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Beijing ‘mentally prepared’ for reaction in Hong Kong to political reform decisions

Framework for 2017 chief executive election to be set out on Sunday, with mass protests expected after

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 August, 2014, 1:22pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 August, 2014, 4:30pm

A senior Beijing official says the central government is “mentally prepared” for the fallout from its decisions on Hong Kong’s political reform, as expectations grow of mass protests in the city in reaction to a hardline Beijing stance.

Stanley Ng Chau-pei, a delegate to the top national legislature, quoted its chairman Zhang Dejiang after a group meeting on Tuesday in Beijing.

“Some incidents might happen after the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress makes its decision on Sunday, [but] the central government has already been well prepared for them mentally,” Zhang said, according to NPC deputy Ng.

While Ng did not specify, the “incidents” likely refer to the planned mass sit-in by the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement.

Occupy supporters say they will blockade streets in Central if the official model for the 2017 chief executive election – which will have to conform to the framework set out on Sunday by the standing committee – fails to offer a genuine choice of candidates to voters.

State news agency Xinhua on Tuesday urged the standing committee to “make decisions on the core issues” surrounding the 2017 election, keeping in mind concerns about national security and sovereignty.

Occupy leaders say they will begin mobilising support for a noncooperation campaign if Beijing puts a cap of the number of candidates or says that hopefuls should obtain majority support from the committee which will put forward candidates.

Ng said that the Occupy leaders’ remarks were a provocation to the central government.

Occupy co-founder Benny Tai Yiu-ting had earlier said the main purpose of the campaign was not to threaten Beijing but to arouse Hongkongers’ awareness of the value of real democracy.

Dr David Wong Yau-kar, another of the twelve NPC deputies attending the standing committee’s meeting in Beijing, said it would be reasonable to put a cap at two to three candidates in the chief executive race.

The election process would become “chaotic” if there are more than three candidates contesting, Wong said.




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Dai Muff
Beijing misreads the situation. It is used to being able to bury or hide the thousands of protests in the PRC every year. It won't be able to hide protests in HK, even from its own people on the mainland. When the grass is dry and flammable, it is every stupid to say you are mentally prepared for the spark.
Mentally prepared = eyes closed, ears shut, disregard everything.
As for Dr David Wong's "chaotic election" remark one wonders where he's been all his life. Look around in the real world you silly man.
They were mentally prepared when June 4 happened, they're going to just apply the same censorship methods in China, as long as 1.3bn people don't know a thing about it, it's fine.
hard times !
Beijing's senior communist cadres said that they were mentally prepared for most Hongkongers' reactions after the fallout of their decisions on our much-awaited Electoral Reform.Yet most practical pan-democratic camp supporters have no expectation from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on our universal suffrage and we are fully prepared for the planned non-violent civil-disobedience campaign 'Occupy Central', so do our elite cops which have staged at least two drills up till now.Yet any bloodbath or similar crackdown as that on June 4th early hours in 1989 around Beijing's Tiananmen Square and along the Changan Avenue will inflict huge damage to our economy and international image of the PRC. Just wait and see.
Is this why the HSI is down 170 points now?
Lets assume the participants persist in the OC movement for three months, what happens after that three months if the HK or central govt. are unmoved and do not change course? Are they going to continue with the movement?
they are mentally preparing for coercive measures.
John Adams
I would be much more "mentally prepared" if Mr Albert Ho would resign over his participation in the CX Paris junket (almost as bad as Donald Duck's Macao junket , which the ICAC has yet to investigate - or at least report its investigations)
Memories of a certain high- profile trial going on at present 10 years after the facts
Until then , Mr Ho you have lost all my respect, and if you dare to "occupy" Central I will come and laugh at you
Hypocrite !
already mentally prepared for a reaction to a decision not yet made. Here I actually thought the decision would be made on the day at the congress session

Go take a cold shower loser...the fact HK is completely ungrateful for being spoon-fed by China demonstrates what kind of losers our HK compatriots are; they are in fact the same kind of losers as we are, i.e., people who don't play or understand team sports and therefore are generally devoid of any meaningful values...



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