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Supermoon over Hong Kong inspires photographers to capture lunar marvel

The first supermoon since 1948 captivated stargazers across the world, lighting up night skies and social media

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 November, 2016, 11:23am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 November, 2016, 2:55pm

Hong Kong stargazers were treated to a special event Monday night, as the city witnessed a rare supermoon. Clear skies allowed unimpeded views of the moon rising over Hong Kong early in the evening.

Photographer Rudmer Hoekstra managed to capture stunning images of the red moon rising out of the haze next to the IFC skyscraper from the pavilion on Lung Fu Shan above the University of Hong Kong.

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This rare phenomenon happens when the moon reaches its peak while at its closest possible distance to earth, making its diameter appear larger than usual.

The last time the world saw a supermoon was in 1948. This is the closest the moon has been to earth since then – 356,509km away.

Across the city, festive lights mingled with the bright glow of the supermoon, creating a magical effect.

Keen stargazers headed outside to get a glimpse, with some favouring the height of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers to gaze, while others opted for parks to escape the city’s light pollution.

Social media was alight with photos of the event, with more than a million #supermoon posts on Instagram.

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Those who missed out on spotting the supermoon Monday night might be waiting a while ... the next opportunity to see one will be in 2034.

GIF credits: @thebernunithk, @friedwontons2, @thebernunithk, @ml.pianist, @2zoeee, @rod.diaz, @cheukmei, @kakaimarr, @leungkwokkeungleung