Hong Kong mothers increasingly bring in the professionals when it comes to childcare

Some parents bring in HK$42,000-a-month, 24-hour help, while ‘baby sleep consultants’ increasingly called on to help with a good night’s sleep

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 April, 2017, 12:27pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 April, 2017, 10:46pm

More mothers in Hong Kong are ­getting professional help when it comes to caring for their babies to ensure peaceful nights and to deal with other problems the new ­arrivals may have, according to ­industry insiders.

The hired help ranges from traditional Chinese pui yuet ­maternity helpers, to nurses who are expert in training babies to sleep, known as “baby sleep ­consultants”.

While some demand comes from inexperienced first-time mothers, Au Yeung Po-chun, chairwoman of the Women ­Service Association, which ­promotes women’s rights in ­society, said the industry was ­thriving because working mothers faced stress due to ­limited ­support from society.

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She said the government should extend maternity and ­paternity leave, and new ­parents should receive financial ­support such as a cash allowance.

Some common posts online, similar to those on the “Hong Kong Moms”Facebook page, ­include complaints like babies crying when put in their own cribs or waking in the middle of the night for food, leaving parents ­exhausted and frustrated.

Julisa Ting Pui-yuk, director of Baby and Mother Garden Service, a childcare employment agency, said more mothers were asking for 24-hour postnatal care, under which a maternity helper would take care of both mother and baby around the clock.

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About half of the agency’s ­clients opt for 24-hour care, rising from just three out of 10 a decade ago, she said.

“People are getting wealthier and can afford services that could relieve their stress,” said Ting, whose company ­charges HK$42,000 a month for a 24-hour service.

“Mothers don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed their babies,” she added.

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“Taking care of babies at night is the toughest... you might need an hour for feeding and another 30 minutes to burp the baby.”

Another founder of a maternity services agency said more ­mothers were keeping the help for longer, from three months in the past to six months or even up to a year recently.

When you become a new mum, it’s scary. You need that ­validation
Joyce Edmonson, nurse

Parents also receive help, which is greatly welcomed, for more specific problems.

Baby sleep consultants, for ­example, are usually experienced nurses who figure out why little ones are not sleeping so well at night.

While some in the city may charge around HK$1,000 per hour for a consultation, others offer overnight home services for a few thousand dollars per night.

Some consultants based overseas also offer online help to ­parents through Skype or email.

Joyce Edmondson, a nurse who works as a baby sleep ­consultant in Hong Kong, said she had seen more parents getting help with sleep recently.

“When you become a new mum, it’s scary. You need that ­validation,” said Edmondson, who has been working as a baby consultant for about five years in the city.

“So people reach out to ­professionals.”