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Universal Suffrage

The Hong Kong Chief Executive election of 2017 will pick the top official of Hong Kong for the fifth term. According to the National People's Congress Standing Committee's resolution in 2007, the election may be implemented by the method of universal suffrage. Pan-democratic lawmakers and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have protested strongly against an election framework passed by Beijing on August 31, 2014, saying it fails to reach international standards for a truly democratic and open election. They have vowed to veto it in the Legislative Council and organise a series of street protests known as Occupy Central.

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Some senior Chinese cadres oppose universal suffrage for Hong Kong, says source

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 September, 2014, 1:07am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 September, 2014, 9:13am


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5 Sep 2014
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Some senior mainland cadres believe it would be wrong to grant Hong Kong universal suffrage unless tight restrictions are imposed and that the decision in 2007 to allow "one man, one vote" in 2017 was unwise, a local source familiar with Beijing's policies on Hong Kong says.

The source also told the South China Morning Post yesterday that many cadres would be pleased to see Hong Kong lawmakers veto reforms for the 2017 chief executive election.

The source said the need to appease wary cadres was the reason the National People's Congress Standing Committee set a tight framework for reform, including limiting the number of candidates and demanding that they win majority support from a nominating committee.

Article 45 of the Basic Law states that electing the city's leader by universal suffrage is the "ultimate aim", but sets no date and says "the principle of gradual and orderly progress" should apply, taking into account "the actual situation in Hong Kong". The Standing Committee ruled in 2007 that universal suffrage could be implemented in 2017.

But the source said: "Some senior mainland officials do not want to see universal suffrage introduced in Hong Kong at all.

"They believe that the central government leadership's decision in 2007 … was unwise and not well thought-out.

"Those Hong Kong people who oppose the framework may not realise that many Beijing officials will be happy to see Hong Kong's electoral methods stay as they are."

However, the source said, other senior cadres were keen to see universal suffrage. Wang Guangya , director of the State Council's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, was cited as an example. Wang, 64, wanted to see it achieved before he retires next year, the source said.

The Standing Committee ruled only two or three candidates could run and they would need majority support from a nominating body based on the election committee for the 2012 poll. Pan-democrats said they would veto the proposals.

Meanwhile, the British government said yesterday it recognised that the universal suffrage model laid down by Beijing for Hong Kong "will disappoint", but it made no mention of its obligations under the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.

A day earlier, Chris Patten, Hong Kong's last governor, had urged London to stand up to Beijing, as it had a "moral and political obligation" to the city, having co-signed the 1984 treaty, which says Hong Kong should enjoy extensive autonomy under "one country, two systems".

In a statement, Britain's Foreign Office said: "We welcome the confirmation that China's objective is for the election of Hong Kong's chief executive through universal suffrage …

"While we recognise that there is no perfect model, the important thing is that the people of Hong Kong have a genuine choice and a real stake in the outcome."

Hong Kong government officials and establishment figures had earlier hit back at Patten.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said: "Hong Kong's constitutional development under the Basic Law is an internal affair of our country and a matter for the central authorities and our people to decide."

Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, an NPC Standing Committee member, said Patten was looking at Hong Kong issues from a "pre-handover viewpoint".

Asked to comment on the Foreign Office statement last night, Martin Lee Chu-ming, founding chairman of the Democratic Party, said: "Shameful. Totally irresponsible."

He added: "Asking Hongkongers to pocket the imperfect [reform] model would be tantamount to selling them down the river for 30 pieces of silver."


