Bossini heiress kidnapping

Shenzhen police return final HK$6.54 million in ransom money to kidnapped Bossini heiress Queenie Law

Out of HK$28 million paid by family, abductors buried HK$21.3 million in Hong Kong countryside, hiding remainder across the border

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 September, 2016, 11:18am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 September, 2016, 11:49am

On Wednesday, the curtain finally fell on the saga of Bossini heiress Queenie Rosita Law’s kidnapping as she was returned HK$6.54 million in ransom money.

The sum was earlier recovered by Shenzhen police over several occasions, with the arrests of nine gangsters involved in the HK$28 million kidnap case which saw Law abducted on April 25 last year after the gang broke into her home in Sai Kung.

Law, whose grandfather Law Ting-pong founded the Bossini empire, was held in captive in a cave in Fei Ngo Shan before she was released three days later on April 28 after her family paid the HK$28 million demanded by the gang.

The kidnappers buried HK$21.35 million in the Hong Kong countryside and brought HK$6.54 million across the border and hid it in several locations, along with jewellery valued at HK$3 million, which they had snatched from Law’s house.

All the ransom money and valuables were later recovered by Hong Kong and mainland police, except HK$110,000 which had been used during the gang’s escape.

One of the gangsters was arrested in Hong Kong and sentenced to 12 years in jail in June this year.

Nine other gangsters were arrested on the mainland and sentenced to between 22 months’ and 15 years’ jail in May and July.

On Wednesday, Law was accompanied by three police officers from Kowloon East Regional Crime Unit to meet officers from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Department in its Shenzhen office.

She was handed the ransom money and the jewellery snatched from her house.

A Hong Kong police spokesman said the HK$21.35 million recovered by local officers had earlier been returned to Law’s family.