Police inspector denies failed attempt at sexual coercion

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 August, 2014, 4:18am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 August, 2014, 5:20am

A police inspector tried to coerce his ex-lover into having sex with him by threatening to mail an intimate video to her husband, a court heard yesterday.

Paul Turner, who was also married, used the mobile messaging service WhatsApp to deliver his threat to the woman, identified only as X, Eastern Court was told.

Turner, 46, denies one count of criminal intimidation.

The court heard that Turner told the woman he would send the video, made without her consent, to her husband unless she met him for sex more often.

X said she had no knowledge of such a video until he mentioned it and the court did not hear whether it had actually been made. She said he also called her a prostitute.

The relationship began in 2003 when they dated for a year, the court heard. After breaking up in 2004, the two chatted intermittently via emails and text messages until last year, when they decided to meet for causal sex.

But Turner avoided X for a few months after he was told that she was pregnant, the court heard.

Their conversation eventually resumed in August, with Turner - whose marriage had turned sour - telling X that he still loved her but would expect her to show affection in return by living up to his sexual desires.

"[These included] frequency. When he wanted to meet me, I had to show up," X said, adding that Turner wanted her to do what she was told.

On February 12 this year they decided not to meet any more, but the next day Turner sent her provocative messages, the court heard. He told her how great his wife was; she responded: "Then you should go back to your wife and stop contacting me."

He allegedly made the video threat when she told him she was pregnant in a bid to get rid of him.

In cross-examination, defence barrister David Boyton questioned the authenticity of pictures provided by X from her phone's screen-capture function. He said some of the messages she cited were not included in the history extracted from her phone by police. He asked why pieces that contained details of the threat were deleted.

X said it was her practice not to keep records of her conversation with Turner.

Deputy Magistrate Colin Wong Sze-cheung adjourned the case to August 26.