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‘It’s my fault’: Jackie Chan tells of his shame at the drug arrest of son Jaycee

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 August, 2014, 4:44am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 August, 2014, 6:08pm

A "furious and shocked" Jackie Chan said he blamed himself after his son was caught in one of the mainland's highest-profile drug busts in years.

Writing on his Weibo microblog, the Hong Kong action film star admitted he had not been a good enough parent to Jaycee Chan, 32, adding: "I'm very furious and very much in shock".

The message, to his more than 22 million followers on China's answer to Twitter, was the first comment by Chan since the drugs raid that snared 32-year-old Jaycee - better known as Jaycee Fong Cho-ming - along with Taiwanese acting heartthrob Ko Chen-tung.

"As a public figure, I'm ashamed," said Jackie Chan, who in 2009 was appointed as Beijing's anti-drug ambassador.

Can you spot Jaycee Chan? Play the viral video game inspired by the detained star 

"As a father, I'm in pain. His mother is heartbroken. [I] hope youngsters will take Cho-ming's lesson seriously and stay away from drugs."

Jaycee Chan and actor Ko, 23, were detained on August 14 when they were caught smoking marijuana at a foot massage parlour in Beijing.

Ko, also known as Kai Ko, received a 14-day administrative detention, while Chan was put under criminal detention on suspicion of "providing shelter for others to abuse drugs".

Police recovered more than 100 grams of marijuana from the home reportedly belonging to Jackie Chan in Beijing. Mainland media reported that Jaycee Chan admitted that he first abused drugs in the Netherlands in 2006, while Ko did it for the first time in Jaycee's home two years ago.

A video of the police's raid on Jackie Chan's home was shown on state television channel CCTV on Tuesday, together with Ko's tearful confession.

Watch: Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan arrested over drug charges

"Here, I'm telling Cho-ming: take responsibility for the mistakes you make. As your father, I'm willing to face the future with you," wrote Chan, who turned 60 in April. "Lastly, I did not teach my son well. I'm taking my responsibility and together with Cho-ming, we take a deep bow and offer our apology to society and members of the public."

His publicist refused to comment on reports he was trying to get his son out of detention in Beijing.

The Weibo post received more than 40,000 responses within 26 minutes of appearing on his feed. Many fans comforted the star, but some criticised Chan for neglecting his son because of his busy showbiz life.

"You really should reflect if you are not aware of this [drugs problem] after so many years," wrote one internet user.


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Pity Jaycee,not coz of the drug bust but coz he has been chosen as the designated scape goat ,placed on the altar,as cantonese will say,.because of who he is..Now his and his father's celebrity status being used by the Chinese goverment to send the message of deterrence...but "wrong drug" to be sending an effective message.Weed is mostly perceived as tame in comparison to the real serious hardcore stuff like heroin/amphetamine/cocaine. that is plaguing society,mainly root of serious violent crimes commited , from street level by addicts /abusers..to the big time organised crime syndicates.
And developing into a serious threat among many social ills in China..
Smoking pots or taking drugs is no big deal among the younger generation, let alone the celebrities. Jackie Chan would be naive not to know that his kid has been taking drug, given the business he is in. Like ann.wei.121 says, it's no ordinary drug bust. It's a message that is meant to capture attention. The 2 kids are probably well known among the socialite circle for taking the drugs, that makes them easy target.
Come on, ten of thousands of youth are taking grass everyday in the capital city., Cho-Ming is just a scape goat, this is no ordinary drug bust. It is a lesson to the old man.
I think Jackie Chan has nothing to do with the drug arrest of his son.He has to blame himself as he is a grown up adult.Whether he is the son of Jackie Chan or not,if he is really wrong , he must face the music like any other ordinary citizen.
Know what’s sad? At this very moment, Jaycee is as famous as he has ever been. Maybe he’s trying out a new gimmick as a rebel bad-boy and all this is just a publicity stunt.

In any case, I don't care.
If his son is any form of a man, he shouldn't even require his dad to come out and take the blame.
How is it his fault that his son took drugs, even if it is pot, which is mild. His son is a freaken adult, if he goes out and makes his own mistakes, he should be enough of a man to take responsibility instead of asking his dad for help.
How can he come out and take the blame if he is being locked up in detention. I feel sorry for Jacky... Having your kid locked up is not pleasant at all.
They released a cry-baby video of the other idiot he smoked with, Jaycee could've done the same.
He's locked up there for a reason, not pleasant for the parent, but it is appropriate punishment.
I am no fan of Jackie, but give him a break. His son is 32 years old, and was 24, on his own admission, when he first started taking marijuana. He was an "Adult" then, and fully capable of making his own decision and destiny.
A marijuana cigarette! They make this kid sound like Professor Moriarity. Both Obama and Bush, Jr. were recreational cocaine users. And Jackie is lucky China doesn't prosecute recreational sex (as it did not long ago).




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