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China Food Scandals

A crisis in confidence in China's food industry emerged after melamine was found in domestically produced baby formula in 2008. The scandal sickened 300,000 babies and resulted in six premature deaths. Other stories of fake eggs, diseased pork, recycled oil, mislabelled meat and more have only led to more calls for industry reform.

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McDonald’s Hong Kong to face probe over meat imports from rotten food plant

Full disclosure needed, consumer council chief says, amid investigation into whether chain knowingly sold potentially tainted food in HK

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 July, 2014, 11:45pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 July, 2014, 2:59am

An official probe is under way into the McDonald's "rotten meat" scandal, focusing on whether the fast-food giant knowingly sold potentially tainted food to the Hong Kong public over a four-day period this week.

The Centre for Food Safety, which is conducting the probe, said yesterday that samples collected during 48 visits to various fast-food chains, including McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Yoshinoya and Burger King had all passed as safe.

However, it said it had sealed off 59 tonnes of Husi Food Company products imported from the mainland - all of which were from McDonald's.

McDonald's has acknowledged it imported raw meat from a scandal-hit Shanghai Husi Food Company plant that has been found to have reprocessed and repackaged rotten meat. Food safety officials are concerned that the acknowledgment came only after the government forced its hand by suspending all Husi imports originating from the mainland.

Officials say that over the past year, Hong Kong McDonald's branches imported 380 tonnes of chicken and pork from the Shanghai plant. However, it's not clear when the meat was sold.

After denying since Monday there were any problems with food safety, McDonald's admitted publicly on Thursday night that it had imported chicken and pork from the Shanghai plant. The chain then suspended sales of popular menu offerings including chicken nuggets and McSpicy burgers.

Officials are now investigating whether the fast-food giant breached the public health and municipal services ordinance.

Consumer Council chief executive Gilly Wong Fung-han said McDonald's should "provide full disclosure of its sourcing arrangements and records for public information".

Members of the Democratic Party protested outside the customs headquarters yesterday calling for a full investigation.

"The information McDonald's announced to the public on Monday and then changed [on Thursday] is contradictory," said the party's deputy consumer rights spokesman, Andrew Chiu Ka-yin. Chiu believed McDonald's had violated the Trade Descriptions Ordinance and had deliberately concealed events to deceive consumers.

He added: "Consumers have based their decisions on whether to eat at McDonald's this week based on the Monday statement. The Monday announcement was reflected to the public by all the media, but it was incorrect information."

Several calls to McDonald's Hong Kong asking why the chain changed its story went unanswered. A company spokesman said it had stopped importing ingredients from the affected Husi supplier. He would not reveal the new supplier.

"All food supplied in McDonald's at the present time is safe because it has passed safety checks and regulations."

McDonald's said its restaurants in Japan had stopped selling products made with chicken from China.

Additional reporting by Agence France-Presse



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It is despicable for the McD franchise owners to continue selling the pulled items well after the company publicly announced the pulling. This is suspicious food which can harm people, yet, their thinking is money. This, even though McD will pay for the foods disposed or returned because McD supplied it to the stores. Despicable.
I think what happened is horrible. But one question no one raises is How come one of the largest company in food producing Husi that has never had any problem face such problem with its branch in China. How come McDonald one of the strictest firm when it come to inspecting food and checking on their supplier had there only problem with food with supplier in China. How come no body just link this with all the food problem in mainland China. its Mcdonald name everywhere but the trough problem is where is this mentality of not caring about food safety for others comes from in mainland China. If large companies such as McDonald, Yumm (KFC and pizza Hut, subway, Carl Jr Burger) and Husi which is a worldwide company couldn't with all there inspections, prevent this, what is the rest of the meat you eat in small Chinese eateries looks like you think? I don't absolve McDonald, but I say China as a problem for years and Chinese should start getting a good look at themselves instead of trying to point fingers at international companies who have no problem whatsoever anywhere else in the World except with there Chinese suppliers.
But no one wants to ask the obvious...what about all the da pai dongs? Kung Fus? Cafe Corals? Mom 'n Pop chaa chan tings? Wanchai and LKF restaurants? Ebeneezers? ALL the hotels???
McDs HK is run by cowards and liars, they have been buying from HUSI for many years now and have not stopped using and selling the products. There is no other exporters for raw meat patties for the HK market, it's only and always from HUSI. Please check deeper into their import accounts and warehouse.
For those of you who did not have the time to click into youtube.
In a nutshell, PINK SLIME are the meat extracted from a cow leftover from the slaughter house using a centrifugal machine (imagine a large machine that resembles a washing machine that spins round) after all useful parts are sold to the butcher shop, supermarkets etc. These mechanically separated beef (MSB) are then washed with ammonia to remove all the bacteria. To make things worse, after it has been washed, the beef would not taste good and look good, so artificial flavour & colour will be added to make the MSB taste like beef.
If you do not believe this, then visit beefproducts.com , there is a real company do this.
Its criminal putting Hong Kong's peoples health at risk even after being notified. Requires stern and stiff action to curb such irresponsible actions
Has anyone noticed that the mainland bungsuckers all use ***** as their name. PLA, you need do do better QA/QC. What are our taxes going to? Spying has to be the most important.
Has anyone noticed that McD have raised their food price in Hong Kong substantively in the past month.
A McD meal used to cost HK$21 and now is over HK$30.
The previous comment should have read,
"In a nutshell, according to Jamie Oliver"
The explanation made in the previous comment are based on content after watching the Jamie Oliver's youtube.
Virtually all fast food hamburgers are made of "PINK SLIME"
The following renowned chef Jamie Oliver explains to you what "PINK SLIME" is in YOUTUBE


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