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Public Eye
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2014, 3:41am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2014, 5:50am

Pan-democrats left fighting a losing battle


Michael Chugani is a Hong Kong-born American citizen who has worked for many years as a journalist in Hong Kong, the USA and London. Aside from being a South China Morning Post columnist he also hosts ATV’s Newsline show, a radio show and writes for two Chinese-language publications. He has published a number of books on politics which contain English and Chinese versions.

Pan-democrats left fighting a losing battle

Beijing has stuck it up our, well, you know where. That's left the pan-democrats in shocked pain. Our bosses have given us the right to choose our next chief executive but from a list of candidates virtually chosen by them. So you can forget about "Short Hair" Leung Kwok-hung. But at least we get to choose. Who do you want? Leung Chun-ying for another five years? Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee perhaps? Civic Party legislator Ronny Tong Ka-wah found Beijing's jab so painful he cried on television. Other pan-democrats are too macho for that. They want to knee Beijing where it hurts even more than sticking it up, well, you know where. That's fanciful thinking, of course. It is pointless to inflict pain on a recipient that feels no pain. Beijing's message is clear. By only allowing us political reforms that even the most moderate democrats reject as fake democracy, our bosses have told us to go shove it, that Occupy Central doesn't scare them. The pan-democrats had touted the civil disobedience protest as their nuclear weapon of last resort. But do you still press the button when you know the other side is unfazed? What worth is a nuclear weapon if it does great harm to the side that fires it but little to its target? The trouble with the pan-democrats is that they have no endgame. They deluded themselves into believing Beijing would bow to the threat of Occupy Central. Beijing didn't, rendering the nuclear weapon useless. But the pan-democrats say they'll fire it anyway. That means paralysing Central, forcing shops, offices and other businesses to close but getting nothing back in return. At least David knew he could win when he fought Goliath. But our democracy champions are fighting to lose. Our Beijing bosses have given us a choice that sucks. Take a glass that's only a fraction full or an empty one. By taking the empty one we'll kiss all hope of future democracy goodbye. By taking the glass that's only a fraction full we can live to fight another day. Good card players know when to hold and when to fold. Beijing called the pan-democrats' bluff. Do they then hold and fight a losing battle just for the sake of principle? Or should they fold and wear a poker face for the next fight? Public Eye recommends that our pan-democrat fighters read Sun Tzu's The Art of War.


How Beijing took a leaf out of Sun Tzu's book

Our Beijing bosses obviously know Sun Tzu's The Art of War by heart. They never wanted universal suffrage for Hong Kong. But former chief executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen somehow convinced them to give us a democracy timetable, a decision we now know they regret. So how to backtrack? Simple. By only allowing us a kind of democracy they knew pan-democrats would reject. It even came with a condition that, if rejected, they'll entertain no more talk of democracy. Our Davids of democracy gullibly fell into the trap. Legislators in the democracy movement have signed a pledge to vote down the reforms on offer. That will serve their conscience, but will it serve the overall interests of Hong Kong? Public Eye is no war strategist but this much we know: if you choose to fight, you fight to win, not to lose.




