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Chinese newspaper accuses United States of backing Hong Kong separatists

Washington 'taking advantage to bring China trouble', mouthpiece says

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 June, 2014, 4:05am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 June, 2014, 7:53am

Washington and Beijing have crossed swords again over political reform in Hong Kong after a Communist Party mouthpiece accused the United States of taking advantage of the issue to push for the city's independence.

Without directly commenting on the accusations, a spokesman for the US State Department said yesterday it supported democracy for Hong Kong in accordance with the Basic Law and the aspirations of Hongkongers.

The exchange came as the turnout in Occupy Central's unofficial referendum on how the next chief executive should be elected in 2017 grew to 744,219 last night. The 10-day poll closes on Sunday.

An opinion piece in the state-run Global Times yesterday said the US had given its support to the city's separatist forces.

"Hong Kong is going to implement universal suffrage in 2017. The US is trying to take advantage of this chance to push for the forces of Hong Kong separatism and to bring China trouble," the article said.

"Even if the US plan to push for independence fails, it could still affect China if chaos hits Hong Kong."

The article further suggested that the US had been sending large amounts of intelligence as a way to meddle in the city's political affairs.

Global Times sparked a public outcry with a strongly worded editorial earlier this week that described the turnout for Occupy Central's poll as "no match" for China's total population of 1.3 billion.

In contrast, when asked about the poll, the US State Department spokesman said the country supported Hong Kong's internationally recognised fundamental freedoms - including freedom of expression - which were protected by the Basic Law.

Offering Hongkongers a genuine choice of candidates representative of the voters' will and the implementation of universal suffrage would greatly enhance the chief executive's legitimacy, the spokesman added.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying expressed rare disagreement with the Global Times editorial on Tuesday, saying it was wrong to put "the people of Hong Kong and China on confronting sides".

Global Times did not directly respond to Leung's remarks in an article yesterday that touched on the plebiscite but quoted media reports saying he was believed to be trying to "cool down" the referendum's momentum.



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The reactions from Global Times, China Daily and other Mainland officials show they are clearly upset people in Hong Kong "have their own opinion". As far as I see, nothing to do with evil forces manipulating Hong Kong. Or it is to say, people in Hong Kong are unable to have their own opinion? All in all, Hong Kong has hit a raw nerve with some people in Beijing.
We have seen first hand how the Global Times behaves through the stories of the SCMP in recent weeks and how their news/opinions are viewed on the mainland. This publication has very little credibility at home or overseas. It is at best a gossip paper and at worse a trouble creator. Why must the SCMP continue to, almost daily, take stories directly from the Global Times, comment on them and then present this to its readers/subscribers as SCMP news? Why not grab stories from the Sun (UK) or National Enquirer while you are about it? Rubbish journalism.
Asia Pulse
Assuming it were true the U.S. officially support the HK movement, what's wrong about supporting freedom of expression and democracy, especially in the face of an oppressing power such as the corrupt mainland Chinese government?
Anti communist HKer
I only wish this development were true, but alas, it's the Global Times talking. The boy crying wolf has more credibility than that "newspaper."
So the central gov do business with the US 7 days a week, then call them separatist 1 day a week. You can't be best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Pick one.
It's dishonest and cynical of the Global Times to imply that Occupy Central is "separatist". And strange the SCMP should run this story without themselves investigating the allegation.
Everyone in Hong Kong knows there is no serious "separatist" or "independence" movement here. Has the CPC learnt nothing from how the White Paper drove more people to vote in the referendum? The tougher you talk, the more you escalate the war of words, the less Hong Kong people will be persuaded.
Intellectual - grasp this: Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, Tiananmen Square, Dissidents, Re-education, No Freedom of Speech, Worship, Assembly, Press. Tibet (did the PLA walk in there with flowers, not guns?), ... How many dead Chinese at the hands of the CCP? How many destroyed families? How much culture, tradition and history eradicated? What is the modus operandi of the CCP? What is the objective of the CCP? In the 1940s they beat the Nationalists. Who have they been beating ever since? How many Americans, British, Japanese have died at the hands of the courageous CCP? Compare this to the number of Chinese who have. Grasp the reality. You don't know what will happen without the CCP and neither do we, but we can be sure that China will survive and just maybe people will feel safer knowing that if they disagree with anything they will not be locked up or eliminated.
Try to think. If you can't. try again.
What good does the US gain by breaking up China?
The US cares for money and money alone. The US cannot afford its largest supplier in chaos because a $40 shirt will go up to $120 the next day and the most feared enemy of western nations is inflation.
It's plain silly the US would rough up its largest creditor. What happens if China calls its loans back? Then the US will go into depression and the world along with it.
The US-China war of words don't come to any thing concrete over the years. Has it?
The US has every intention to keep the CCP in power. Just look at Bill Clinton's stance against China before he was elected. Then look at his U-turn.
The Americans know too well that a fully democratic China will replace the US as the world's number one economic power.
So, if it were not for the evil USA, the people of Hong Kong would shut up, not desire to choose their own leaders through elections and focus themselves on the great economy in Hong Kong? I knew it....there must be some high frequency signals being transmitted into Hong Kong that are causing all these people to have such abnormal, democratic thoughts.
Break it up through democratic means! Do you have any idea what you are saying? I take it you mean by asking the Chinese people whether or not they want the CCP to rule them? Yes, let the devil foreigners shut up and let the Chinese people speak. After the CCP there will still be a China.



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