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Occupy Central
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Four men jump into Victoria Harbour in protest against Occupy Central movement

We can't take it any longer, says protester before plunging into water … followed by firefighters

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 June, 2014, 2:17pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 June, 2014, 8:49am

Four men demonstrated their opposition to the Occupy Central civil disobedience movement yesterday with some civil disobedience of their own - jumping off the pier at Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower into Victoria Harbour.

The men held a press briefing lamenting Occupy Central before defying a police warning not to go ahead with their stunt.

Watch: Four men jump to the Victoria Harbour in protest against Occupy Central

Three firefighters wearing crash helmets and life jackets jumped in straight after them and helped pull the men back onto the pier using rescue buoys.

As one man quickly drifted about 10 metres from the pier steps, with one of the rescuers in pursuit, a life buoy was thrown in.

White paper 'was a failure of communication with Hong Kong'

It was all over in minutes for the crowd of spectators. They included about 30 of the men's supporters, who spoke in Putonghua among themselves and refused to answer questions from the media about why they were against the Occupy Central movement.

Before jumping, one of the four men, who would only give his name as Chan, said: "We can't stand it any longer."

The 52-year-old, who claimed to have no political affiliations, said he was aware that swimming in the harbour required prior approval from the Marine Department and admitted they had not filed an application.

Fellow jumper Shea Kai-chuen warned: "We will have no choice but to swim across the harbour if Occupy Central does take place and stops all the traffic, even the MTR service."

The Occupy Central organisers plan to mobilise 10,000 people to stage a sit-in protest in the city's main business district if the government fails to deliver a proposal for the 2017 chief executive election that meets international standards of universal suffrage.

Under the Shipping and Port Control Regulations, no swimming events are permitted in Hong Kong waters without permission from the Marine Department due to possible interference with sea traffic. Offenders are liable to a fine of HK$2,000.

No arrests were made in connection with yesterday's protest.

Meanwhile, a convoy of 30 cars carrying members of a pro-Beijing business group yesterday drove to government headquarters in Admiralty to show their opposition to Occupy Central. They described Occupy organisers as blackmailing thugs.


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Andy C
@Walburg, having a few modern buildings doesn't make the mainland more modernised nor civilised. Behaviour of the people is what makes a modern and civilised city, and to be honest China is not the greatest neighbour to have. For one, It tries to bully everyone. It's arrogance thinking it can force other FREE countries to do as China tells it.
Bullying Vietnam Over the Paracel Islands, Bullying the Philippines Over the Spratlys Islands, Bullying Taiwan Over Its Independence, Bullying Japan Over the Senkaku Islands, Bullying India Over Its Own Territory.. Do I need to go on?
I really don't expect you mainlanders to understand about democracy. It's ok, it's really not your fault. In the real world we just don't follow every direction given to us by the government, we just don't blindly accept their rulings and we certainly just don't accept them controlling our lives. I understand it's a bizarre concept to you, but it's how 99% of the world operates. So get used to it.
Sure democracy isn't perfect, but what is?? What has communism done for you? You speak of atrocities that democracy and western cultures have caused. But you have forgotten to mention the severe atrocities that communism has caused and still today happens. It's ok, again I understand. Your government says things like July 4 didn't happen in the way it actually did. And you believe them. That's fine. You stay in your little commie bubble and enjoy it.
Let the rest of us enjoy our freedom.
Andy C
And.... I have no idea what connection you are trying to make between Hk, the mainland and places like Ukraine and Iraq? Nothing in common at all. Unless you mean the mainland government will behave like the Russian government towards the Ukrain or ISIS in Iraq? Oh I can see your point now. You are absolutely correct.
It's just electing a major of a small city. If the major ends up not loving China, you can than send in the tanks.
They express their will by doing this, how to link them up with the CCP?
why didn't they just do us all a favor and jump off a building
HKers have no political sense.
HK is another typical example of how the US and UK use so-called democracy as a weapon to split up the people and the nation, like they have done to former USSR, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Iraq. The anti-China campaign cannot be more timely as China is fast growing into a global super power that US/UK consider her a major threat. Promoting violent western democracy is like promoting Candy Land in Pinocchio.
Just go back to your pre-90s Eastern European fantasies. The CCP and its shoe shiners have simply failed to modernise. Modernise their propaganda to reflect that they are trying to communicate with an open and transparent society where information is freely available. They have been using the same strategy and using the same propaganda on our brother and sister patriots across the border under controlled conditions since 1949. The CCP has simply not progressed beyond painting all foreigners as evil saboteurs of the PRC. Anything doesn't go the CCP's way and it is a conspiracy of - choose one or more - USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam (so funny this one), Indonesia, Kenya, Russia (you guys remember the revisionism debate & the continued 50 year fall out), EU in general, UN, Taiwan, N Korea (yep thats right they are firing missiles to show how upset they are with your boss), India, etc, etc. And how did the CCP gain control of China? Was it through flowers and doves? No it was through war. Guns and Bombs. Other countries that could be included in the above list include: Tibet. Stick to jumping in the harbour and save the thinking for those with the freedom to evolve.
Anson, you really are ignorant about present day news, aren't you? You still hiding in your hole or got brainwashed by Hollywood movies? The ordeals at Ukraine and Iraq are still ongoing as we speak.
If you haven't traveled to mainland China in recent years, I highly recommend you do so to open up your peanut mind. China has modernized and changed for the better so rapidly in the past 20 years that HK and other western nations are like a joke in comparison. What have you achieved in recent years other than nagging, complaining, and following propaganda from violent western democracy? You really think the US and allies are saving the world, fighting the war in Iraq to free the Iraqis? Btw, the chemical weapons, the cause of the war, were never found. Chinese Embassy there got bombed, you think that's coincident, Mr. Hypocrite?
Whether you like it or not, one have to admit SCMP has become a Falun Gong newspaper. The biased writing styles (which are highly anti-China) and lack of fair and complete disclosures of various key perspectives are so apparent, demonstrated that this colonial newspaper agency is merely another extreme polarized end of the Global Times.
I totally agree, there is considerable bias now a days. Absolute sh*t stirrers




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