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Occupy Central
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Mainland customs impounds Occupy Central voting booths and ballot boxes

Movement vows to go ahead with opening new polling stations; art students snub Carrie Lam

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 June, 2014, 6:13pm
UPDATED : Friday, 27 June, 2014, 5:42pm

Mainland customs officers have confiscated a shipment of materials intended for use in Occupy Central's unofficial referendum, disrupting the preparation of nine new polling stations.

The materials had been shipped from a mainland printing firm and were to be used to make ballot boxes and voting booths for nine extra stations - which the movement plans to open on Sunday, the last day of the poll, in a final push to encourage more people to vote.

Occupy said the stations would open, but the number of booths might be cut. Locations include Cheung Chau, Tin Shui Wai, Fanling, Yuen Long and the Chinese University, Sha Tin.

"The printer told us on Wednesday night that mainland customs had seized the [shipment]. We were so nervous, trying to figure out what to do to make sure we could still open the stations," Dr Chan Kin-man, co-organiser of the movement, said.

No logos were attached to the shipment, but the University of Hong Kong's public opinion programme, commissioned to conduct the poll, was the addressee.

"I suspect our activities have been monitored by the authorities. They know which printer we approached," Chan said.

In total, 21 polling stations will open on Sunday. As of 11pm yesterday, 748,417 people had voted.

The referendum asks people to choose from three shortlisted electoral proposals - all of which call for the public to have the right to nominate chief executive candidates, an idea Beijing rejects.

In a call for more people to vote, Chan, his co-organisers and pan-democrats stood in silence in Central for an hour during lunchtime yesterday.

Support for Occupy Central was expressed at a graduation ceremony at the Academy for Performing Arts, when some graduates walked past Acting Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, officiating the event, without bowing. They also sang the movement's theme song, an adaptation of Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Miserables, as Lam left the stage. Lam kept smiling throughout.

Meanwhile, organisers of the annual July 1 pro-democracy march had an application to widen their route rejected. The Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Processions agreed that three lanes of Hennessy Road would open to the marchers, instead of the six requested.

The Civil Human Rights Front expects 150,000 people to join the protest.



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OC shouldn't have contracted out the printing work to factories in China, they should have given it to Japan, Vietnam or the Philippines, then I am sure there would be no problem at all.
Hey, its called the mandate of heaven. amazing how the high pitched midgets squeak their way around.
NGSW, could not reply directly to you. Am not a member or supporter of either group, but did try LSD in my distant youth. Not my thing, even with Grateful Dead playing in the background. No, my real issue is with the tyrants across the border seeking to stop people here from having a say in their government. Anyway, was on a conference call and getting quite bored so figured I'd read the news and respond to the manure being spread out by the PRC Ministry of Propaganda Choir and their local minions. If nothing else, their Engrish is a riot. Have a nice day.
Democracy, where every super fertile low class is over represented.
Was kind of naive to think the Great Oppression Machine in China was going to let ballot boxes go to HK. Allowing non-communists to vote really is scaring the bejesus out of the tyrants: hacking of the computer system to stymie the vote; the chorus of mainland government rants and chants of illegality and threats of military force, in concert with the mainland government's minions in HK that our freedom is not worth as much as a happy Mainland government; police exercises to show they are not afraid of bashing heads if the masters order them to do so; and a rising crescendo of Mainland Propagandists bleating their masters' threats to all of HK that we should not be thinking and acting in a way the mainland tyrants do not like. What is next? Vociferous criticism of the HK government and the Mainland tyrants on July 1 justifying a garrison of another 10,000 PLN soldiers just to keep the peace. They have been training to bash some protesters' skulls. Poor tyrants. The people in HK are thinking for themselves and do not just shut up because you tell them to do so.
Man, the CCP really has its panties in a twist over OC. The more they pull this kind of stuff the more they come across as clueless thugs.
To ruin the polls.... just encourage more people to vote. HK gov just doesn't understand psychology 101.
HK is becoming a joke! All in the name of democracy!
Yeah, can't we be a fascist city state?
Or just good slaves to the Commie masters. You'd think the commie tyrants would be satisfied with 1.3 billion slaves. What are a mere 7 million people who are allowed to think. Perish the thought. Right slaves?




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