Policewoman’s shotgun allegedly fired by accident inside Hong Kong station, in fourth such incident since July

Criminal Investigation Division is investigating, source says, adding that weapon was fired at wall, and no one was injured

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 October, 2016, 10:12am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 October, 2016, 8:34pm

Hong Kong police are probing an incident during which an officer’s Remington shotgun was suspected to have gone off accidentally inside Mong Kok Police Station on Monday morning.

There have been at least four such incidents since July, raising the question of how much has been done to stop the accidental discharges from reoccurring.

It is understood that the female officer, who belongs to the Kowloon West Region Emergency Unit, went to the armoury for equipment shortly after she reported for duty at 7am.

“The Remington shotgun went off and shot at the wall after she loaded it with lead shots. No one was injured,” a police source said.

“It is a rare case. There is seldom such a blunder with a Remington,” the source continued, adding that the Criminal Investigation Division was looking into the matter.

Hong Kong policewoman shoots herself in leg while holstering handgun

Remington firearms are widely used by law enforcement and military organisations worldwide. The model is also standard equipment for the Emergency Unit and is loaded onto the EU vehicle each time the team is deployed.

The source added that the officer joined the force 3.5 years ago and had been an EU officer for six months.

A police spokesman said an officer’s gun was suspected to have gone off at 7.35am, adding that the force had stringent regulations on storage and usage of equipment.

“We will handle the matter seriously if the officer is proven to have violated any rules,” the spokesman said.

On September 14, a 25-year-old officer’s gun suddenly went off as she was holstering it, injuring her right thigh.

It happened inside the Sha Tin Tin Sum division. A week before that, an officer’s gun went off during shooting practice at the New Territories North Regional headquarters in Tai Po. No one was hurt.

On July 2, an officer’s gun went of inside the Wan Chai police headquarters. No one was hurt.