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Occupy Central
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Occupy Central activists will face quarter of Hong Kong's 28,000-strong police force

7,000 officers expected to be on hand to deal with possible protest in Central this month

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 August, 2014, 11:54pm
UPDATED : Friday, 15 August, 2014, 2:47pm

At least a quarter of the 28,000-strong police force will turn out to handle the possible chaos should the Occupy Central movement for democracy carry out its threat to block streets in the main business hub later this month, sources close to the matter say.

The deployment would be the largest police operation since the city mobilised 9,000 officers during six days of World Trade Organisation meetings in 2005.

It would also be a near doubling of the police numbers deployed during the July 1 democracy march this year and the overnight sit-in on Chater Road on July 2.

The police plans come amid warnings by Occupy organisers in recent days of bringing Central to a standstill should the National People's Congress Standing Committee arrive at a framework for the 2017 chief-executive election later this month that does not offer a genuine choice of candidates for voters.

While police vacated their posts to converge on Central, the force would assign about 1,000 auxiliary officers and hundreds of retired officers - recently hired as station assistants - to maintain normal policing services, sources said.

The Police College in Wong Chuk Hang will be turned into a temporary detention centre, with room for 3,000 prisoners.

One police source said the force was discussing whether the Correctional Services Department could provide a facility to house detainees.

"The move is to prepare for the event of mass arrests if our temporary holding centre fails to accommodate all detainees," he said.

The Transport Department would help plan traffic diversions if traffic was paralysed, while the fire services and paramedics would also be on standby.

Frontline officers had been told to cancel their leave on August 31, and during the Mid-Autumn Festival from September 7 to 9, another police source said.

It is understood that 7,000 to 8,000 officers would be involved - including the entire police tactical unit (PTU) and officers from traffic divisions, patrol sub-units and emergency units.

PTU teams are expected to be on standby at various positions in Central. "They will swoop into action if radical activists try to paralyse traffic on major roads or occupy infrastructure," another source said. "We are preparing to deal with any eventuality."

The organised crime and triad bureau will also be involved.



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let me tell you how the story will be.
saying we will not resist arrest -> occupy central -> resist arrest -> accusation of political arrest and suppression -> those ppl be heros, yeah
Looks like the HK constabulary has purloined the heavy-on-intimidation police tactical book from St. Louis county-Ferguson City. Or maybe from Tibet. Or Xinjiang Province.
It will be equally effective.
I love the glee with which the Beijing ball-scukers enjoy the idea of beating citizens exercising their rights. Must make Communist Chinese feel all warm and fuzzy inside when thinking people are beaten. If you were not such wastes of life, I would pity you cicadas.
You sound like CIA.
As with any civil disobedience the protesters will come, the police will enforce the laws, the protesters will acquiesce as they are ready to face the consequences, and the attention will be drawn to the problem. That's the way it works. The only question is will the police act appropriately. I like to believe they will since they are performing their civic duties, just like the protesters, and are under the magnifying glass of the public. I don't see what the big deal is.
the sun also rises
I think tanks and armoured carriers plus rockets should be used against the nasty guy down below nicknamed 'daily' who is a good for nothing !
Twenty mounted cossacks with drawn sabres is sufficient....it must be true, I saw it happen in Dr. Zhivago!
Why people would think these organizers and protesters are being violent and undermining the freedom and livelihood? Apparently the method of nomination could not meet with the international definition of the universal suffrage, which would also be easily manipulated by 'some people'. Despite the fact that the govt has indicated they are 'open for discussion' in terms of the political reform, I don't think they will be able to devise a compromise on this matter. So I don't see why can't they employ some sort of levers to negotiate with the govt.
Because they are being paid to post that by the Chinese Ministry of Propaganda. It is part of the game. The problem is that that shtstains do not realize that by doing so HK as a financial hub ends. Or did they plan that? Make Shanghai the hub? Wait a second. The masters working on destroying us? Hmmm.
Bring out the tanks and the PLA to deal with the OC idiots.
Yes, because reminding people of the last massacre caused by the PLA by causing yet ANOTHER killing of protestors would surely tell Hongkongers that the CCP is a benevolent party, and assuage their fears of the Chinese government. It will certainly not cause a diplomatic crisis with Hong Kong or other relatively-democratic countries, and committing such an atrocity in the middle of one of the only two Chinese cities with free unfiltered media, not to mention a city where 70% of people own a phone with a camera, will definitely not result in images of bloodshed leaked out for all the world to see.
Hell, I'd be completely blown away if Hongkongers would actually set up another memorial candlelighting on the day of the massacre, and give Hongkongers an even fresher day to remember how evil the Chinese government can get. Because why would Hongkongers do that? Why would Hongkongers be so outraged to see that making an act of peaceful disobedience can get them shot and run over by tanks? How can Hongkongers NOT trust the Chinese government after the CCP allows such an act?
And kiss goodbye HK as a international city. But you sleaze bags want that.
the sun also rises
Tanks and soldiers would fire at you and roll over your filthy body into mincemeat ! Just wait and see.
spoken like a true Communist
Without these protesters the communist party will be abusing HK everyday. Good thing somebody is standing up for HK.
OC has no right to disrupt the lives of other Hong Kong people.
7000 police man in Central will give chaos.
Let them clean up first the wrong parked cars, and cars with running engines.
Deploying at least 7000 police officers during the movement makes sense. However, they should not merely be eyeing the OC campaigners. There is also the possibility of disruption by anti-OC campaigners as well as unwanted elements that might infiltrate into the OC movement.
Dai Muff
The police SAID they had 4,000 cops out there just for the last July 1st March, so 7,000 this time would seem not to be a stretch.
Saw a convoy of PLA trucks 1 km long heading for the boarder of HK this week.
Hong Kong has National Defence now.... Thats what I call freedom!
I rather not correlate the word 'freedom' with the PLA.
If occupy central goes ahead that will affect our live hood , lives and freedom. It will be my first time in the next legislative election that I will not vote for a Democratic Party as they have ignored the wishes of a very significant size of the population.
I see the PLA troops also have internet access now, pity the sub-par English is showing through!
Sipsip, something you wrote immediately afterwards, " a moron who don't know when to keep his mouth shut"---Indeed, the sub-par English is showing through, and add to that, narrow-mindedness and hypocrisy. Anyone who doesn't agree with OC must be PLA?
Dai Muff
Sorry, do not believe you for a second. I have read enough of your posts to be seriously dubious about your "democratic" credentials. As a "democrat" tell us YOUR plan for getting universal suffrage.
If so, you could vote against the democrats for the Occupy Movement back in 2011 (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_movement) already. In fact, as advertised by the HK government now, that Occupy Movement should have destroyed New York, London, and Hong Kong back in 2012, and Shanghai would be the remaining world financial center by now. So, why wait until this time?


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