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Occupy Central
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Occupy Central protest 'would need 20,000 participants for effective blockade'

Post study finds pro-democracy group may have to instead target specific junctions if it is to pull off threat of blockading business district

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 August, 2014, 12:05am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 August, 2014, 11:10am

Organisers of the Occupy Central protest will need either to mobilise more than 20,000 protesters or strategically place participants at key junctions if they are to succeed in blockading the city's financial district, the South China Morning Post has found.

Occupy Central organisers have previously said their aim is to rally 10,000 people and use non-violent means in an effort to paralyse the district to pressure authorities here and in Beijing over political reform.

But a Post study found it would take more than 11,000 people just to occupy Chater Road. The number is based on protesters locking arms, as they did in a July 2 sit-in protest on Chater Road. That protest required two adults for each square metre.

Most sit-in protests require 1.67 people per square metre, according to Paul Yip Siu-fai, a University of Hong Kong expert who specialises in crowd counting. But that density leaves large gaps between protesters, making it easy for police to disperse them.

It would take at least 22,000 protesters to form a single, high-density crowd covering Chater Road and a main section of Des Voeux Road Central - two of the main arteries of Central.

Alternatively, organisers could split up the crowd and stage simultaneous sit-ins at critical junctions such as the intersections of Queen's Road Central and Wyndham Street, Connaught Road Central and Pedder Street, and Garden Road and Queen's Road Central.

While a police spokesman said the force would not comment on its operations, a source familiar with the issue said police believed this tactic was the most likely. "Police management has been thinking: if Occupy Central is to go ahead, will it take the same form as the Chater Road [protest]?" the source said.

On that day, a single crowd of some 500 protesters occupied a section of Chater Road. It took police more than five hours to remove the protesters.

The source said police believed the protest may not be limited to Central and were now trying to identify "choking points".

"The police are preparing for the worst: the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Western Harbour Tunnel or major highways and landmarks may also be their targets," he said. "They will probably have a team of 100 or 200 just to occupy the tramway or a particular junction."

Occupy Central organiser Dr Chan Kin-man said: "If paralysing [Central] is our only aim, just a handful of people blocking the MTR train doors can achieve that. What makes civil disobedience truly powerful is that lots of people are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the common good."



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DO Society a favour: go home and occupy the toilet, and lock the door, less stench to others that way and good yourself good by dumping the load of you know that has burdened you for so long,
SCMP has a whole web section dedicated to Occupy, they're conducting studies on how to Occupy, and all their articles on Occupy are in support of them. Not exactly unbiased professional journalism.
SCMP has a whole web section dedicated to Occupy, they're conducting studies on how to Occupy, and all their articles on Occupy are in support of them. Not exactly unbiased professional journalism.
hard times !
I think the down below guy 'skhk' should 'F u a ' yourself as vigorously as possible since you are a H.K.traitor !
F u a
Occupy Wall Street lasted for two months causing not much of a dent in the US stock market. Grievances were being voiced. "We are the 99%". "Down with corporate greed". Proclaimed the human microphones. The whole thing was monitored by the CIA and FBI. Raid was conducted. The NYC ended up have to pay $360,000 to OWS for this raid. In civilized countries with justices being dispensed in a fair and compassion way, that's when freedom rings.
革命无罪,造反有理。天下大乱,越乱越好。以CCP之茅攻CCP之盾。Damaged is badly done (by CCP) in HK. HK people lose out big once come to the negotiating table with CCP. CCP & its cronies have much more to lose in HK than the HK general public, 走着看吧!
hard times !
fully agree with what you claimed though you couldn't express in proper Chinese (not Complicated Chinese of course) ! It is learnt that now our beloved Central, Hong Kong island has already been occupied by the 2nd /3rd generations of the Red Families who occupy key posts in local investment banks (which require good guan si to facilicate their businesses on Mainland as well as Hongkong itself) and most of these rich and powerful guys live in our mid-level ( the slopes of Victoria Peak / Tai Ping Shan) as well. So our Central has already been fully occupied and once it is occupied by participants of the 'Occupy Central' campaign, those who will be greatly harmed are no one but these red fat cats ! Hong Kong people in general may have to endured a little bit inconveience only !
hard times !
it is not surprising to learn that at least 22 , 000 participants are needed to occupy Chater Road and the main section of Des Voeux Rd.Central in the upcoming non-violent civil-disobedience campaign,'Occupy Central' ---to pursue or demand a geniune universal suffrage for the election of our chief executive in 2017 when the election will have to comply with the UN's International Covenant on Civil Rights and Rights which states that all citizens (permanent residents as in the case of Hong Kong) enjoy the right to nominate,to be voted and to vote in a universal suffrage and never just the right to vote on a bunch of candidates chosen by the authorities only ! Besides, our Basic Law article 26 states that Hong Kong permanent residents enjoy the right to be nominated in a universal suffrage.Furthermore, so-called 'loving one's nation/Party and Hong Kong' is never written in our Basic Law indeed !
I agree. And the main reason the Government feels able to push the limits time after time is because it knows the people will in the end concede. And most people are complacent because they do not realise that the Government is in fact breaking the law. The Government's proposed nominating committee is not a fulfilment of the Basic Law as alleged, but a violation of the Basic Law read as a whole which requires a democratic procedure giving every citizen the equal right to vote and stand for election under Article 26, and also in contravention of Hong Kong's obligations under the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (which the law should comply with according to Article 39 of the Basic Law). This is hardly consistent with the officials' rule of law rhetoric. In contrast, civic nomination is what the Basic Law contemplates. Until everyone realises this, democracy will not have the number of supporters it deserves.




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