Two darts, a broken syringe and six hours ... and Hong Kong authorities finally get their wild boar

Pig was spotted at 8am and finally nabbed at 1.30pm before being taken away and released into an isolated part of the countryside

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 October, 2016, 8:31am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 October, 2016, 8:31am

Authorities took almost six hours to remove a 70kg wild boar – after shooting two tranquilliser darts at the animal. A syringe also broke after a vet tried to inject the animal.

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The drama started at about 8am on Sunday when a 1.3-metre male pig was spotted on a slope near Fung Yin Sin Koon on Pak Wo Road.

Police officers and staff from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department first used a rope net to contain the animal before a vet shot a tranquilliser dart at him at about 12.30pm.

The boar was hit but the dart failed to work.The vet then approached the animal and tried to inject him with a tranquilliser near his bottom after he was wrapped in a net.

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But the syringe broke apparently because of the boar’s thick skin. He then struggled and managed to escape despite the efforts of several male officers.

At about 1.30pm, the vet shot a second dart at the animal, which fell on its side.

The wild boar was then taken away and released into an isolated part of the countryside.