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Hongkongers’ mistrust of Beijing hits record level after white paper: poll

University phone survey finds almost one in two do not trust central government, amid fallout from white paper and Occupy Central unofficial referendum

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 June, 2014, 6:55pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 July, 2014, 9:54am

Hongkongers’ mistrust of the central government has climbed to a record high level, according to a survey by the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at the Chinese University (CUHK).

A separate telephone survey by the University of Hong Kong’s public opinion programme found that the proportion of Hongkongers who are dissatisfied with Beijing’s policies towards Hong Kong had also hit a record high.

The CUHK telephone poll was conducted between last Monday and Thursday – two weeks after Beijing unprecedentedly issued a white paper on the implementation of the “one country, two systems” policy.

The white paper emphasised Beijing’s “comprehensive jurisdiction” over Hong Kong and raised concerns that the city’s high degree of autonomy and independent judiciary is under threat.

The new poll also comes as almost 800,000 Hongkongers have voted in an unofficial referendum on options for the chief executive election in 2017 that Beijing has deemed “illegal”.

Among the 813 residents who took part in the telephone survey, 43.6 per cent said they did not trust the central government – the highest proportion since the question was first asked in the institute’s surveys in November 2009.

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The proportion had jumped 5.2 per cent from the results of the previous month’s poll.

A minority of 23.6 per cent said they trusted Beijing, while 31.2 per cent took a neutral stance and the rest said they did not know.

The survey’s margin of error was plus or minus 3 per cent.

A separate telephone survey by the University of Hong Kong’s public opinion programme, the results of which were also released on Monday, found that the proportion of Hongkongers who are unhappy with Beijing’s policies towards Hong Kong had also hit a record high.

Of a total of 963 people who answered the question, 33 per cent gave a negative appraisal of the central government’s Hong Kong policies, a peak since the survey commenced in 1999.

The proportion of respondents who gave positive and neutral appraisals both stood at 31 per cent.

The HKU poll had a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points, and the interviews were conducted between June 16 and 19.

As many as 500,000 people have been forecast to attend Tuesday’s annual July 1 march, when Hongkongers traditionally voice their dissatisfaction with the central and local governments.



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Dai Muff
Hong Kong is Hong Kong. Don't like it? Go back to the mainland.
Considering its colonial history, no. But we certainly trust the Chinese government even less. Every national government has its own level of deceit, but some are more deceitful than others, particularly dictatorships that rely on mass censorship and intimidation of its citizens rather than actually fixing problems.
Say what you will about British politics, but at least today you don't get pulled in for a beating and interrogation every time you say you don't like how things are being run.
One day in 2030, the police knocking on your door will wake you up. They will take your son and you to the police station to charge you with disrupting the public order (Article 23). Five years in prison for cracking jokes about the government. You wanted to wake up, so you woke up. To the reality. Because in 2014 you had this way of thinking...
so u meen that u see no problem when a majority of people dont trust It's goverment . And ur only solution to this is for them to leave? it is when goverments have that kind of approch ageinst It's people u usuly have an revulotion on ur hands. To ignore It's citizens is usuly a straight path to doom for an goverment or ruler.
My friend, Britons never tried to enact vague Article 23, neither supress freedom of speach, freedom of gathering and other basic rights. On the contrary, they have brought to HK set of values this city benefits from even nowadays. Now, you ask yourself a question what you get from Beijing. Pollution? Corruption? Dirty tricks? Pressure? Misused police? Blackmail?
Are you joking? I have a choice between trusting the British Government and the CCP? This is what you call a 'no-brainer'. Which is not to say I want HK to be run by Britain. No! But I do want China to develop a government (system) that has legitimate authority. A government that is transparent, fair, responsive and open. A government that is accountable to its citizens. Don't blame me - you asked!!
A Hong Konger
Who are you people that defend China's bungling? All I hear from you is indignation that the HK people are not submitting fast enough. Why? Who can say they are a Hong Konger and ask their follow citizens to sacrifice all we are and all we have built to the experiment that is China?

Can't you hear it in the whispers everywhere in HK? The anger in the air? It was always repressed, through our betrayals and abandonment, the threats and the fear, but now our anger is tearing through. We can't contain our indignity for much longer and you foolish people, you bait us, insult us, goad us on. The entire United Front from the 50¢ army to the politburo, all of you, like 陳淨心 shrieking obscenities on TV, or a few hundred lazy protesters who couldn't even finish the march in support of the police, while others jump into the harbour, breaking the law, right in front of the authorities, as well as retired gov ministers both HK and mainland singing praises, to the Mainland white paper and press and officials threatening HK.

Has the United Front lost its collective hive mind? You do nothing to heal the rifts in our society, we, the majority, watch you with pained expressions as you make fools of yourselves as we try not to hate you for the stupidity and betrayal of us all. Its as if you all want an open insurrection.
On this incompetence alone China has lost its legitimacy to rule HK. How can anyone defend them?
Dai Muff
That's the choice all our relatives who fled here made.
To daily,
Hate to admit it, but HK is part of China, no questions about it. Period.
To Dai Muff,
Hk is HK. Big deal. So what? HK is still part of China. The quicker the HKers realize this maybe you will have a better future especially with 2047 fast approaching. Is there anything special about HK when compared with the gigantic economy, land mass and population just across the border. Come on. HK needs China more in the future than China needs HK. Wake up!
Actually there is plenty of things that are special about Hk and many things that would benefit the 1.3bn people living to our north in the great big economy ... The biggest thing we have is an ability to hold out leaders accountable thru protest and if we can get them to a court then we have an independent judiciary that is concerned with justice and upholding the law. I'm sure there are a lot of people sitting in mainland jails that would have preferred a trail in a Hk court / Hk is unique and that is the source of our economic and strategic future ... Dance the delicate dance and avoid becoming just another mainland Chinese city ... The world has enough if them already. Let's protect what is great about this place and let china benefit from our prosperity that way.




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