Showcase of science touches down in Hong Kong

Among some of the exhibits, most of which have never been displayed outside the mainland, will be the Chang’e 5T-1 spacecraft

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 September, 2016, 8:41pm
UPDATED : Friday, 23 September, 2016, 11:20pm

The remains of the lunar spacecraft Chang’e 5T-1 will make its debut appearance outside the mainland, along with 40 other cutting-edge technologies, in Hong Kong from Saturday.

The week-long InnoTech Expo features technology from eight fields ranging from aerospace engineering to medical robotics.

Chang’e 5T-1 was the third spacecraft in history to return from the moon since the ­Soviet Zond 5 and America’s Apollo 8.

First launched in 2014, Chang’e 5T-1 fulfilled a critical exploration mission in the lead-up to the launch of the Chang’e 5 in 2017.

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Among other large-scale items on display is a model of the Jiaolong Submersible, which could dive to depths of more than 7km, and a duplicate of the GF-1 satellite, which was China’s first high-resolution imaging satellite.

Many small, but no less impressive, projects are also included at the exhibit.

Jinhua Li, a robotics professor from Tianjin University, was brimming with pride as he introduced the Microhand surgery robot.

Li said that Microhand, developed by Tianjin University, is the second ever robot built that allows doctors to perform extremely precise surgeries remotely, from locations that could be hundreds of kilometres away.

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“If you place the controlling end of the robot in Tianjin and the performing end of it in a hospital in Beijing the doctor can still perform an extremely precise surgery,” Li said.

Most of the world-class projects set to go on display have never been shown outside the mainland, according to the organiser Our Hong Kong Foundation.

For other major scientific feats, such as the Changzheng Rockets and the Xian Y-20 large military transport aircraft, which are simply too large to be put on display, there will be scaled-down models.

Organised by Our Hong Kong Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the mainland, the display at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will be free for all visitors.