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Hong Kong Airlines passengers stage 18-hour sit-in on plane over flight cancellation

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 June, 2014, 4:30am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 June, 2014, 10:22am

More than 70 passengers staged an 18-hour sit in on a Hong Kong Airlines plane after their flight to Shanghai was cancelled late on Friday night.

It was the second Hong Kong sit-in the airline had faced in two months, after 31 passengers refused to leave a flight from Bali after an eight-hour delay.

In the latest incident, some 200 passengers were aboard flight 234, which had been due to depart at 9pm on Friday, and most accepted an offer of a transfer to a later flight.

Watch: Hong Kong Airlines passengers stage 18-hour sit-in on plane

But some refused and complained about the arrangements. They said they had been offered only HK$200 in compensation and not offered accommodation.

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The passengers are understood to have left the plane at about 3pm yesterday after the airline increased its compensation offer.

In a video uploaded to the internet, passengers complained that, after refusing to leave the plane, they had been left without food and water.

People's Daily quoted passengers as saying the air conditioning onboard had been turned off during their protest.

One passenger told People's Daily their protest was "not about the money", but the airline's attitude, and that it should offer them "a reasonable amount of financial compensation". People's Daily showed letters sent to the passengers promising HK$800 each in compensation and an apology. Police were called in just before 4am.

An airline spokeswoman said the delay was due to mainland air traffic control. All passengers had left for Shanghai by yesterday evening.

In November 2011, 21 passengers refused to leave a Hong Kong Airlines flight after a nine-hour delay in leaving Singapore. In 2012, 17 passengers refused to leave a flight from Shanghai after an 18-hour delay due to fog.


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I doubt why the airlines should accede to the unreasonable demands by these mobsters. They should be removed anyway.
These people really have too much freaken time on their hands. Considering how much you normally get paid, no amount of compensation will make up for hourly wage times hours wasted.
It is not about the money? But the attitude and a reasonable amount of financial compensation. So, in China "financial compensation" is not about money? I am stunned about the Chinese "financial" culture and the fact that these people are sitting 18 hours in a plane for just 800 HK$. Perhaps for these people also brain has nothing to do with thinking and intelligence.
this is just surreal. I'd pay a lot more money to NOT be on an airplane for 18 hours, especially in economy.
This news of yet another long delay on a Shanghai - Hong Kong flight is excellent. I have no sympathy for these passengers whatsoever.
The sooner Mainland and local Hong Kong people get the message that flying between major cities within China is a bad idea the better. Take the high speed trains. That's what this incredible, efficient and modern network, which is now the envy of the developed world, has been built for.
Guangzhou Shanghai bullet train is not operating yet. The best bullet-train route should be Guangzhou-Wuhan-Shanghai, not direct. Bali-HK-Shanghai is a reasonable way to fly.
It would be funny if they just told the passengers:
“Look, there’s no use for you to stay on the plane. This plane is not going to Shanghai. We’ve arranged another flight for you to get back to Shanghai. Don’t be stupid, take the alternative flight. This plane is scheduled for maintenance work which will be done whether or not there are passengers on board. We will be spraying everything down with antiseptics and insecticides. That stuff is nasty if it gets on your skin so I don’t know what we can do if you insist on staying put. I suppose we can give each of you a roll of cling wrap. Can I get a show of hands so I know how many rolls we’ll need to get?”
The only HSR route is between Shenzhen North Stn and Hongqiao,
So you need to -
- take East Rail to Lok Ma Chau
- Shenzhen Metro from Futian to Shenzhen North
- then 12 hours on the HSR (via Xiamen, Ningbo & Hangzhou )
Sorry - these 2 cities are too far apart for most travellers to consider using HSR.
However - to an earlier point you made, there are too many single aisle planes on this route,
operated by both Dragonair, and the Chinese airlines. Free up slots by consolidating and use only twin aisle planes.
Follow the footsteps of the Legco member who took part in occupying the cruise ship.
More to come in future.
This measure and to claim with startups like Refund.me are the best ways to be compensated!
I like it!



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