住宅用途,而在城規會的規劃圖所顯示,只有36公頃(不足6%)公屋用地。
7. 政府在市區擁有的閒置土地高達4000公頃。
8. 政府以極低廉租金與多個私人會所續約,而毗鄰新界東北的粉嶺高爾夫球場,佔地面積170公頃,按照官方規劃準則,只須徵用大約半個粉嶺高爾夫球場,便已足夠容納新界東北六成、又或是逾十萬人的居住需要。
9. 陳茂波仍然在新界東北發展區擁有地皮,也涉嫌利益衝突。
10. 議案通過後,會引致的日後撥款高達1200億,比高鐵當日的撥款高出差不多一倍。
11. 古洞土地含超標砒霜,不宜挖掘。
12. 發展新界東北,會把香港僅餘的農業毀滅。
13. 發展計劃的大綱圖正按《城市規劃條例》諮詢公眾,城規會並未審議,政府卻偷步向財委會申請撥款;具體收地範圍未定,就偷步進行人口凍結。
14. 新界東北發展和梁振英所提出的「特區中的特區」(即大陸人不用簽證可以隨時進出)的關係。
15. 1,200億的新界東北發展, 7百萬港人,每人承惠17,000元!
16. 從高鐵工程可見,新界東北發展隨時會有驚人超支,到時也是由港人付款。
17. 請不要忘記財爺所提出的2200億未來基金。
That's blatant destruction of public property. The offenders should be fined.
Wow, it was on live tv showing how violent the protesters were but it's still the police who were wrong?
The press gets in the way, but it's the police who were wrong?
And most of the commenters here, thank you for condoning the continual violence that will now perpetuate throughout hk protests. It doesn't matter anymore who was violent first, the violence will escalate, it always escalates.
Release valves ejmciii? Have you ever lived overseas?
Since the PLA Hong Kong Garrison directly reports to the CMC in Beijing, Hong Kong citizens, who have had their safety disturbed and their livelihood affected by their "barbaric, illegal and unprofessional" local government, police force and radical groups, can consider filing a complaint with the PLA.
I guess that if you see any display of displeasure at the actions of government as a threat to your cushy lifestyle then you can understand the views of the Communist Party. They are used to applying repression to keep ordinary people quiet and afraid. Unfortunately it eventually boils over and there is violence because there is no relief valve. In democratic societies there are also demonstrations but most are non-violent. When you look at Occupy Wall Street, there was very little in the way of violence and the main issue ended up being how long they could occupy a city park to the exclusion of the other people of Manhattan. There are some violent protests but very few. Why? Because there are relief valves. Real or imagined, elections let people think their views are being heard and even, perhaps, listened to. The Communist Party has, however, viewed any challenge as tantamount to challenging the basis of their power. Well that is not the case here. Even in this case the violence that is being reported is minimal and would likely have been avoided had the Legco opened the doors to hear the people and their grievances. I am not saying the Legco needs to bend over because of the public display but if you at least make it seem like you are listening, rather than sending in the storm troopers, you have a relief valve to quell the anger. The government and Legco have not taken the initiative to deal with those who are angry but instead chosen to seek to silence them.
It is indeed possible that the occupy central campiagn will be 'hijacked' by the radical groups. The organisers must think of ways to cope with the situation so as to avoid driving away supporters further.
Dai Muff
It's okay, the White Paper has recruited extra ones.
It is indeed possible that the occupy central campiagn will be 'hijacked' by the radical groups. The organisers must think of ways to cope with the situation
It is indeed possible that the occupy central campiagn will be 'hijacked' by the radical groups. The organisers must think of ways to cope with the situation




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