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Women, watch your step: Apple store, Legco and courts identified in new 'up-skirt blackspot' list

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 July, 2014, 2:03pm
UPDATED : Monday, 14 July, 2014, 7:29am

Law courts, the government headquarters and the Legislative Council are among 19 newly identified locations where women wearing skirts can be exposed to peeping Toms, a political party has warned.

The locations were listed in the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong's sixth annual report on "upskirt black spots".

Most of the locations feature long glass walls and glass panels lining escalators.

Women standing near these structures can have their underskirts easily seen by people underneath, who may take photos of them and share the images online, according to DAB lawmaker Elizabeth Quat and her team.

"The government should take the lead in drawing up guidelines on building designs," she said yesterday.

During a recent filibuster at Legco in Admiralty, Quat said she noticed that members of the public, especially schoolgirls, who were observing the meeting from a corridor above the chamber, risked exposing themselves to people inside the chamber.

Transparent panels on the first floors of the Tamar government headquarters building and the Tuen Mun and Fanling courts also put skirt-wearers at risk.

But fellow lawmaker Cyd Ho Sau-lan, of the Labour Party, said peeping Toms were the root of the problem, not the architects who designed the buildings nor the women who chose to wear skirts.

In the past six years, the DAB has singled out a total of 80 black spots, in shopping centres, schools and MTR stations.

Some have since applied frosted film on the panels or made other adjustments.

Quat yesterday showed pictures of the inside of the Tuen Mun and Fanling courts to illustrate her concerns.

When asked if she was afraid she could be in contempt of court for taking photos inside the court buildings, she said the pictures were provided by the public. She stressed she did not mean to show disrespect for the court.

She also admitted that two pictures displayed of the PMQ shopping mall were from the Oriental Press Group. But she said a colleague did not know where those pictures were from at first.

She said she had already apologised to the group.

Quat said the peeping-Tom trend had worsened, with 329 cases of indecent photo-taking reported to the police last year, up from 282 in 2012.

Ho suggested the city should consider tougher penalties.


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So the DAB people have nothing better to do than to worry about such a frivolous issue as peeping tom blackspots...................Be realistic HKr's........when a new place is constructed, wherever it may be, the first issue is mainly the architectural and design and materials used. No architect is going to worry about the upskirt issue because if women are really concerned about overexposure, then just wear pants or an additional underlayer of panties.
Oh, and back to the DAB.........get a life and go do something useful...... Really!
I suppose the DAB have to find something to do with their time..... Cos they're certainly not spending it for the betterment of the people of Hong Kong
The DAB sounds very similar to the Taliban with looking at every part of HK to ensure no underwear can be seen. Soon they will want burhguas and that woman cannot be seen with any male unless related.
As mentioned below you can see 1000% more at any beach or swimming pool.
This is so infantile. There is more to be seen at any beach in Hong Kong than up a lady's skirt at one of these places unless it's a lady's penchant to go without underwear, in which case she'd hardly be the type to mind the attention. I suppose we're now going to see our brainless officials rushing around wasting public money rebuilding things to satisfy even less brainy Quat's pecadillos.
DAB are so ignorant. Their so-called black spots are designed aesthetically to let people enjoy a nice environment. Instead of trying to draw up guidelines to create a concrete environment, Quat & her friends would do better examining why the government hasn't delivered on matters which HK really want addressed. If this is the sort of things pursued by lawmakers, they are overpaid.
Quick, shut down Ocean Park and Disneyland - any woman who goes on one of those rides is being 'discriminated against'. No man should join an escalator or stairway while a woman is using it ahead of him. Upper decks of buses and trams are out of bounds to the fairer sex, for their own protection. If any woman wishes to exercise her right to stand on a balcony, she shall ring a bell three times, upon hearing which all men shall avert their gaze or be recorded on the Potential Perverts List.
Where will it end?
Apple have staircases like this across the world with no complaints so far. As I said below some people have too much time on their hands to go round searching for glass architectural features that they can make issues about and at the same time destroy the architects intended designs. The other question is whether they think HK have a higher proportion of perverts than the rest of the world and so we can't have world class designs because of this. Other countries don't seem to have these issues.
So anywhere with glass above ground level is a hotspot...
Instead of debating about the future of democracy in HK, they go and publish a pointless list like this.
Dai Muff
This is one reason why women wear panties. I am undershocked.



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