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Why of course. How can HK people think that non-communists can govern. How silly. If your father or grandfather was not Mao's butt boy or Deng's boot licker, you are clearly genetically inferior to the Communists and cannot be allowed to rule. Yes, kiddies, these are the tyrants who many in HK want you just to bend over for.
Ant Lee
Hong Kong people remember why their parents or grandparents risked their lives to leave the Chinese communist to come to British HK in the first place. No one in HK (except the uneducated lower class or the businessmen with vested interests in China) would want hong kong to be ruled by communist china.
Obviously you don't support democracy in Hong Kong - uneducated lower class and businessmen with vested interests in China would be entitled to express their preferences via the ballot box in a democracy, but you argue that we should not allow them to take part. You also don't support the CCP. So what are you proposing? Do you prefer something along the lines of an absolute monarchy, or perhaps you are proposing a Facist model that was so popular in Europe in the 1930s?
"uneducated lower class or the businessmen with...."
lol, you lot even do not know what you are talking about. you lot even do not know the political situation and state in other countries and you dare to call on "uneducated lower class". You lot are even not able to read and understand the Joint Declaration, the Basic Law and the situation before and after the Handover. Let me tell you the truth. The People Power and Pan Dems radicals rely on the uneducated lower class, the naive teenagers, who have not the slightest idea how it really was under British rule, to support them as they are the easiest to manipulate.
Please compare the following pre-1997 vs post-1997: I mean for the public, not the rich:
1) housing
2) education
3) pollution
4) inflation & people's purchasing power
5) property prices vs HKers' affordability
6) income gap disparity
7) lack of democracy
Please do reply. I like to hear others' argument s if Im wrong.
zoz... how dare u to show u in the mall with gucci, armani, benz, rolex, etc... all of this are belong to the western, not communist, they have only bicycle and hand, we make this for u, we create this for u, u are only just copy the western! shame on u! u local people mind are so low, damage, can only follow the crime, not justice, not humanity and u want make HK the same example of u CN? Never seen so FOOLISH government! (just like animals to govern!) i get really mad to see this again and again! Wake up men, Let's HK been HK again, just like before in British kolonie and give u big brother (cn) a good sample of the culture, the modern culture with share in humanity! u change CN, not CN change u, HK!!! ... (((andere hooggeplaatste kaderleden waren erop gebrand om het algemeen kiesrecht te zien. Wang Guangya, directeur van Hong Kong)))((( "morele en politieke verplichting" om de stad, die mede is ondertekend in 1984 verdrag, waarin staat Hongkong moeten genieten uitgebreid autonomie onder "een land, twee systemen))) Martin Lee Chu-ming,"Beschamend totaal onverantwoord))) ... Let's this people give a good sample, let's them do his work, contribute them what they needs, instead to block them work. About the law, i don't care, they are never a good law in the past, the kids has make this dummy law, not make by qualified counterparty-adult... CN have never a qualified people in their status. That is fact! Even HK i doubt are they a qualified adult to govern? Freedom of speech...
Chill out, L.L.
One set of law for the elites. One set of law for the subjects.
Haven't you seen it all? Anything foreign is adorable in China, particularly American brands.
What are you trying to say? Looks like Double Dutch.
(((Sommige senior vasteland kaders geloven dat het verkeerd zou naar Hong Kong verlenen algemeen kiesrecht zijn)))(((Sommige senior vasteland ambtenaren willen niet algemeen kiesrecht ingevoerd in Hong Kong helemaal zien)))(((Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying zei: "constitutionele ontwikkeling van...Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai)))
Wow, what a corrupt, cancel u corrupt law, when u read this article! I learn, if u are a high top level men of government, u work out for u citizen, they pay u tax-bill, don't forget, u own them, u work for them, local citizen (7milj.) are the govern, not government-people! They vote u to govern! Who pay u bill!!! the tax payers, that is demoncratie-system! Or i can tell u, u should be expunged or eliminate tax-money, then u have the words and mouth to say to u citizen, just like CN, COMMUNISTME!!! Don't say anymore u have demoncratie-system, just like us as western, have human-right, have tax, have education, have morals-norm-value, have justice, have freedom, etc... all of this are belong to demoncratie! What u done is only corrupt, communist, terrorist, crime, harm, ****, gamble, low, etc... just like terrorist in midden oosten, corrupt afrika, back to 18e/19e century, we living now in 21e, men, but u mind are still in 18-19e century, so sad to see this in my own born city! 150+50y are HK for British kolonie and u tell me, we are now COMMUNISTME!? in this little **** 97-14? 17y? and u can change him, just like "a la carte" dinner? shame on u! zoz...
you are mad.




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