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Pan-democrats soften stance amid hopes of meeting with Beijing

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 July, 2014, 3:59am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 July, 2014, 3:59am

The pan-democratic camp appears to be softening its push to allow the public to nominate candidates for chief executive, in an attempt to set up a meeting with Beijing officials and forge a consensus on electoral reform.

Signs emerged on the eve of a meeting today with Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, whom pan-democrats intend to ask for help in arranging direct talks with Beijing to discuss universal suffrage.

Cyd Ho Sau-lan, of the Labour Party, said the idea of letting the public put forward candidates in the 2017 election could be negotiable, "depending on what Beijing has to counter-offer".

Another person familiar with the situation said: "The central government wants a chief executive it can work with. Obviously Beijing is unlikely to accept public nomination. But there is still room for discussion on details such as nomination threshold."

But the planned meeting is clouded by worries that news of pan-democrats having received huge donations from media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying could pose a hurdle for the central government to invite pan-democrats for talks in Beijing.

Lai has close ties with American politicians and is known for his anti-communist stance.

"The chances of a meeting between pan-democrats and Beijing officials on the mainland are getting slimmer," a government source said. "But the door for meetings in Hong Kong remains open."

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying yesterday promised that his administration would do its best to facilitate communication between the two sides.

But he said: "This cannot be only [the government's] own wishful thinking. I hope [the pan-democrats] can create good conditions and a good atmosphere so that we can better perform our role as a bridge."

In April, Leung arranged for lawmakers to meet senior mainland officials in Shanghai for electoral reform talks. But only 14 of the 27 pan-democratic lawmakers showed an interest, and just 10 joined the trip.

Frederick Fung Kin-kee, convenor of the pan-democratic camp's lunchtime meetings, said: "We will ask Lam to help arrange a meeting with Beijing officials again."

Civic Party lawmaker Ronny Tong Ka-wah added: "Now it seems the public nomination issue has reached a deadlock. Is it necessary for us to think of another way in order to make progress?"

He said further discussion should focus more on the composition of the nominating committee, its operation, nominating procedures and the number of candidates.

Next week, Lam will meet a group of 18 academics who have put forward a proposal for moderate reform, as well as the organisers of the Occupy Central movement for democracy.



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It would help if you learnt to write English properly.
It was always obvious that the composition of the nominating committee and how it would be determined was a natural fall-back position for the democracy camp. For all those who said it should be the starting point, when bargaining, you don't begin with your lowest price.
Were they the ones who turned back from a visit to Shanghai at the China Govt's invitation? Poor manners don't help.
"depending on what Beijing has to counter-offer". Who does Cyd Ho think she is?
If they were sincere about meeting the PRC officials, they would not have given up the opportunity for this in Shanghai. They would not have threaten Hong Kong with a possible OC in end of July/Aug.
Please deal with your own mess first! We don't want anyone working for the American politicians in our Legco. Stop sugar coating your hidden agenda with democracy.
zoz... freedom of speech... (((Lai has close ties with American politicians and is known for his anti-communist stance.))) ... ... I always have learn to respect for someone/big brother and i will! But my privacy life, u don't have right to meddle/interfere. So, if HK-government still act like a kids/baby, I'm so sorry, have no words for... it's tell me, u are not to prime for this heavy job to govern! What do u have learn from the past 150y of British Colony Life? HongKong! Do u have learn this in this 150y? I learn it for 40y demoncratie-system and I do understanding of this system, u don't? with 150y! Wow, u must be a very very Stupid Foolish Low Mind Government! It's amazing fool! i get MAD! Too emotional for me now... I don't know who is Mr. Lai, but if he want to help, let's him help... support this help... maybe a lot of HK inside people must be like him to support the demoncratie for any help or volunteer help, to stand up, like a real man and not like a real stupid BABY'S! The pan-democratic camp, Show me u work NOW... Let's me see, what do u have in u home... freedom of speech...
Morning SCMP, (((in an attempt to set up a meeting with Beijing officials))) (((om hulp te vragen bij het regelen van rechtstreekse gesprekken met Peking om algemeen kiesrecht te bespreken.))) ((("afhankelijk van wat Beijing te-tegenaanbieding".))) ((("De centrale overheid wil een chief executive het kan werken met Uiteraard Beijing))) (((communicatie tussen de twee partijen te vergemakkelijken)))... ... All of this words are wrong, so wrong, why still say, u need to go to beijing for permission? Why act like a baby, i need mama for milk? U are adult man, don't need mama! A demoncratie-system meaning: adult act with freedom, not independent of someone? u must act like a real government-man, do u work, focus u work, do it right, not so uninsured! u have study for this work/job, how u must be worked out! I still don't understand why always ask for beijing or meeting for what? The real work is make a report of HK, send it's to beijing, for respect! This is real work of government, but meeting? i don't understand? We meeting for some reason, like some goal/ purpose/ problem, etc... for cooperation to corrupt? So, if u go to this meeting, u tell me, maybe u comeback with a corrupt-mind! How can i trust u anymore?! DEMONCRATIE-STAFF? Read for 50y unchange LAW/RULE! Inside of HK life, it's doesn't matter who beijing look, they don't have right to meddle/interfere in all of HK life! "INSIDE", do u know what this meaning? It's PRIVACY, that call!... zoz... freedom of speech...


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