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Police called to Legco after glass thrown towards CY Leung amid pan-democrat walkout

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 July, 2014, 12:06pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 July, 2014, 7:53am

For the first time since the handover, the Chief Executive's Office called the police into the Legislative Council chamber yesterday.

The move came after independent Wong Yuk-man hurled a glass in the direction of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

Other pan-democrats staged an unprecedented walkout at the start of the meeting.

Watch: CY Leung confronted by protesting legislators at Legco

Questions about the executive branch's respect for the legislature were raised in the afternoon when police entered the building to seek evidence without informing Legco President Jasper Tsang Yok-sing.

Tsang said police should inform the Legco secretariat and commission if they needed to enter, but neither body had been informed.

I don’t have to be polite to a dictatorship

However, he said he did not think the executive branch was "trampling on the legislature's dignity", instead believing it happened because security guards had let officers in while the commission and the secretariat were meeting.

The drama began in the morning when Leung arrived in the Legco chamber for a question-and-answer session and about 20 pan-democrats marched towards him.

"Genuine universal suffrage without screening. … Listen to the people's voice, 689," the lawmakers called, mocking the number of votes Leung had receive to lead the city from the Election Committee's nearly 1,200 members.

People Power duo Albert Chan Wai-yip and Raymond Chan Chi-chuen then threw paper stars at Leung in a reference to Finance Committee chairman Ng Leung-sing, the final syllable of whose name means star.

Wong then hurled documents and a glass in the direction of the chief executive.

The protesting pan-democrats were then either forced out by security or walked out of the meeting voluntarily.

Wong was later unapologetic about throwing the glass. "I don't have to be polite to a dictatorship," he said.

The antics in the Legco chambers came two days after the annual July 1 protest march and amid a row between lawmakers and Ng over the controversial passage of a funding measure for the development of two new towns last week.

Responding to a lawmaker's question, Leung ruled out stepping down as Hong Kong's chief executive.


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Those who got thrown out have completed their job for the day and can go to the beach and enjoy the sun.
That seems to be their sole purpose as a legislative member, create havoc, get thrown out, get paid and do fxxx all. All accomplished before 10 am.
This 'madman WONG' thinks he can do anything as he feels he is upholding a worthy cause. He could easily have caused bodily harm to CY and this is what ordinary folks in HK dont want to see. Can voters please stop voting this nut into office next time round. Meanwhile, the Police should prosecute this guy and place him behind bars for bodily assault.
....... and they get paid (by tax payers) for throwing drinking glass, paper & confetti around at the Legislative Council.
..... and the tax payers have to pay for the cleaning up, the valuable time wasted and most important of all, the good standing of Hong Kong being tarnished by unruly 'elected' individuals.
Leaders are supposed to be role models and the behavior of these so called democrats are shameful by any measure... they care more to disrupt government then for the common people. Wong should be prosecuted if he did throw the glass.
Legco members are garbage..............really garbage, and I still cannot imagine that they are elected by HK people.
If HK people cannot even elect decent legislative members, how is it possible they are capable of electing a CE?
Listen to the radicals in Legco?
They filibuster with thousands of agendas; than start hurling things.
I ask you this ; if you are Xi Jing Ping and had over a billion lives in your hands , and two semi- autonomous regions to govern, and one- HK starts having it's own way of doing things ; governance getting out of control, we can't please every lunatic with self interest.
Now if you are CY Leung - just trying to build two new town to increase housing supply- and a circus erupts inside Legco and another mob outside wield bamboo rods-what do you do?
Some of you don't get it and some of you never will.
Asia is not America nor is it Europe. Chinese are not Anglo-Saxons nor are they Japanese-that think as one nation.
We are selfish to the bone- and only loyal to our families or pockets- not the nation. It has been like this for 5000 years.
"At least arrest that a*s that threw the glass and jail him for "assault with a deadly weapon". These clowns are not helping their cause or the hopes of the HK people in having true representation."

Legco members have legal immunity from criminal prosecution from anything they say or do in Legco. It makes one wonder if the Mad Dog's plan is to murder the hapless CY with a glass chunk to the head and then walk away from it with legal impunity.

As far as I am concerned, Wong Yuk-man is now a triad who enjoys legal immunity as long as the crimes he commits are within the legislative building.
I am disgusted by this action by Wong Yuk-man. Throwing a glass is a clear sign that one has no arguments. This kind of radical action only undermines the legitimate wish for more democracy in HK.
Sometimes I wonder if those radical protesters are really only acting on their own behalf or if someone is 'motivating' them to be so destructive/ non-cooperative. I am sure someone must be benefiting from this.
Wong Yuk-man thrown glass in the Legco trying to hurt someone? Is he insane or is he as violent as triad society members? Ruleless Legco. Shame on you so-called pan democrats.
The regular few Council members have always behave inappropriately at meetings, they set very bad examples to our young ones. Moreso when they can walk away everytime without accountabilty for their action. Those who violently demaged the Legco building in front of public had walked away, those who occupied Central, disturbed the general public, wasted police resources, had walked away..... , where is our law?
Hongkongers do not want Taiwaness culture in our Legco. Raymond Wong attacked CY intentionally in front of public and showed no regret at media interviews afterwards. We want to see justice done this time. He is guilty for sure and with that, he should be removed form Legco.



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