Hong Kong weather

Hong Kong to bask in four-day sunny interval after 10 wet days

Isolated showers will set in next week but until then, a hot southerly air current will bring fine weather

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 June, 2017, 12:53pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 June, 2017, 10:33pm

Hong Kong will enjoy a burst of sunshine with temperatures hitting a high of 33 degrees Celsius, after 10 consecutive days of rain.

The clear weather is expected to continue until Sunday, according to the Observatory’s forecast. There will be isolated showers from next Monday to Friday.

The Observatory said the sunny interval was brought on by a hot southerly current of air affecting the coastal areas of Guangdong.

“[It will be] mainly fine and very hot in the next couple of days,” the Observatory said in a weather report.

Thursday is expected to be hot with sunny periods, with the temperature reaching a high of 32 degrees, while Friday and Saturday will see highs of up to 33 degrees.

The clear weather came after 10 days of rain which began as Tropical Cyclone Merbok pounded the city.

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Since the start of June, a total rainfall of 621.6mm has been recorded, 14 per cent higher than the average of 456.1mm in the same period.

During the 10 rainy days, the city recorded a total of 7,119 lightning strikes.

Five yellow rainstorm warnings were issued on June 13, 17 and 21, and two red warnings were issued on June 13 and 17.

Hong Kong adopts a three-tier rain warning system with the black warning the most serious, followed by red and yellow.

According to the Observatory, the longest consecutive days of rainfall recorded is 25 days, which happened in June 1921. The highest amount of rainfall in June was over 1,300mm, recorded in 2008.