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Shenzhen mall to sell Hong Kong products to cut number of mainland visitors

Qianhai economic zone plans mall selling HK products to 'ease tourist pressure'; its success may rely on tax arrangement, says lawmaker

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 June, 2014, 4:49am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 June, 2014, 9:21am


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25 Jun 2014
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A shopping centre selling Hong Kong products will be set up in Shenzhen's new economic zone of Qianhai by the end of this year in an effort to ease the pressure on Hong Kong from hordes of mainland shoppers.

The Qianhai Authority announced this yesterday amid demands from Hong Kong residents for the government to limit the number of mainland visitors to the city - a number that reached 40 million last year.

"We are studying whether visitors, especially those from Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta places who purely want to go shopping in Hong Kong, could come to Qianhai instead," authority spokesman Wang Jinxia said. "It will be totally the same [as] shopping in Hong Kong."

Wang said this would help Hong Kong cope with the influx of mainland tourists, give opportunities to Hong Kong firms by connecting mainland buying power with their services and enhance the cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. "Our Hong Kong chief officer is in talks with a few local companies and we are striving to launch the centre by year's end," he said.

Although there are special tax and yuan exchange arrangements to encourage the development of a finance industry in Qianhai, Wang did not spell out the tax arrangements for the shopping mall.

Hong Kong legislator Felix Chung Kwok-pan said the attractiveness of the Qianhai centre to shoppers and its impact on local retailers would depend largely on tax. Besides the appreciation of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar, the city's low or non-existent taxes were the main draw for mainland shoppers, he said. "On the mainland, there is a 17 per cent value-added tax and import taxes for imported goods. In Hong Kong, there are no import taxes on goods except tobacco, strong liquor and cosmetics." There is no sales tax in the city.

Only if there was a similar tax exemption in Qianhai would mainland tourists go there instead of Hong Kong, he said. In that event, local retailers could face stronger competition but residents would be happy about the city becoming less crowded.

Although Hong Kong companies are invited to participate in the plan, Chung said it would be easier for big chains than for small companies to join.

"It will be difficult for small and medium enterprises to learn about the legal system across the border," he said.

President of the Federation of Hong Kong Brands Chao Chen-kuo supported the idea of a Hong Kong mall in Qianhai, but said it would be important to assure the quality of goods and services.

"If there were only pharmacies selling daily necessities there, I would not be interested in going. It should be local brands that represent Hong Kong, not milk formula."

He suggested including catering and leisure facilities in the mall to showcase Hong Kong's service industries and ensure an all-round experience.


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How about transferring the HK economy to Shenzhen and let HK become a backwater that is very affordable, full of democracy but no jobs and economic future.
Yup - excatly.. just like Japan or South Korea and all those backwater countries... that's what our city is going to descend into - chaos, since those two countries are worse than Somalia.
People in HK are way too dumb to be able to elect their own government. Don't do it!!!
none of the mentioned items are doable in today's China.. forget about it :)
And all it will take is for one shop to sell counterfeit goods and the hordes and swarms of poo-ing mainland shoppers will be right back to HK.
The problem is all on China's side. And not going to be fixed overnight. But we can limit entry today. We would be more than happy to open our doors again when they learn to behave.
it's gonna work.. they tried that in Xiamen already selling 'Taiwan' products.. once the products cross the border you will never know what's in them :) sorry, it's a matter of trust!!!
sorry 'NOT' gonna work :)
if the mainlanders in other cities need to take time to travel to Shenzhen, why don't they cross the border to Hong Kong to shop, I don't think the new shopping mall can ease the crowd for HK.
Which is next to never. Hong Kongers don't have the problem, defending our homes from an onslaught of poor excuse of people, who don't seem to respect the fact HK is our home first and foremost, is not Hong Kongers' problem. Go anywhere in the world, even in chi-na, people will naturally come out to defend their home when it's under attack by an outside force.
It's funny, Shanghai and Beijing suffers from similar problems as Hong Kong, in terms of the lokust horde, and they are demanding the same sort of things as Hong Kongers, but when we Hong Kongers demand for a stop in allowing unknown number of mainlanders in, these Shanghaiese and Beijingers are up in arms denouncing Hong Kong!
Indeed as it will take another big leap in reform to accept a Qianhai which can operate like Liechtenstein with low corporate tax rate and simple company incorporation. Can Qianhai be a better tax haven than Hong Kong? The million dollar question!
Without Mainland, Hong Kong economy will be in shambles. You're biting the hand that feeds.



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