Hong Kong graduates earn more and feel more optimistic about future, survey finds

Almost 90 per cent found a job within three months of leaving and 29 per cent say buying a home is their top goal for the coming five years

PUBLISHED : Monday, 09 January, 2017, 4:07pm
UPDATED : Monday, 09 January, 2017, 4:07pm

Hong Kong’s fresh university graduates are earning more in their first job and feeling more optimistic about their future, according to a survey.

The city’s most recent batch of university graduates has been lucky so far, with 89 per cent finding a job within three months of graduating and 76 per cent satisfied with what they got, according to a survey by jobs portal JobsDB.com released on Monday.

Job prospects for new Hong Kong graduates decline: high level jobs hard to find and earnings drop

The survey found the graduates were receiving an average monthly salary of HK$14,685 in their first job – higher than the previous year’s HK$13,413.

The 757 local graduates surveyed were also more positive about their careers, with 71 per cent feeling optimistic compared with 60 per cent in last year’s survey.

Salary and benefits were the most important consideration in choosing a job, with 27 per cent putting money first, followed by room to develop their interests at 15 per cent.

Graduates are already keen to get their foot on the property ladder, with 29 per cent saying buying a home was their top goal for the next five years.

Another 17 per cent said reaching management level was their top target, while 12 per cent were most focussed on living independently.

The average income in 2015 for new graduates was HK$13,916, according to a study last year by public policy monitoring groups New Forum and New Youth Forum.

The study also found the average income was 15 per cent lower than that in 1995 after taking into account inflation, despite property prices increasing 176 per cent and rents rising 43 per cent over the same period.