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Top FedEx executive burgled in latest attack on high fliers

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 August, 2014, 7:04pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 August, 2014, 8:58am

The president of FedEx Express Asia-Pacific is the latest corporate high-flier to fall victim to burglars after his Shek O home was broken into yesterday.

David Cunningham is overseas with his family and expected to return to Hong Kong next week, so it is not known what was stolen.

But police said a safe had been prised open and the master bedroom of the two-storey house on Shek O Road ransacked. A domestic helper discovered the break-in at about 10.30am.

"The safe had been prised open and it is believed jewellery was taken from it," an officer said.

Police believe burglars broke in via a bathroom window on the first floor. Officers searched the area but no arrests were made.

Cunningham joined FedEx in 1982 and has been the head of its Asia-Pacific division since 1999. The Shek O house is owned by The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, a spokeswoman for the firm said.

Separately, Sai Kung residents handed a petition to police at their headquarters in Wan Chai yesterday, demanding patrols be stepped up in the district.

It came after a 70-year-old Australian tourist had a screwdriver pressed to his neck in a robbery at a Sai Kung house on Monday. He was freed when his wife gave the intruder her HK$8,000 ring and HK$6,000 in cash.

There have been a number of raids on luxury homes this year. Last Tuesday, an antique vase, and US$300 and HK$500 in cash were stolen from the home of shipping magnate Antony Marden on The Peak.

The biggest raid was in February, when five-carat diamond earrings worth HK$7 million and HK$1.7 million in cash and valuables were stolen from the Sai Kung home of a Taiwanese businesswoman.

There were 29 burglaries with property worth HK$500,000 or more stolen in the first six months of this year - compared with 21 cases a year ago. But the total number was down by over 18 per cent in the first six months.


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If you are going to comment please check the facts otherwise you look silly. Crime is down, and at its lowest level since 1980, whilst burglaries are at an all time low. Whether this is attributed to the work of the police is debatable, as demographic factors are also at play here.
Almost all breakins in the past few years were carried out by Mainlanders with Two-way permits. That's a fact reported in the news. Hong Kong was not immune to the malaise from the North if you recall the Big Circle Gang in the 80s but they were mostly criminals from Guangdong province. What we are seeing is that most of the recent burglars were from other provinces and the increase in the number of Mainland visitors is the main cause. If you talk to the police or HKG, it will most likely fall on deaf ears as they will not dare to stop the flow of "tourists" from the North. Even if you jail the burglars, HK cannot refuse them reentering since we are One Country now. There are three ways to stop this. First, expatriates from Sai kung should organize a March in Central, which will be a rare sight and since HKG only listens to foreigners. Second, if some big shot expatriate banker got murdered during a breakin then HKG will certainly act. Last, move into a high rise.
I guess the burglar worked faster than FedEx usually delivers. Maybe they should hire the burglar!
Again our hapless police force make no arrests! Crime is on the increase in Hong Kong because we have a force that reacts rather than acts!
You better see how other police forces work.


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