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Scholarism leader Joshua Wong planning to appeal some DSE exam results

Scholarism leaders' high exam marks confirm their work with the student movement hasn't interfered with their university ambitions

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 July, 2014, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 July, 2014, 11:04pm

Teenage Scholarism leader Joshua Wong revealed yesterday that he plans to appeal some of his DSE exam results and that he was "disappointed" in his failure to get a starred grade in his Liberal Studies paper.

Interest in his grades was so intense yesterday that he was forced to call a press conference to make an announcement.

Both Wong and fellow activist Agnes Chow Ting obtained results better than the university entry requirements in the Diploma of Secondary Education exams.

As an activist who led the anti-national education protests back in 2012, Wong, was no different from any other secondary school graduates who got their results yesterday - apart from the clamour to find out his grades.

"I think it's the first time in Hong Kong that a student has had to announce his exam results in a press conference and I feel uncomfortable," he said.

He obtained a level 5 in liberal studies and a level 4 in Chinese. Overall, he at least met the basic university admission requirements but refused to reveal the results of his four other subjects - English, mathematics, economics and business, accounting and financial studies - as he says he "is planning to make appeals".

Results are graded from levels 1 to 5. The top-scoring students at level 5 receive a 5**.

On balancing studies with his activist role, Wong said: "On top of study, pupils take part in different extra-curricular activities - it's just that the one I participate in, which is a social movement, is less popular among students.

"Participating in the movement allows me to get to know more about social issues, which is beneficial for me - especially in liberal studies.

"I'm satisfied with my performance but, of course, there's room for improvement … I failed to obtain 'stars' for liberal studies, which disappointed me," he said.

Wong denied rumours that he has secured conditional offers from local universities.

He said that City University's public administration management associate programme had admitted him and he would go for it if he did not get into a degree programme later via the joint university admission system. "But I have no plan to study abroad. I really love Hong Kong and I like living here," he added.

Chow, another prominent member of the student-led group, received a level 5* in English and a level 4 in Chinese, mathematics, liberal studies, geography and history. "Academic performance is about how you manage your time," Chow said. "I tried my best to balance my time between the social movement and study as they are the most important things for me."

She hopes to be accepted for a university course related to social sciences, but said she would discuss her plans with her teachers.

Among other students involved in the group, the best performing student achieved four level 5*s, two level 5s and one level 4, while another member got a level 5** in liberal studies.


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Ok, now that he's gotten his 5 minutes of spotlight..........let's get back to news on real people with real issues..............let's not waste time anymore on this kid.
The real issue is these dumb kids with no talents want to become stars and celebs but no hassle. The media are too glad to oblige.
Well, the proof is finally in the pudding. Student activists do poorly in their studies... and then resort to activism to try to make up for it! If this is what our so-called pan-dems teach and instill in the next generation, God help us all in HK should any of them find their way into our Legco, public office and places of influence. They will be no better than the crooked and underhanded members of society they have been targeting and criticising about unfair practice. Get a life boy and face up to reality. You are not that special - you are BEING USED!
Have to imagine what the response would have been if he had gotten a bunch of 5**s though...
From a political standpoint, what he has managed to organise and do has so far been above and beyond some of his counterparts, or even people much older than him.
But these should not be linked to his academic results, though the system allows appeals, under the Hong Kong education system which relies solely on rote learning, I'd find it hard to justify appeals for memorizing the incorrect answers, it's not like things are required to be interpreted.
That said, he may be one of many many people who are appealing, and he has just been interviewed because of his profile, so we shouldn't pan him for it.
"..he has managed to organize...far above and beyond..." Right! A semi-literate teenage headless chicken leading hundreds of thousands grown-up headless chickens in their demand to form a government. Is that what Hong Kong has become?
Can you really learn something worthwhile without the use of reason, logic, math, science, etc.? As for rote learning, maybe you too, are regurgitating like a headless chicken. Could you do arithmetic without memorizing multiplication tables? Okay, there is something more fundamental, which are the Peano axioms and theorems in a college modern algebra course. Did you learn it? If you don't know the power of the axiomatic approach, do you have the right to criticize it?
There is a political party behind him in all these scenes. It looks like this party want to groom him as a youth hero, but the outcome is a little bit sour. Not only his academic performance is failing, but his attitude as shown in the screen is showing sign of arrogance and lacking respect to opposite views. This is a symptom of totalitarian disguised as democracy - the Hong Kong style democracy. (It is illegal to employ underage workers, but how about deploying an underage politician.)
this is funny...."underage politician". I must remember this one ;p
We can 'pan' him since I don't want to be 'represented' by a nignog. Other appealing students didn't offer or presume to do so.
Thanks for the reminder. I received the same from friends who are readers of this report. I taught physics in foreign universities decades ago and am no longer familiar with HK grading system today. Apparently, this Joshua fellow is a much worse empty vessel than I thought.
I wonder if those adults who has been following this political genius now feel conned by a juvenile nitwit.
This brings up another issue. Who in HKCU Admissions is responsible for giving Joshua a free pass -- early admission -- despite his poor grades?
By now everyone knows his best grade is only a B in liberal studies, a bullsh*t subject.




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