Pope appoints new Hong Kong coadjutor bishop

Michael Yeung Ming-cheung is set to take over from Cardinal John Tong Hon who is beyond retirement age

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 November, 2016, 8:03am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 November, 2016, 11:05am

Pope Francis has appointed Michael Yeung Ming-cheung as coadjutor bishop of the diocese of Hong Kong, an announcement from the Vatican said on Sunday.

Yeung, 69, is expected to succeed the current Bishop of Hong Kong Cardinal John Tong Hon, 77, who has passed the minimum retirement age of 75, and will have his term expire next year. A coadjutor bishop is designated to assist the bishop in administration of the diocese.

Yeung has in the past weighed in on politics and was criticised for his controversial remarks comparing homosexuality with drug addiction when Cardinal Tong appealed to his flock to consider district council candidates’ views on gay rights during elections.

‘Homosexuality just like drug abuse’: Hong Kong bishop defends anti-gay stance of Cardinal John Tong Hon

Just prior to the Occupy Central movement in 2014, Yeung said the church would neither encourage nor stop Catholics from joining Occupy Central, but it would offer help to anyone arrested.

After the Mong Kok riot in February, Yeung told the Post that rather than condemning anyone, “we are calling for calmness and a clear vision ... on causes of the clash.”

Born in Shanghai in 1946, Yeung has been auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong since August 2014. He was ordained as a priest of the diocese of Hong Kong 38 years ago.