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China warns Britain that ties are at risk if UK parliamentary inquiry continues

National People's Congress says ties may be at risk if UK parliamentary probe continues

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 September, 2014, 11:29am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 September, 2014, 11:50am

The National People's Congress has written to British lawmakers telling them ties between the two nations are at risk unless they stay out of Hong Kong's affairs.

The foreign ministry in Beijing confirmed the warning yesterday, as the lawmaker heading a British inquiry on Hong Kong said the central government may have breached the terms of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration when it set rules for democratic elections in 2017.

As far as sanctions are concerned, we are in a fairly weak position

But the lawmaker, Richard Ottaway, admitted Britain was in a "weak" position when it came to admonishing China for a breach of the deal that settled Hong Kong's future and paved the way for the 1997 handover.

The debate arose after the NPC Standing Committee set a framework for political reform under which only two or three candidates could run in the first one-man, one-vote election for chief executive in 2017. They would need support from half of the members of a nominating committee expected to be dominated by Beijing loyalists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Qin Gang said in Beijing that the NPC's Foreign Affairs Committee had written the letter, while ambassador to London Liu Xiaoming also conveyed China's views to the lawmakers.

"Issues concerning the political reform of Hong Kong fall into China's domestic affairs, which allow no interference from the outside," he said. "It is justifiable for the Chinese side to express its solemn position on this issue."

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, chaired by Ottaway, announced an inquiry into Britain's relations with Hong Kong in July. Ottaway confirmed to the Post yesterday that Liu raised objections later that month, and that the letter urging it to drop the probe had followed two weeks ago. The letter advised committee members to "bear in mind the larger picture of China-UK relations".

The lawmakers are examining the implementation of the Joint Declaration, which states that Hong Kong should have a high degree of autonomy and executive power, and that personal rights in the territory must be enshrined by law.

Ottaway said Beijing's ruling on reform appeared to have breached those undertakings."If you have a committee that is not neutral and is nominating a limited number of candidates, there seems to be a prima facie case that the undertakings given have been breached," Ottaway told the BBC.

But he admitted Britain had little leverage with Beijing.

"As far as sanctions are concerned, frankly we are in a fairly weak position. Indeed, we were in a very weak position right from the beginning when this declaration was signed," Ottaway said.

In July, British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said Britain would honour its 1984 pledge to "mobilise the international community and pursue every legal and other avenue available" if China breached the deal.

But other members of the British government are eyeing Chinese investors and tourists and attempting to rebuild ties after Prime Minister David Cameron met the Dalai Lama in 2012.



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Ant Lee
why 50 cents always like to pretend to be foreigners? are they too ashamed to admit they are just mainland chinese with no common sense?
Ant Lee
so why china is interfering the internal matter of another nation?
AS long as China behaves like a playground bully, it will get its way on some things -- but it will not get respect.
How come they don't teach this History in the schools or show it on the History channel??

Hong Kong Founded as Sassoon Drug Center.
Hong Kong and The Sassoon Opium Wars.
The 99 year British lease on Hong Kong expired in July allowing the Red Chinese to take over. Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports have covered this event but not one revealed how England first gained control of Hong Kong! The truth lies buried in the family line of David Sassoon, "The Roth******* of The Far East," and their monopoly over the opium trade. Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoon's exclusive rights to drug an entire nation!
David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad. (Thus making him the "court Jew" - a highly influential position.) In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India. This was the strategic trade route to interior India and the gateway to the Far East. In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon "monopoly rights" to all manufacture of cotton goods, silk and most important of all - Opium - then the most addictive drug in the world!
The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges in China.
Yes, the game's up, The Cabals may try to destabilize China through HKSAR, akin to destabilize the Russia Federation through the coup d'état in the Ukraine which we are all witnessing today.
Just a refresher to all readers, The Cabals can't accept a non-dollarization initiative by the BRICS mainly sponsored by the duo China - Russia with some move that may crack the USD's Petrodollar then GRC status; hence, suddenly we all witness an intense world!
To all these attempts, I have just a little advice to the Chinese people:
"When you show people weakness, they will bully you. When you show people strength, they will respect you"
((("As far as sanctions are concerned, frankly we are in a fairly weak position. Indeed, we were in a very weak position right from the beginning when this declaration was signed," Ottaway said.))) ... Not really, when u are a real fighter. I learn people make rule/law, people break rule/law, when u are really to fight for the right of human of demoncratie, are u? Do u know what is public democratic elections in 2017? Then u know what u must doing for this election/vote! U have this human-right to open public vote, not in a local vote from few some people of CN wish, they don't have this wish, they are not HK-people, only HK-people have this right, so go for it, fight for it, don't pretend u are weak, u are not weak when u 7 miljoen people say NO...! CN used again with blackmail talk, how could u say: sanctions!!! (((The National People's Congress has written to British lawmakers telling them ties between the two nations are at risk unless they stay out of Hong Kong's affairs.)))?! Shame on u, when u are a big Azie-Land (sample), not a big Crime-Land sample! are u, CN? A behavior Land will not used this words (sanctions) of blackmail!!! (((The foreign ministry in Beijing confirmed the warning yesterday))) ... so low act, always blackmail someone, when they don't listening!? CN act like a kid and HK doing the same sample...so dummy, foolish people... I get mad on this news! Be adult, act adult, handle adult, like adult and work for it! Instead be a little dog! freedomofspeech
Game's up, denizens of the Zionist-controlled boiler-rooms of Chatham House,City of London,DC,the Fed,Brussels,Tel-Aviv. As to be expected,there is much tearing of hair/gnashing of teeth from those that subscribe to/are enslaved by, The Great Deception. Gnash on!
The British gave HK money, stability, laws, international standings. So HK didn't get free elections, but it got everything else. Compare to PRC who is taking away everything.
so says the fellator... what else did you want to suck out of your masters?
I don't think we should keep labeling the issue at hand to be either of British characteristic or of Chinese characteristic. It's not about nationalism.
Its about citizens having a voice about issues of the very city they reside in.
And it is about keeping a ruling government in check, so that it doesn't dominate over the people.
Its not about East or West, and its not about liking the Chinese or the British better.
Democracy is a method of governance, and its a method of governance that prevents a government from over-riding the people.
So, enough about colonialism or loving the country or not. I love the country very much, that's why I don't want to see it driven to the ground by unchecked governments.




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