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Basic Law

The Basic Law was drafted as part of the Sino-British Joint Declaration covering Hong Kong after its handover to China on July 1, 1997. The joint declaration stated that Hong Kong would be governed under the principle of ‘one country-two systems’ and would continue to enjoy its capitalist system and individual freedoms for 50 years after the handover.

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Beijing warns it will not tolerate 'foreign meddling' in city's election

Central government warns of interference by outside groups trying to gain a 'bridgehead'

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 August, 2014, 11:53pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 30 August, 2014, 4:35am

The foreign ministry has issued a tough warning against foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs ahead of Sunday's decision by Beijing on the city's electoral reform.

In a report by Xinhua yesterday, a spokesman for the ministry's department of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs said Beijing would not tolerate any attempt by foreign powers to interfere in the election in order to gain a foothold in China.

"Some people ignore the Basic Law provisions and the long-term interest of Hong Kong to collude with foreign powers in an attempt to interfere [with] the government administration," the spokesman said. "It is intolerable for them to use Hong Kong as a bridgehead to subvert and infiltrate the mainland."

The spokesman added that Beijing would rebut any foreign attempts to interfere in Hong Kong and China's internal affairs.

Veteran China watcher Johnny Lau Yui-siu said the warning was obviously a message to foreign governments and their diplomats not to try to influence the upcoming electoral reform.

"It is part of the national propaganda to counter the city's pan-democrats as well as warning against the interference of foreign powers," Lau said.

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress is expected to set out a tough framework for Hong Kong's first election by universal suffrage.

Under a draft plan to go before the committee on Sunday for a vote, only two to three candidates would be able to run in the 2017 chief executive election, and they would need the support of half of a 1,200-strong nominating committee to get on the ballot.

Meanwhile, the spokesman reiterated that the central government "has complete responsibility for foreign affairs related to Hong Kong".

He said international organisations must sign an agreement settling legal and technical issues with the central government before setting up offices in Hong Kong.

This arrangement showed that the city did not have so-called "residual power" regarding foreign affairs, the spokesman said. Autonomy in handling external affairs was authorised by Beijing in accordance with the city's mini-constitution, he said.

A law professor at the University of Hong Kong, Albert Chen Hung-yee, who is also a member of the Basic Law Committee, said the definition of "international organisation", which included subsidiary bodies of the United Nations, was stipulated in international law.

Civic Party lawmaker Kenneth Chan Ka-lok, also an international relations scholar, said international non-governmental organisations, such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, would not be affected.


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sudo rm -f cy
Wasn't communism itself a foreign import?
When in doubt, blame on "foreign powers"!
Time honored formula for insecure dictatorships
Formerly ******
This is ominous for the people of HK. It's clear that such accusations will be used by the CCP as a pretext to arrest, imprison, torture, and murder the citizens of HK. It's so broadly worded, that a HK citizen could be in violation of the law by publishing contrarian views in a foreign publication.
It's as though the world has gone back to the first half of the last century as forces of darkness (Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, most mu-slimes, etc.) begin to make their moves to bring back mass enslavement, communism most prominent feature.
這是不祥的香港人。很明顯這種指責將由中國共產黨作為藉口逮捕、 監禁、 酷刑、 和謀殺的公民的港幣。它被措辭很廣泛,香港公民可能違反了法律的通過外國出版物中發佈的不同意見。
就好像世界都已經回到黑暗的力量作為上個世紀前半 (俄羅斯,中國,朝鮮,伊朗,大多數畝膠狀物,等等),開始把他們的動作帶回大量的奴役,共產主義最突出的特點
Wouldn't it be nice (sarc) if Beijing was straightforward in saying what they really mean. "You can all have the vote but there will only be one candidate".
The more insecure the Party is, the closer it's approaching self-destruction. I once doubt in my lifetime I'd see a change in one-party rule, but looks like it might be closer than one would think. The Party is trying to prevent HK becoming a brewing ground for resistance, what they didn't know the tighter the grip, the more they're encouraging the discontent. Imagine if they just let it go, HK people continue to enjoy our daily lives, making money, work hard and play hard. Who the hell cares about what's going on in Legco meetings, let them throw bananas.
What "Election" are they talking about?????
If you compare the way PRC speaks against the way North Korea speaks, there really isn't much difference, what is sad to see is China is slowly moving backwards now as it shuts its doors on the world again.
The insecurity of a minor group of influencial people who are so scared of losing power is slowly killing not only Hong Kong, but their own country.
To the CCP, foreign powers doesn't just mean other countries, but any outside force not within the tight control of the CCP. And it just so happens that these ideas of relatively-untampered freedom and democracy are coming from outside of China.
Frankly, if China were really that confident of its ability to rule benevolently, it wouldn't have to clamp down on so-called 'foreign interference' in the first place.
Dai Muff
You have to be amazed at the way they use fifty year old propaganda tropes, not realising that the world has moved on and most people except aged Communists are now politically much more mature.



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