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UK will mobilise global community if China breaches ‘one country, two systems’: Nick Clegg

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 July, 2014, 1:42pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 July, 2014, 12:37pm


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17 Jul 2014
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Britain will honour its 1984 pledge to "mobilise the international community and pursue every legal and other avenue available" if China breaches the agreement vowing "one country, two systems" for Hong Kong.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was quoted as telling ex-chief Secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang and Democratic Party founding chairman Martin Lee Chu-ming this during their current visit to the UK.

A press release issued yesterday by Chan's think tank Hong Kong 2020 said Clegg had told the pair he was aware of the anxiety caused by Beijing's white paper on Hong Kong last month.

Watch: Anson Chan slams Britain's latest report on Hong Kong in UK Parliament

The meeting drew a strong rebuke from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, with China issuing a complaint to Britain. "The Chinese side urges the British side to truly respect China's position and concern [and] ... immediately stop its interference in Hong Kong's affairs," spokesman Hong Lei said.

The white paper, which emphasised Beijing's "comprehensive jurisdiction" over Hong Kong, was viewed by critics as going against the promise of a high degree of autonomy in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Clegg told Chan and Lee that Prime Minister David Cameron had stressed Britain's commitment to the agreement in Beijing in December and when Premier Li Keqiang visited London last month.

At the time, Lee called Cameron "very irresponsible" for not publicly speaking up for Hong Kong during Li's visit.

"Clegg affirmed that … if China breached the 1984 treaty it signed with Britain on the handover of Hong Kong, Britain would mobilise the international community and pursue every legal and other avenue available," the press release said.

But City University political scientist Joseph Cheng Yu-shek said there was "very little that London can do through international legal channels", because dispute resolution was not mentioned in the 1984 declaration.

Chan and Lee also told the British Parliament's foreign affairs committee yesterday of concerns that Britain's latest report on Hong Kong did not express a view on the white paper.

Chairman Richard Ottaway promised the committee would decide whether the report was "accurate or missing out something".


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M Miyagi
Nick Clegg's "global community" would exclude all the normal decent people but would be made up of the war criminals like Tony Blair, George Bush, D i c k Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz etc., the conservative outcasts paedophiles dragged from their bedrooms still without their pants on, the two timing Prince of Wales, the coke snuffers still dreaming of Rule Britannia!
Really makes you mainland sycophants angry when your masters are called on the carpet for their lies and treachery. Makes me laugh even harder at you waste products.
Lies and treachery? Isn't that how the british took over the primitives in almost every continent? Don't have a grasp of history do you? If the Japanese conquered China, you'd be praising them for their heroic liberation of asia from their European colonial masters.
Nauseating,ghastly hypocrisy that only perfidious Albion can cough up with a straight face. What part of the International Community are they referring to - the Five Spying Eyes Axis of Evil that instigated/provoked the terror and murderous Wars raged and raging throughout the world,from Ukraine to Palestine,Iraq,Syria,Libya,Africa and on and on. I say "up yours" to your sort of International Hypocrites/ Gangsters masquerading as Saviours.
The International Community of Hypocrites/Banksters masquerading as Saviours. Taking their well-trodden path from traders to preachers to sword-wielders. Give it a rest, the rest of the decent world are wise to your act. Also, your ordinary fair-minded citizens are seeing through the mainstream media propaganda, waking up to the infamy being conducted in their name and voting with their feet for "none of the above" establishment politicians.
Nick Clegg would do well to uphold "liberal" ideals like keeping NATO to its original purpose of peacekeeping rather than being now deployed as the European branch of US/Israel Military at taxpayers' expense. As to breaches, what about his broken promise to fight for One Country, One system of low Uni Fees for All Students.
Mrs. Chan insisted that there were blatant interference from the Liaison Office in Hong Kong, without mentioning exactly what the interference was. Could she have interpreted liaising with interfering? What exactly does Mrs. Chan expect the Liaison Office do in Hong Kong?
Re: Marcus T Anthony reply to Anson yesterday.
Your evasiveness in avoiding directly replying to points of concern is indicative of the short-sighted democratic movement. Instead of answering as to why the British did nothing for democracy in 150 years you choose to revert to democrat speak. Democrat speak in Hong Kong appears to indicate that their is simply nothing after universal suffrage is achieved. Democrats have never been able to address livelihood issues - high property prices, discrimination against mainland people. few opportunities for young people, MTR malpractice, etc. They are only capable of complaining about problems, not solving them. Their political posturing is entirely for the benefit of a small inner circle who wish to disrupt the orderly running of Hong Kong for the majority. Their antics in throwing temper tantrums in Legco and of course bananas, glasses and destroying paintings is a clear indication to even the dimmest Hong Konger that they should never be allowed to take office. Don't get me wrong CY is no great leader, but he at least sees a longer term for Hong Kong.
If they're only doing it to disturb normal price with no idea of actually improving, then what is the logic of simply causing chaos?
The Clegg Chan Lee photo shown in another newspaper for this report
made me lose my innocence as I googled the term 3 P
I learnt that the threesome isn’t good for the term
but the game they indulge in playing is silly all the same
What possibly could they hope to achieve
other than showing off their foolishness
and encouraging the public to disinter
the corpse of the Bevil empire
"Agreement is an agreement", according to Wikipedia the official name of the Treaty of Nanjing is called "Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce". By definition, Britain's Commerce was (is?) opium trade! Now Britain is advocating universal suffrage in Hong Kong which it denied to the people of Hong Kong since the Opium War! Commerce and Opium vs. Universal suffrage and colonial rule.




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