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July 1 march
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'Send me back to jail', says Long Hair as pan-democrats surrrender to police over July 1 march

Labour and Democratic party members go to Wan Chai HQ to 'confess their crimes' in protest over action against organisers of July 1 march

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 July, 2014, 8:08pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 July, 2014, 3:26pm

Leading pan-democrats protested yesterday about arrests linked to the July 1 march - by handing themselves in to the police.

Labour Party legislators Lee Cheuk-yan, Cyd Ho Sau-lan, Dr Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and nine Democratic Party members went to police headquarters in Wan Chai.

They offered to "confess their crimes" and called on others to follow their example.

Their move came after five organisers of last week's prodemocracy march were arrested on Friday for "failing to comply with directions given by police" and obstructing officers. It is the first time police have taken action against the Civil Human Rights Front, which organises the largely peaceful demonstration.

The pan-democrats who went to Wan Chai had their details taken and were sent away.

They were joined by "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung, who was released from prison yesterday. After leaving the Lai Chi Kok detention centre, the League of Social Democrats lawmaker went straight to Wan Chai and said he felt like he was "walking into another prison".

This was a reference to claims of heavy-handed and political policing in the wake of the march. Police also detained 511 people who took part in a sit-in in Central after the rally.

Leung served four weeks in detention after being convicted of disorderly behaviour and criminal damage over the disruption of a forum to discuss the scrapping of Legislative Council by-elections in 2011.

Leung said: "I've been in detention for 26 days and I see changes taking place outside that are turning Hong Kong into a big prison."

Meanwhile, after a tumultuous week in politics, there are fears filibustering could block the approval of government initiatives by the Legislative Council's Finance Committee, which holds its last meeting before the summer recess on Friday.

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Professor Chan Ka-Keung said it was "unfortunate" that many relief measures proposed by the government would have to be delayed.

Chan said about 50 government requests for funding, including those for a low-income allowance and a new hospital, were still waiting to be approved.

Leung, meanwhile, appealed to lawmakers from the five geographical constituencies to quit their seats to trigger by-elections.

He said these would form a de facto referendum in which voters could voice their support for universal suffrage without screening of candidates in the 2017 chief executive poll.

He said it would also be more convincing than the unofficial Occupy Central poll, in which 780,000 participated, as the government would be responsible for counting the votes.

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To maintain a real say when negotiating with the central government, the key is to ensure that Hong Kong's bargaining power is still there. What are the things that equip Hong Kong with bargaining power? They are our strong economy, accumulated wealth, efficient and effective government, rule of law, relative high education level of the general public, strong financial sector and our relatively high degree of connection with the international society. These strengths are something which need maintenance such as up-to-date government policy revision and improvement and constant investment to upgrade our utility and infrastructure. Now, the pan-democrats are adopting poison pill strategy to threaten the central government that if our request is not met, we will kill the goose that lays golden eggs by paralysing the operation of the government. Isn't it insane that pan-democrat is actually weakening hong Kong's negotiation position when dealing with the central government? To be more influential in the continuos discussion with the central government, we need to have more efficient government and more effective policies so that Hong Kong's strengths can be preserved and further developed and enhanced. Now, everybody knows that we are not doing a good job already as benchmarked with Singapore. Dear fellow hongkongers please wake up.
It appears to me, that the various species of democrats in Hong Kong behave increasingly in a non-democratic manner.
hk is doomed. these idiots say they are pan-democrats....more like pan-fried dogs to me.
I am just waiting for the day when the PLA will drive in and just take over tamar.
HK Government, please do that, fulfil his wish - send him back to jail, for life?
But is the government really tyrannical? I emigrated to Australia in 1979 and returned in 1994 and for the past 20 yrs, I have never felt threatened. However, I very much detest the actions of some of these radical pro-democracy activists and for this matter, the fruit daily as well, because they are instilling so much hatred and social unrest into the society. You just need to have a peep at any discussion forums in the fruit daily, a supposedly pro-dem newspaper, and 99% of the posts are comments of hatred, abuse and personal insults.This is a very ugly path towards democracy.
Someone commented that "they" ( The police?) are acting like the Red Guard of the Cultural Revolution. I support the people's right to an open election, but some of their spokesman are real babies. The Red Brigade. Really? I guessed I missed the millions of dead bodies. Is that how you want them to act eventually? They just might one day if you keep up this BS. Are you more interested in **** Beijing off than making some genuine progress? Well done, you have. Do you want to REALLY **** them off, keep it up. You just might. Change your tactics without your endgame ALWAYS trying to annoy and anger. I used to admire that guy longhair some years ago. Now I'm thinking, " Do these people really want to follow HIS lead?" He likes going to jail. He must, he always gets himself put in the slammer, every other month it seems. In my opinion keep on carrying on but try being ultra respectful towards Beijing, even if it actually makes you vomit. As in the Occupy Wall Street movement, all of this will eventually just go away, without accomplishing anything, leaving a filthy city in it's wake. YOUR city.
He looked cleaner, brighter & more alert. Rehab must have done a good job.
They are a bunch of self centered public scums taking advantages of the poor and uneducated.
I think what you are referring to is what happens when democratic societies become comfortable and complacent. They are vulnerable to being co-opted by powerful elites who use their knowledge of psychology to manipulate the masses through the mass media and popular culture. But the problem is not democracy - the problem is the unconsciousness of the masses.



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