‘I felt like I was raped’: Hong Kong woman tells court she was pressured to sign up for expensive beauty services while naked

Masseur and manager from Causeway Bay beauty parlour charged with engaging in aggressive commercial practice

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 4:16pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, 8:54pm

A woman likened herself to a rape victim after being allegedly forced to buy beauty treatments in the middle of a massage at a beauty parlour last year, a court heard on Wednesday.

Masseur Danny Kwan ­Ka-yee, 35, and manager Ling Pik-yee, 31, from Spa Beauty in Causeway Bay have denied two joint charges of engaging in an aggressive commercial practice. The customer ended up forking out HK$100,000 for a string of services, including skincare and lymphatic treatments.

The pair allegedly heaped aggressive sale tactics on Kwan Ka-yiu, 42, on two occasions, on January 5 and July 24 last year.

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The court heard that the witness, who works in public relations, ventured to the beauty parlour on the first occasion to use a coupon given to her by friends.

But she allegedly ended up being asked to purchase more treatments, to which she reluctantly agreed as she was desperate to leave.

At one point, the prosecution witness testified, Danny Kwan allegedly put her hands on her breasts and said there were lumps there as well as under her arms, which might have been due to her lymphatic conditions.

This prompted her to instantly worry that it could be cancer, the witness said.

The masseur then allegedly introduced her to a HK$24,000 treatment that she claimed would help with the condition.

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The witness said manager Ling then joined Kwan in convincing her. She said Ling later came back with a receipt for her to sign.

The witness, who was still naked, was allegedly told the sale was done and the signing was only a procedure. She said: “I literally felt like I was raped.”

She signed the receipt reluctantly after being bombarded with sales pitches from the duo, she said. She was in a rush to pick up her child.

It is alleged that the pair asked the witness to sign up for more packages worth up to HK$42,000 when she returned in July for treatments she had already bought.

Kwan Ka-yiu continues to testify before magistrate David Chum Yau-fong on Wednesday afternoon.