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Anti-Beijing protesters rally outside British Consulate-General, urging UK to take back Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 8:14pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 8:16pm

Ten activists from the pro-independence group Hongkongers Come First rallied on Sunday outside the British Consulate-General in Admiralty, urging London to take back Hong Kong and help make the city an independent state.

They raised the Union Jack, waving placards and chanting slogans “Declare Sino-British Joint Declaration Void” and “Hong Kong Is Our Country” during the rally, which was closely monitored throughout by a dozen of uniform and plainclothes police officers.

The group claimed that Beijing’s white paper on Hong Kong, released last week, was proof that China had broken its promise in the joint declaration that it would give Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy.

In a Chinese language petition letter, addressed to the queen, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and British consul-general Caroline Wilson, the group said Hong Kong’s democratisation, press freedom and independent judiciary had been eroded after the handover.

“Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong [and a] high degree of autonomy, have become the lie of the century,” the petition said.

One activist Billy Chiu Hin-chung said: “Hong Kong should be made an independent state. Hong Kong is our country. We are not Chinese.”

Hong Kong should be made an independent state. Hong Kong is our country. We are not Chinese
Billy Chiu Hin-chung

He urged Britain to get back Hong Kong from China and hold a referendum in the city to decide whether Hong Kong should be made independent.

The protesters dispersed after a security guard from the British consulate said the consul-general had received their petition letter.

In the Sino-British Joint Declaration, signed in 1984, London agreed to hand over Hong Kong to China while China promised Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy and allowed it to keep its capitalist economic and trade systems.

The white paper issued by the China State Council’s information office on June 10 also said Hong Kong could exercise a high degree of autonomy under the “one country, two systems” policy devised by the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. But the white paper stressed that the central government had the “power of oversight” over the high degree of autonomy.


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These activists from Hongkongers Come First are really STUPID. How can UK take HK back from PRC? HK did not, does not and will not belong to UK. So how is it possible for UK to take HK back from PRC and give it independence? Before HK's return to PRC in 1997, HK was leased to UK, and NOT owned by UK, under an agreement that expired in 1997. PRC did not want to continue to ''rent'' HK which then returned to PRC under the Sino-British Declaration. These people are living in loony-land. And do they honestly believe that UK can take HK back or that UK has the balls to renegotiate the Sino-British Declaration??? How can UK give HK independence when it does not even belong to UK???? HK belongs to PRC!!! Period. Get real.
John Adams
How stupid can these naive protesters get ?
The UK government doesn't give a rats **** about HK any more ( and judging by the almost zero degree of democracy the Brits allowed in HK over 150 years the UK never really bothered with the democratic rights of the people of HK, except just a tiny little bit towards 1997 when Patten was governor , just save some "face" in the eyes of the world (and what a mess he made of the through-train !) .
The UK government doesn't even care about its own citizens : witness the almighty f*** - up over renewing UK passports !
There's a series of billboards on the walls of the British consulate advertising :"GREAT Britain : GREAT science, GREAT innovation, GREAT culture etc " ad nausea.
I'm surprised that some irate passport-less Brits have not yet pasted another billboard below saying:
... "But NOT a GREAT passport service - in fact NO passport service at all
GREAT f**** - up "
"One activist Billy Chiu Hin-chung said: “Hong Kong should be made an independent state. Hong Kong is our country. We are not Chinese.” Hong Kong should be made an independent state. Hong Kong is our country. We are not Chinese.....He urged Britain to get back Hong Kong from China and hold a referendum in the city to decide whether Hong Kong should be made independent...."
If you really want HK to become independent, then you should be making that demand to the PRC government and not the UK government. A referendum is only possible if your sovereign power grants you that right or your constitution permits it. For example, Quebec's referendum had to be approved by the Canadian Federal government. Likewise, Scotland's referendum had to be approved by Westminster. For example, the people of Quebec did not go to the French government and ask them to first get back Quebec from Canada and then hold a referendum to decide whether it should be made independent.
If you want to get into politics and fight for a cause, at least get your logic right please.....
We should have a referendum on whether to export these idiots to the UK.
The national press in the UK do not report on what every lunatic fringe political organization is doing. Why must we be subject to the SCMP's rabble rousing? Honestly, 10 people. How's that for widespread support across the community?
Under British rule, HKers had no rights per se and Hkers did raise so much a heckle about democracy .
So why Now ? These HKers clearly are too ashamed to be Yellows, white is golden to them.
They may as well all move to UK and see how the Brits treat **** from Hk.
Calls for these retards to migrate to the UK is admirable....but the UK certainly wouldn't want them; best to send them off to a PLA camp for a year......
This was dumb. 10 idiots on a soapbox does not constitute a news story. This is one weakness in the mantra of "balanced" press coverage, and is similar to the coverage afforded to the June 4 counter-protests when there were 20 idiots protesting against 180,000.
In this case, clearly these 10 are out of their minds. HK independence is a bridge too far. And since when do you call on a third party to establish your own independence?
Sadly, this dumb display will be lumped into the reform movement, and will serve as the straw-man for many CCP stooges who are inclined to make those types of arguments.
These people have no idea!! Just plain stupid!
Pathetic retards. A total embarrassment to the whole Chinese race! "Hk should be an independent state"? Seriously?! And what, rule by you morons?! Hk will sure be doomed!



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