In trouble again: popular Taiwan sandwich brand pulled from stores after E coli scare

Sandwiches from Horng Ryen Jen, which caused a health scare in Hong Kong last year, were found to contain excessive levels of E coli

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 August, 2016, 11:21am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 August, 2016, 12:06pm

A sandwich brand from Taiwan, Horng Ryen Jen, which is popular among Hongkongers, is in trouble with health inspectors once again.

Taichung Health Bureau ordered the product to be taken off the market in Taiwan after an earlier test on 20 salads and sandwiches found that 10 products, including various sandwiches from Horng Ryen Jen, contained excessive levels of E coli.

It later retested the products after they were taken off the market and found that two sandwiches, including the “Classic Sandwich” from Horng Ryen Jen’s branch on Ziyou Road, still contained excessive levels of E coli.

The bureau has ordered the shop to stop selling the product and it is now facing a fine of up to NT$ 3,000,000 (HK$734,000).

This is not the first time the sandwich brand has caused a health scare.

Last year, 88 Hongkongers fell ill after eating imported Horng Ryen Jen sandwiches and salmonella was found in stool samples of some of the victims.

The local food safety watchdog imposed a food ban on the brand on August 3 last year.