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Leung Chun-ying

Leung Chun-ying, also known as CY Leung, is the chief executive of Hong Kong. He was born in 1954 and assumed office on July 1, 2012. During the controversial 2012 chief executive election, underdog Leung unexpectedly beat Henry Tang, the early favourite to win, after Tang was discredited in a scandal over an illegal structure at his home.

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Time for talking about new towns is over, says Leung Chun-ying after fresh protests

Public has been 'fully consulted' on crucial source of housing, chief executive claims after latest protest forces another delay on funding vote

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 June, 2014, 4:30am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 June, 2014, 11:03am

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has defended plans for two new towns in the northeastern New Territories, insisting people had been "fully consulted" on an "important source" of homes.

Leung spoke the day after the Legislative Council's Finance Committee was again forced to scrap a vote on funding for preliminary work amid mass protests outside Legco.

The HK$120 billion new-town plan has become a rallying point for activists who say thousands of villagers will lose their homes and way of life for a scheme that will largely benefit developers and include many luxury homes. Friday's protest was mainly peaceful, but came a week after scenes of mayhem as police used pepper spray on activists who tried to storm the building.

Speaking after a public function yesterday, Leung said some groups had released incorrect information as they called on people to fight the development.

"I hope the people can compare them with the government's official, correct and comprehensive data and facts," Leung said.

"Those are our important new town projects, which will become an important source of public and private housing supply … We have consulted the public sufficiently in the last three years, conducting countless public hearings and other activities, as well as releasing all useful data."

Leung did not cite specific examples. But the Development Bureau last week countered protesters' claims.

For example, it said just 1.6 hectares had been allocated for luxury homes out of 40 hectares for private flats at the sites in Kwu Tung and Fanling.

Executive Council convenor Lam Woon-kwong urged lawmakers considering the government's request for HK$340 million in preliminary funding for the work to be pragmatic.

"No matter who the chief executive is, and no matter which political party has the most seats in Legco, I dare say that you still have to develop the northeastern New Territories," Lam said.

"I hope lawmakers put aside their political struggles and return to the nature of these livelihood issues."

He warned that strife in the legislature could "obstruct democratisation" as the government prepares its plans for electoral reform.

But Cheuk Kai-kai, a member of the Joint Committee of Fanling North Villages and Residents, said the new town plans were "unjust" as they displaced villagers when other sites were available.

Meanwhile, Legco president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing said the Legco Commission would consider if it could ease the tight security that saw the building's protest zone closed and the number of people allowed into the 40-seat public gallery limited to 10.

Twenty-six people were arrested at the June 13 protest, and three more on Friday.



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I can't think of a post that's funnier than the contents of the article and what the chief executive said.
The Chief Nitwit is even more hilarious when he tries to show leadership, and ends up only antagonising people more. That is what you get when your leaders don't go thorough the public vetting process called democratic elections.

And if we are so done talking about those new towns, how about we talk about that hardly used golf course instead them? The one that covers 170 hectares right next to the MTR and could provide housing for 100k people? Let's consult the public on what to do with that, shall we?

And while we are talking, how about we also discuss the one-way permit scheme? The one that allows 150 mainland people to come and settle in Hong Kong every day. That makes 760,000 since 1997 and counting, at a rate of over 50,000 a year. Does it really make sense to welcome more immigrants while we have to demolish villages and green areas to build more homes for them? I don't think so Charley, do you?
Sorry, the public was not fully consulted. These projects have been around for along time when population forecasts were much higher. They were included in the summary Phase 4 of HK Vision 2030, but there was no discussion of the phase four summary before it was published, and after the phase three. It was imposed on us, despite what the earlier consultation had signaled would occur, as Donald got fed p with it dragging on.
"We assume that housing development at Kwu Tung North NDA and Fanling North NDA
(part of the Three-in-One Scheme) and Hung Shui Kiu NDA could accommodate 0.35 million people (or about 22% of the population increase from the Base Year to 2030). This increase is not now occurring.
Popu;ation forecast is now 8.1 million not 8.6 as at the time of vision 2030.
Thank you, Commissar. You have decreed the mandate of heaven and now we slaves must all bow down to the masters. This guy is a riot.
The singular of that anxiety seems not sufficient. Suddenly the new-town budget voting springs on everyone’s already occupied anxiety. Only a most inapt official would agree to the timing or the most conniving. The government is rushing its plan and pushing the legislators to approve the request for a preliminary funding that will amount to HK$340 million without even resolving how the land can be obtained. What is that amount use for? Is it just a feasibility study or putting a racking ball in action? From the official all we know is that the two new-towns would house to nearly 175,000 residents by 2031.Tell us what economic stratification of residents is targeted? How the infrastructure is to be funded? The legislators and public need to know at this point the intention of the government. For that, we don’t need nearly half a billion dollar to learn official’s intention for the new-towns.
Instead, the officials are rushing and obviously want to seal their new-towns with legislators’ committing the requested funding blindly.
CY Leung, you may have for the last three years consulted on the new towns but obviously your consultations fail to get agreement. Perhaps those consultations are closed door deals. Do the tax payers learn about how you intend to fund the new towns -- selling land again? What a repetition of colonial handicap that got Hong Kong into such a present mess. You are starting on a wrong foot. Step back; give some thoughts.
When was the public consulted?
Why choose areas in which there are already villages? There is plenty of accessible, unoccupied land in the New Territories.
The time for making thr right decions is always at hand. Those trying to hide motives and quicken a dirty process now don't want to talk about it.
Is it just a simple supply and demand solution? CY Leung is selling all our land resources now leaving nothing for our children. The property developers will just hold the land and control the supply of the properties. The end result would not differ from what we are facing now: High property prices where the young people of Hong Kong cannot afford to buy anything!! I for one thinks that it is fine for high property prices in general but we need to have housing that are exclusive for Hong Kong people only. Do you hear the Government talking about the "property for Hong Kong people" scheme anymore? CY Leung is selling our resources on the cheap benefiting the property developers, because the land will worth a lot more in the future. When the Government have no land to sell in the future, it will mean more taxes for our children to fund the stupid Government of Hong Kong! CY Leung is doing this to get support for his re-election. I am not against the Government, I object to Occupy Central, however I am quite sick of CY Leung and Paul Chan!!!


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