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Occupy Central’s Edward Chin blasts ‘political decision’ to axe his newspaper column

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 September, 2014, 3:19am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 September, 2014, 4:51pm

The Hong Kong Economic Journal has scrapped political activist Edward Chin Chi-kin's weekly column, leading the hedge fund manager to blast the move as a "political decision".

A core member of Occupy Central, Chin said the move to cut his column was "abrupt". Chin said he was told late last Friday that the half-page column he had penned since 2006 would be cancelled starting yesterday because of a planned new page design.

Chin said the real reason was clear to him. "About six months ago, I was told to write less about politics," he said. "Because of the political and economic situation in today's Hong Kong, there's no way for me to write only about finance in my column, since politics and economics are fundamentally inseparable."

The newspaper did not respond to an inquiry from the South China Morning Post.

In a statement released last night, the Independent Commentators' Association, which counts Chin as a member, expressed its "deep concern" over the newspaper's decision.

"It is not hard for someone to associate this 'coincidence' with 'political censorship'," the association said.

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Chin said the newspaper's editorial stance changed after it was acquired in 2006 by Richard Li Tzar-kai, chairman of telecom giant PCCW and son of tycoon Li Ka-shing.

The association's statement quoted a response from Alice Kwok, the paper's chief editor, saying the HKEJ respected contributors' freedom of speech.

The Chinese-language newspaper - previously known for its in-depth analysis and bold criticism - has been accused before of squelching the views of its writers.

In March, Joseph Lian Yi-zheng, a former member of the Central Policy Unit think tank and the HKEJ's former chief editor who still contributes commentary to the newspaper, accused Kwok of deleting part of his article without his approval.

The commentary published last November concerned the government's refusal to grant HKTV a free-to-air broadcasting licence. The newspaper later said that it deleted a section - where Lian suggested that Beijing might have intervened in the decision-making process and that there had been possible collusion - because of possible legal risks.


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Formerly ******
Mr. Chin's dismissal is a classic opening, repressive tactic of totalitarian regimes. Pick off a middle class person known to many. This does two things: It lets the public know that even the great and powerful HK Econ Journal kowtows to the CCP and that the CCP will go after anyone. Get ready, Hong Kong, for the end of freedom. Then, when you go to complain to your representatives, they all will be in the pocket of the CCP and the complainers will end up in jail. Same as what happens to most petitioners on the mainland.
先生的下巴被解雇是開放,壓制戰術極權統治的一個經典。摘下一個中產階層的人,知道很多人。這做兩件事: 它可以讓市民知道甚至偉大和強大港元 Econ 雜誌磕頭向中國共產黨和中國共產黨將後任何人都去。準備好,Hong 香港,為自由的結束。然後,當你去到你們的代表抱怨,他們都將在中國共產黨的口袋裡,抱怨的人會去坐牢。就像大多數請願人在中國大陸發生了什麼一樣。
Dear Edward, if you are so keen to have your views heard I suggest you publish a blog. That way we still enjoy your insightful comments.
Why would anyone believe the writings of a hedge fund manager? The one and only thing they know is to make money for themselves .....
The Singapurification of Hong Kong in its final stage...
maybe it's not entirely political, your column may just be not interesting enough to justify the column space, u probably already got more exposure u deserved
And he expected the newspaper to continue to allow him to write his b shiittee........come on and stop complaining like how Benny Tai does all the time.
What did he expect? What a crybaby.....
those who believe supporting anti-goverment drives can add security to your job have to think twice. your job may still be axed even you support OC.
This is part of the game plan of the CPC and their HK cronies to control HK media. HK press freedom has been steadily undermined and has fallen from 18th to 65th since 2002. Bring HK to heel, ensure HK has no wriggle room to challenge CPC dictatorship, it must rule for ever.




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