Five hurt as acid dropped from building above Hong Kong wet market

Police say corrosive liquid likely rained down from hotel in To Kwa Wan as white spots seen on the road from the incident were also found in the hotel’s outdoor terrace

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 August, 2016, 1:37pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 August, 2016, 10:54pm

Five people were injured by corrosive liquid that dropped from a building above a wet market in To Kwa Wan on Wednesday morning.

It had flowed onto the road near a vegetable stall under eight-storey residential tenement Kam Woo Mansion and a hotel named O’hotel along Kowloon City Road in To Kwa Wan.

A police source ruled out the possibility of accidental dripping of corrosive liquid during drain-cleaning activities, saying it was more likely that the acid rained down from the 23-storey hotel as white drops similar to that found on the ground were also discovered on the outdoor terrace of the hotel building.

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Police received a report of the incident at 9.07 am from the vegetable stall seller who was working at that time. “I saw some drops next to the stall at first, but later the liquid started pouring down,” Ms Shum, who wanted to be identified only with her last name, said.

“There were many people at that time, at least a dozen,” Shum added, claiming that the acid also dropped on her neck and shoulder, but she just used water to wash it off.

“I don’t know where the drops came from, it hasn’t happened before,” she said.

The liquid splashed onto five women. According to police, four of the injured women were shoppers buying vegetables at the stall, while the last was a Guangxi tourist who came out from the hotel to see what was happening outside. They were reported to have sustained slight injuries on the forehead, neck and shoulders, and were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

“There were holes on the shoulder area of [the victims’] clothes when they were put on the ambulance,” Ms Chung, whose meat stall sits next to the vegetable stall, said.

The Kowloon City district crime squad is still investigating the incident at the hotel.