Abusive Hong Kong chef escapes jail for breaking dog’s leg but loses ownership

Magistrate rejects plea by alcoholic to make amends to chihuahua he tossed to the ground ‘like a frisbee’

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 July, 2016, 6:41pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 July, 2016, 9:23pm

An alcoholic chef who tossed his chihuahua to the ground “like a frisbee”, breaking its leg, escaped going to jail but was told he could not be trusted with the dog again.

Magistrate Vennie Chiu Wai-yee found Lo Chin-lok, 43, guilty of three counts of animal cruelty earlier and sentenced him yesterday to 10 days in prison, suspended for 12 months.

Lo, who had denied the charges, then pleaded with Chiu: “I want to keep the dog. I want to make it up for it.”

But referring to a psychologist’s report on the defendant, the magistrate told him: “Your chance of committing the offence again is relatively high.”

Kwun Tong Court heard earlier that on the night of May 2 last year, Lo was walking his limping chihuahua at Olympian City Two in Tai Kok Tsui.

When approached by a passer-by who asked him about the condition of the dog, Lo put the dog into a bag and threw it to the floor.

On the following night, Lo bumped into the same person, who suggested he should take the dog to a vet. Lo again thumped the chihuahua to the floor. The passer-by said Lo then threw the dog as though it was a frisbee, hurling it at least two metres.

The chihuahua, which suffered a broken front leg, is now in the care of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The court, which was shown Lo’s psychological report, heard on Tuesday that Lo suffered from alcohol problems and displayed violent tendencies, prompting the magistrate to express her concerns that Lo could abuse his pet again.

In mitigation, defence counsel Rebecca Lee assured the court that it was a one-off incident. “It stopped short of being long-term torture, nor did it involve any twisted attitude against animals,” she argued.

Talking over his counsel, Lam yelled out his intention of keeping the animal, but the magistrate rejected his appeal.