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Global Times warns Hong Kong could become the next ‘Ukraine or Thailand’

State mouthpiece known for bellicose editorials condemns sit-in protest in Central on Wednesday morning, says city must stay strong in face of upheaval

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 July, 2014, 2:25pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 July, 2014, 9:14am

The state-run newspaper Global Times has warned its readers that Hong Kong faces becoming the next Ukraine or Thailand if it embraces a period of “political upheaval”.

The nationalist newspaper was responding to a sit-in demonstration in Central on Wednesday morning, ahead of an expected large-scale occupation in the near future.

In an editorial on Thursday, the newspaper condemned the hundreds of participants in the overnight sit-in on Chater Road, saying they posed a threat to Hong Kong’s rule of law.

"Without the rule of law, Hong Kong could sink into the likes of Ukraine or Thailand and all kinds of dangerous phenomena could happen," it said.

“The radical opposition organisers had admitted that their action would be unlawful. But they still went ahead,” the state mouthpiece said, apparently making reference to non-violent civil disobedience, a protest tactic that is more than a century old.

“After [their arrest], some of the troublemakers even unreasonably pointed their fingers at the police for ‘using force’,” it continued, without offering further details.

Protesters including a district councillor accused the police of using excessive force, and police have admitted twisting demonstrators’ wrists, elbows and necks in order to incapacitate them.

The sit-in came after as many as 510,000 took to the streets to demand genuine democracy and express their anger at Beijing’s declaration of its authority over Hong Kong in a white paper.

The editorial said the sit-in was a rehearsal for the Occupy Central protest, and warned that Hong Kong might embrace a time of political upheaval.

If that happened, it said, it would be crucial for the Hong Kong government to maintain the city’s “strength and efficiency in its law”.

“Without the rule of law, Hong Kong could sink into the likes of Ukraine or Thailand and all kinds of dangerous phenomena could happen,” it said.

Occupy plans to blockade Central streets if the government fails to deliver a plan for the 2017 chief executive election that guarantees a genuine choice between candidates for voters.  

The overseas edition of another state-run newspaper, People’s Daily, also denounced two Hong Kong student groups’ who organised the Chater Road sit-in.

It said the groups were using illegal means to pressure the Hong Kong government into accepting the idea of public nomination.

Public nomination – allowing registered voters to nominate candidates for an election – does “not fulfil the Basic Law requirements”, the state mouthpiece said.



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As someone who supports freedom of speech, if a dog wants to bark, then let it bark.
GT is a paper that is paid by Chinese advertising, but struggles to become the "official" mouthpiece, all Hu Xijin wants to do is bark and sniff bottom more so that one they his paper might become something more than spam.
This is the address for Global Times: ****www.globaltimes.cn/index.html
Anyone can access and read the publication for free. Not everything about Hong Kong is as doom laden as the SCMP would have you believe. If more SCMP readers have a quick look at the GT every few days then perhaps the SCMP can be encouraged to do their own reporting.
Thailand still has a monarchy and has undergone numerous political coups over the last 50 years. It is almost the norm. Crimea was previously a part of Russia until Stalin transferred it to Ukraine under the auspices of the USSR. Crimea has returned to Russia recently. Both the Ukraine and Russia make claims on the Crimea. Hong Kong was previously a part of China and was transferred to the UK between 1841 and 1898. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. No other nations are making a claim for Hong Kong. There is no comparison between HK and Thailand and the Ukraine. This is just more sensational rabble rousing from the Global Times and its underlings the SCMP.
Freedom of speech is the basic right of human being. Hongkonger continue your action for democracy.
If we let idiots like Shi Junlong into Hong Kong, yes we will become the next Ukraine or Thailand
As a former resident of HK, I don't think the current situation should be compared to the Ukraine or Thailand. The situations in these places are totally different.
Although the Occupy Central movement is supposed to be for democratic change, the underlying cause isn't very different than the Occupy movement in the US such as "Occupy Wall Street" in NYC. After the WWII, we've seen a period of prosperity as jobs were plentiful even for people with limited education. Now we are seeing price of real-estate out of reach of the middle class income earners and people at the bottom with few prospects of moving up the economic ladder.
The people on top including the richest man Mr. Li would want to keep the system the same. People in HK already have free speech and free expression as compared to China where these rights are limited. Right now the government is mainly representing the interests of the upper class so those belonging to the underclass want fair representation / to elect council members to represent their interests.
Oh yeah, HK could well be the next Ukraine, with some unearthed natural resources or like Thailand with the Red Army. Come off it. Its a far cry from any of these two. The protests/marches etc. are mild in comparison to those 2 places. There were casualties all over the place in those 2 countries as they sought to overthrow the governments. We only want to choose our own leader of our own genuine choice so its basically comparing apples and oranges or if you like lemons and mangoes.
"The South China Morning Post and Sunday Morning Post are Hong Kong's premier English language newspapers and the Group's flagship publications. First published in 1903, the newspapers have developed an enviable reputation for authoritative, influential and independent reporting on Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia. Today, we strive to maintain the highest standards and are proud to rank among the world's best-known quality newspapers."
Can't stop laughing.
There are worst newspaper than SCMP out there. See ? Global Times.
Was that the message in this "article" ?
SCMP or how to get Global Times views across without making it too obvious.
Actually, there is already a "red shirt" "yellow shirt" division with one side being supported by the CCP and business elite (irony of ironies) and the other seeking "democracy". The intransigence seems to be just as implacable. Whilst in Thailand the bread and butter issue is corruption, in Hong Kong it is economic imbalance brought about by hot money from Mainland China and our stubborn adherence to ERM.




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