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China Food Scandals

A crisis in confidence in China's food industry emerged after melamine was found in domestically produced baby formula in 2008. The scandal sickened 300,000 babies and resulted in six premature deaths. Other stories of fake eggs, diseased pork, recycled oil, mislabelled meat and more have only led to more calls for industry reform.

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McDonald’s misled Hong Kong food safety authority about rotten meat, says official

Fast food giant told Centre for Food Safety that it had imported food from Hebei plant of troubled Husi Food Company, not Shanghai plant at centre of scandal

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 July, 2014, 6:32pm
UPDATED : Monday, 28 July, 2014, 7:20pm

Food safety authorities in Hong Kong say they were misled by McDonald’s during its investigation last week into whether rotten meat from a factory in Shanghai was sold to Hongkongers.

Dr Lee Siu-yuen, the assistant director of food surveillance and control at the Centre for Food Safety, said the government was told by the fast food giant last Tuesday that it had imported food from the Hebei plant, rather than the Shanghai plant, of Husi Food Company, the firm at the centre of the scandal.

Mainland authorities are investigating reports that rotten meat was reprocessed and repackaged with false expiry dates at the Shanghai plant.

Lee said govenment inspectors visited McDonald’s cold storage warehouse last Tuesday but found no expired food.

The centre launched an investigation on Friday into whether McDonald’s knowingly sold potentially tainted food from the Shanghai plant to the public over a four-day period last week.

McDonald’s on Thursday night suspended sales of its popular chicken nuggets after admitting it had imported chicken and pork from the Shanghai plant.

Unlike the situation with raw meat, Lee said the importation of cooked meat does not require a permit.

The Department for Food and Environmental Hygiene has to rely on traders to provide documentation, such as records of the place of origin of the cooked food and the supplier.

Lee denied there are no measures in place to inspect cooked meat. “We take samples at the import, wholesale, retail and market levels,” she said.

Lee said the government was open to establishing a requirement for permits for cooked meat if the public finds the measure necessary.

McDonald’s initially denied using any products from the Shanghai plant. But after the government banned the import and sales of Husi products, McDonald’s performed a U-turn and issued its first apology for “confusing” customers.

On Sunday, McDonald’s issued a second apology for its part in the scandal, saying a “lack of clarity” had confused people.

But the chain did not answer when asked if there had been a cover-up and refused to take questions on the debacle.



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Documentation and safety certificates are useless, especially ones from mainland China. Come on, they have fake eggs, fake soy sauce, fake mushrooms made of wooden chop sticks; HOW can any piece of paper issued by mainland company or for mainland factory be trusted. Sure you can confiscate the driving licence of a drunk driver, but it's not the card that operates the vehicle, it's the ignorant idiot behind the wheel who does not care about others safety!
misleading govt officials - time to prepare a few cells for McD chiefs and chefs, and the masterminds from another American firm - OSI.
they should ban all this fast foods who let people eat their meat tainted foods.The better if they closed down for good!!
@oxymoron - If people stopped eating their junk forever then McD would go down easily.
Theoretically McDonalds is the juggernaut of economic and influential entity in the world and there is nothing that could bring this chain-store down, not even Mr Li. Even if people died eating their junk from this incident, they'll just throw some scapegoats under the bus and business as usual. If people are seeking accountability they will put up a good charade. Crying over spilt milk and pointing fingers are pointless, although the process would bring some false sense of closure.
using your super smart reasoning (possibly after McD food), all cheating should be condoned.
Great job, Con Moron, psuedo shrink from Chicago.


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