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Anti-Occupy activists say it's impossible to force signatures

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 July, 2014, 4:02am
UPDATED : Saturday, 19 July, 2014, 4:11am

Organisers of an anti-Occupy Central signature campaign dismissed suggestions yesterday that companies could exert pressure on their employees to sign petitions calling for activists to back down from the threat of a large-scale sit-in.

Robert Chow Yung, a spokesman for the pro-Beijing Alliance for Peace and Democracy, said it was impossible to force anyone to sign because organisers of the campaign would be checking voters' identification cards when they submitted their votes.

The petition calls for universal suffrage in time for the chief executive election in 2017, a goal it shares with Occupy Central, but it specifies that must happen in a "peaceful and non-violent manner" without occupying Central.

Occupy Central plans to rally protesters to block traffic in Central if the government does not come up with a satisfactory universal suffrage plan in time.

Chow spoke two days after Towngas, in a rapid reversal, stopped collecting staff signatures after some complained they felt under pressure to sign.

The alliance wants to collect at least 800,000 signatures to outnumber the 793,000 people who voted in Occupy Central's unofficial referendum on electoral reform last month.

During the month-long campaign, from today until August 17, the group plans to set up at least 468 stations with 1,110 or so volunteers to help collect signatures.

Chow said people at the stations would check ID cards.

"How can you force someone … to sign something and take their ID card [to a station] for verification?" he said.

Occupy Central will meet Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on July 29 to report on its referendum.



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"... it was impossible to force anyone to sign because organisers of the campaign would be checking voters' identification cards ." Perhaps he means 'forge'? because having an id card says nothing about what pressures were brought to bear before the person showed up to sign. For example, "If you don't sign, it will cost you your job." Or what about, "Sign this and I'll give you a bonus"? In fact his remark is so lacking in logic that it is nonsense.
Wouldn't it be nice if SCMP provide locations where one can go to offer their signatures?
It's good , the people who don't have a big mouth and don't go in the street for demonstration , can give their opinion.
That's what we call democracy.
Town gas got caught out but how many other smaller companies are trying this with their employees?
It's a good opportunity for the moderate majority in Hong Kong to "voice out" their stand. There are 428 stands out there in the street today to facilitate the easy opinion expression. If the moderates' voice can be heard through that hopefully, the radicals would take a step back, relax and re-evaluate the situation before pushing Hong Kong to the cliff.
This is a signature campaign, not "referendum".
Robert Chow Yung, a spokesman for the pro-Beijing Alliance for Peace and Democracy, is the real cheater himself...He's also an idiot, stupid and a double standard campaigner. This only shows the weakness of their campaign by simply allowing a wide range of ineligible people to join and sign in. Remember he said the past weeks that the signature campaign is to hear the voice of HK people who opposed to the "occupy central movement" ? Then, why do mainlanders and foreigners be allowed and drawn into the signatures campaign ? They even allowed minors or secondary students to signed as well. In fact, they even used business companies or corporate to help them gather signatures which I believe the staff will be forced to do so. Afraid that they will be badly treated for not doing so. Given the wide range of ineligible people and a month to do so. The organizer are targeting at around 800,000 signatures only compared to "occupied central movement". Simply no confidence and a bunch of incompetent organizers. He only has a big mouth...Filthy rubbish organizers especially Robert Chow Yung....
this also means less chance and more difficult in rigging of the results..I would rather spend the effort than to give the organisation the chance to.........
Wonder whether Beijing or pro-establishment legislators would call this "illegal" too, or they would have double-standard.
Dai Muff
So you DO have the double standards. Got it.



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