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The Pan Dem and Occupy Central bimbos spooked Beijing. Instead of a gradual transformation that would show Beijing how it may be done, they forced them to the corner. Sun Tzu had taught, "Force a tiger to jump over the wall, it will bite back." Thank you Pan Dem and OC for your killing Hong Kong's democracy advancement. Perhaps you should now move aside and allow the patient few to invent a democracy that works for Hong Kong and comfortable to Beijing. For your information, there is no international standard. Stop fooling yourself and those who blindly follow you.
John Adams
Agreed !
The pan -dems have done HK a great disservice by their brinkmanship .
Rational and patient progess would have been much better.
(Clowns like short hair, bald Albert and mad dog have done even greater damage to HK)
And yes - indeed there is NO international standard !
Hong Kong people can also vote the Pan-democrat legislative rep. out too. Have you ever thought of that?! Have these rep. explained to us Hongkongers why they accepted money from their Uncle Lai? Why they keep the money in their own personal accounts? Why they keep these money matters secret? And who is this Mark Simon, the PA of Jimmy Lai? Oh, head of Republican Party in HK! I am sorry. Your name is HK Speaks? When I give you the right to speak on my behalf? Don't sit at your home and talk big. Come out and do something and win our hearts first, do something which is beneficial to HK, not damage it. Don't sell your soul to whoever have money to pay you, then use Democracy and Freedom as excuses, and damage HK as a whole. We saw the Americans has done that in many places, in Middle East, Africa and Ukraine. The Americans always hide at the back, paying the local politicians to rise up against the government, and then at the end those countries are ruined and common folks suffer. Look at Ukraine and Egypt nowadays. Those incidences are not too far away. Oh, they also invaded Iraq with some make up excuses too. Should I say more? What true wish the Pan-democrats can reflect us HKers? Please do not talk nonsense anymore. You have already ruin my breakfast and I have already thrown up.
We belong to a Communist country. It's time to wake up and smell the roses, pan-democrats. It will never be true universal suffrage. How could it be???
Pan-democrats, do some good for the people and Hong Kong and fight for the issues that really affect us, like housing prices, housing, education, and health care. No matter who is 'voted' in (and how) as CE, even if it was a pan-democrat (who I fear would make an even bigger mess, if Long Hair and Mr **** Ho are anything to go by), these are the real issues of Hong Kong right now.
How some Legco members vote depends not on conscience...but on getting a renewal of the food tickets.
Only by voting down Beijing's phoney offer can the Pan-democrat legislative representative maintain their legitimacy. It is clear that people who elected them want universal suffrage. Voting in favor of Beijing's phoney offer will be a total betrayal. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that the Pan-democrats can influence the decision of the Chinese Communist Government, who shows no concern for its people. But the Pan-democrats must still accurately reflect the true wish of the people of Hong Kong and vote against Beijing's phoney offer. When we reach a critical point in history, moral principle matters.
Why are pan democrats losing?
1. They fight for their own interest and voters, not for the 7 Million people here in HK
2. Some of them use radical methods to raise public awareness, resulting in greater resentment from the general public
3. International standard? Come on, there is no such thing. Every country has its own development path, don't expect they way how the western societies are developed apply to our societies.
4. By the way, HK is just a city, it can't even be spot on a world map.
5. Agree with the commentators, pan democrats, why don't you guys stand against the Brits governments but now. The Brits did not establish democracy here in HK during their 150 year of colonial rule.
6. Civil nominations without screening, then triads, filibusters and some of our ‘most respected' members of the legislative council, such as long hair could also be nominated
7. Your voice could be heard, but practical and applicable actions were never taken
8. Many of you are professionals, with a number of you being lawyers, why not take your moves? Fear of breaching the law? Got handcuffed, jailed and revocation of license?
9. When you ask the youngsters to join the rally, to undertake civil disobedience, where are your children?
10. Asking for democracy, but can't stand for people who have different opinions, is this the true democracy spirit that you guys are asking for?
If you hate this city, the leave the city, but please don't destroy the city.
I always wonder why the pan dem is so care about their presence in the CE race when Pan dem had done nothing to groom up a strong leader eyeing for the CE job. Seems they care more about giving a show in the CE debate only. You may argue as CCP not accepting them in the race through an unfair system, there is no point of doing so. I don't think so. If pan dem can come up with sound policy which can convince the public to solve lots of unaddressed HK problems, the public support generated will at least influence how the CE formulates his policy if not being allowed to be the CE since any potential CE needs to buy the pan dem and his supporter's vote. You may not be the king but you can be a kingmaker.
Being offensive to China and Hong Kong government is not going to hurt CCP but simply hurting Hong Kong. Occupy central was a failure and it simply gave CCP an excuse not to have any form of universal suffrage in Hong kong. I was so shocked to learn from Tai in a radio programme that they expected such an outcome; my god... fighting to lose but at don't you know it incurred a hugh social cost with a more divided society and a non-functioning government. Damaging ourselves will not move CCP to do anything in the pan dem favour and Hong Kong will continue to sink until one day they declare one country one system. I see the pan dem a loser not because of the OC failure but they don't learn from mistake and never want to be an achiever.
Is the pan dem having the heart to achieve progress from the start? They know threatening CCP won't yield anything and why did they continue to fight to lose. Put it simply, they don't want any form of universal suffrage happening as CCP does or they can no longer in the moral high ground fighting for Hong Kong democracy.




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